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  1. MikeKreevich

    Meeting Jason and Steve

    Bad enough, I have to listen to them each game.
  2. MikeKreevich

    White Sox 8-2 Winner thread for all you Sox junkies

    Really glad Guaranteed Rate doesn't have private boxes behind home plate. How annoying was it to watch people obviously not paying attention when someone would love to have such a great view. Moncada looks lost. What can be done?
  3. MikeKreevich

    What is up with Tim Anderson?

    Anyone seen his spray chart? Tim hasn't been eating much spaghetti lately. When he tries to pull the ball it results in an easy ground ball out and way too often a double play. Only 19 of his 100 hits are extra base hits. Clutch hits, not so much.
  4. MikeKreevich

    Give Your 2022 Sox a Slogan

    The 2022 Chicago White Sox, Fragility and mediocrity at its best.
  5. MikeKreevich

    7/13-White Sox / Guardians - The Fall of TLR Begins —6:10

    Because he can't pull the ball.
  6. MikeKreevich

    Sox/Indians (Guardians) GM2

    Good! He has sucked recently. Can't pull the ball without grounding out to third or into double-plays. No home run power! Anderson and Robert have really gone missing.
  7. Eloy is a DH, PERIOD
  8. Anderson, 0 for 5. Robert 0 for 4 Way to step up!
  9. No one's feelings are hurt. Where do you even get that? I'm just tired of the juvenile LDS. You 100,000 post p****s need to stop!
  10. MikeKreevich

    GT 6/22: TOR @ SOX, 1:10, NBCSC

    Do you think someone in the dugout is suggesting this?
  11. MikeKreevich

    Eloy rehab starts again 6/21

    Will anyone be able to get through to Eloy? I fear a tremendous talent will be wasted.
  12. MikeKreevich

    Anderson back, Moncada to IL

    No big loss. Moncada has been a big disappointment.
  13. MikeKreevich


    Cupping is the answer. We need more cupping.