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  1. PolishPrince34

    2018 MLB Draft

    Preference as of right now 1) Mize 2) Madrigal 3) Conner Scott 4) Bohm 5) Swaggerty
  2. PolishPrince34

    Top INTL Prospect, Daniel Flores Passes Away

    Crazy news and so sad!
  3. PolishPrince34

    Your Off Season Plan

    PolishPrince Offseason Plan on Southside Sox. I thought Rich Hahn did an outstanding job with majority of his moves except for one. Thought the Rutherford package was a little light with Kahnle and his 4 years of service time before hitting free agency. The key for 2018 is player development. Continue seeing progress with our positional players and arms in the system and keep maximum payroll flexibility for this coming year and for next winter years free agency bonanza . I envision the Sox having something like only $40 million in payroll commitments heading into 2019 and thus they could be major players in free agency. Arbitration-eligible Jose Abreu, $17.9M: Tender Avisail Garcia, $6.7M: Tender Yolmer Sanchez, $2.1M: Tender Carlos Rodon, $2.0M: Tender Danny Farquhar, $1.5M: Tender Zach Putnam, $1.4M: Non-Tender Leury Garcia, $1.2M: Tender Jake Petricka, $1.1M: Non-tender Al Alburquerque, $1.1M: Non-tender Putnam is the toughest call. But he’s been hurt and his health has been in questioned for the past two plus years. With a bit of a 40 man roster crunch coming, no need to bring back Petricka/health, Putnam, and Alburquerque considering his age. Can see if Putnam wants to sign a minor league deal. Impending free agents Geovany Soto: Made $2 million in 2017: He gone Mike Pelfrey: Made $8 million in 2017: He gone Free agents Sign Jake McGee, two year, $17 million/plus Option 3 year-9 million/$1 million buyout. Jake McGee has been a solid reliever since 2011 and has done with one pitch: fastball. McGee fastball is still thrown 93% of the time and has held steady at 95.3 mph. He still shows great movement on the fastball which has been the key to his success. Health has been the issue the past couple years, but it’s been mostly with his legs. With such a young and inexperienced staff and a few more young guys on the way next year, having someone who can close out games and mentor would be a great addition. Also, McGee would be a hot commodity at the trade deadline. Year 1- $11 million Year 2- $6 million. Sign Clay Buchholz, one year, $2.0 million incentives $3.0 million. Clay hasn’t pitched well or stayed healthy the past couple years. He had surgery to repair a torn flexor tendon on his foreman back in April. Buchholz should be fully healthy and ready to go for Spring Training. Buchholz is a low risk signing that is worth gambling if he ever returns to his younger years in Boston. At 32 years, Buchholz is still young enough to take a gamble on signing him to a contract and trading him off at the deadline. This can be Coop’s project for 2018 season. Sign Curtis Granderson, one year, $7 million. White Sox sign the Chicago native for his veteran leadership to help with the youth movement on the Southside. Granderson 37 years old is a great guy in the clubhouse and in the community that could provide some veteran presence and also could be flipped in July to a contender, and he’d be able to split time between left, right, and DH. Granderson might be tough signing because he might want to play his final days with a contender. Eloy Jimenez is the only outfielder that will be called up next year and that will probably be in the middle of the summer. Sox make a smart investment to help with the mentoring of Jimenez, Moncada, and company. Minor League Free Agent Deal Drew Hutchinson/Starting Pitcher or possible addition to the bullpen Trades No. 1: Blake Swihart C/Boston Red Sox for Evan Skoug C/ Brian Michalczewski 3B. Boston is in a crunch with making moves on their 40 man roster and pull the plug with Swihart. White Sox gamble that Swihart is young and talented enough to bounce back to become an adequate big league catcher. Swihart is too talented and athletic at the catcher position and has just taken a longer time to show his 4 tools on the diamond. Red Sox get Skoug who has potential at the catcher position and is 3 years away from putting on the 4o man roster. Michalczewski gives them depth down in Triple A and still young enough to maybe figures things out. Trade No. 2: Michael Feliz RP/Houston Astros for Franklin Reyes 1B and Danny Mendick Houston Astros is another team that is having difficulty having too many players on their 4o man roster. Feliz is a high ceiling reliever with a chance of becoming of high leverage set up man or even closer. He throws 96.6 mph and has wicked slider. Feliz has a K/9 of 13.03. The big question with almost every young reliever is his command of the fastball BB/9 was 4.13. White Sox give up one of higher investments on the international fronts in Franklin Reyes. Reyes still years away from possibly making the big league club and Houston has the time to be patient with all the talent they have on the big league club and upper minors. Trade No. 3: Dalton Pompey OF/Toronto Blue Jays for Luis Martinez SP and Eddie Alvarez UTM Pompey missed almost the entire 2017 season due to a concussion. Not too long he was consider one the better lead off prospects in the minors. Pompey is still 24 years old and plays plus defense anywhere in the OF. He shows strong tools defensively, running the basepaths, and being able to make solid contact. Toronto throws in the flag and takes two fliers in Martinez who still shows potential, but most likely end up in the bullpen. Alvarez brings speed and versatility in the infield and provides some depth at the Triple A and major league ballclub. Trade No. 4: Greg Allen OF/Cleveland Indians for Alex Call OF/ Brian Clark RP Greg Allen has nowhere to play to play in Cleveland with the start of Bradley Zimmer’s career in CF. The organization also has a 40 man roster crunch and need to clear some spots for moves to be made this offseason. Allen is another high ceiling prospect who has some potential hitting at the lead off spot. Allen plays a plus defense in CF and is a deer on the base paths. Cleveland gives Call some more time to develop in the minors who can turn out as 2nd team division OF or 4th OF at best. Clark fills LHP need in their higher levels and in a case an injury occurs in the season. Hoping that the White Sox possibly find a lead off hitter in Allen or Pompey. Trade No. 5: Aaron Blair SP for Tyler Danish RP and Joel Booker OF. Atlanta is loaded with arms and Blair has fallen out of favor in the organization. White Sox gamble and hope Blair can settle in the back of the rotation or become a useful reliever out of the bullpen. Blair fastball and K/9 has regressed the past year, but still possess 3 average pitches to the table: Fastball, curveball, and changeup. Danish gives Atlanta a possible arm in the bullpen and Booker shows tools where he can possibly become a 4th OF on a major league ballclub. Trade No. 6: Ryan McMahon 3B/1B for Carson Fulmer SP/RP , Adam Engel OF , and Tyler Saladino UTM McMahon who struggled in 2016 had a nice bounceback year to further his development. McMahon has the hands and arm to play an average 3B, but footwork have been an issue in the past. Very similar to what Davidson/Burger bring to the table. His best position is 1B and can be a suitable replacement for Abreu when it’s time to deal him at the trade deadline. McMahon has very good power and will draw enough walks to have an OBP in +.350 range. Rockies need pitching in the backend of the bullpen and Fulmer is an ideal fit. Fulmer has no chance to being a successful starting pitcher with the lack of fastball command and 3rd pitch. Engel and Saladino provide more infield and outfield depth on the major league ballclub or Triple A team. Engel provides plus defense, but his mechanics as a hitter will always make him a question mark. Contracts the Sox could take on and consider down the road to gather better prospects in a deal. Jacoby Ellsbury, Hanley Ramirez, Samardzija , Choo, Zobrist, Kazmir, McCarthy, A. Gonzalez Summary I envision the Sox to continue making moves and hoping to hit on some prospects who have lost some luster with their previous organizations. I think there is a strong possibility of Abreu and Avi Garcia being moved at the trade deadline. The Sox hope is for Avi Garcia to continue developing as a hitter and pawn him off on team for prospects or even taking on a bad contract to stockpile the farm system. The Sox payroll would be around $77 million under this plan. Position Players C: Swihart 1B: Abreu 2nd: Moncada 3rd: McMahon SS: Anderson LF: Delmonico CF: G. Allen RF: A. Garcia DH: Davidson/Granderson Bench: Pompey, Y. Sanchez, L. Garcia, Narvaez Rotation: 1. Shields 2. Giolito 3. Lopez 4. Buchholz 5. Blair (Rodon starting the year on the DL Bullpen: 1. McGee 2. Feliz 3. Minaya 4. Bummer 5. Hutchinson (Jones starting the year on the DL) 6. Fry 7. Farquhar Waiting in the wings for the 2018 season : Kopech, S. Adams, Hansen, Stephens, Guererro
  4. PolishPrince34

    2017 Minor League Catch-All thread

    Tatis JR. first 18 year old ever to reach 20/20 in a minor league season. Stats are crazy since April 21st.
  5. PolishPrince34

    Dan Jennings Traded to TB for Casey Gillaspie

    Great move
  6. https://www.fanragsports.com/mlb/white-sox/...s-underwhelming Some scouts down on Rutherford. Lack of power and hard contact is worrisome.
  7. Trade will probably be announced after the both games that's my prediction.
  8. Would love if Florial was in the deal. Huge ceiling!!!
  9. PolishPrince34

    2017 MLB Catch-All Thread

    JD Martinez traded to Arizona
  10. PolishPrince34

    Q traded to Cubs/Jimenez, Cease ++ to Sox

  11. PolishPrince34

    2017 Offseason White Sox News, Notes, and Tweets thread

    Fernando Tatis Jr. tearing it up as an 18 year in Low A ball. This trade might go down as the worst in White Sox history. 274/.362/.462 12 hrs/14 Sb WRC-131 Since April 21 .300/.391/.511 WRC-152 Scouts are raving about his elite skills and saw one person make a comp to Manny Machado. I know he was 17 years old at the time, but makes me scratch my head to why they included him in the Shields deal. What a mistake!!!!!
  12. PolishPrince34

    Who would you be most upset if the Sox traded them?

    http://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/the-making-of-tommy-kahnle/ http://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/the-white-s...-on-the-planet/ You are so off on Kahnle
  13. PolishPrince34

    Who would you be most upset if the Sox traded them?

    QUOTE (caulfield12 @ Jun 17, 2017 -> 10:55 AM) Kimbrel is a Hall of Fame reliever...Kahnle could be Politte, Linebrink, MacDougal, Aardsma or a legit dominant closer under control for three more years. There's still not enough certainty there to trade a Top 100 guy (75-100) for him. Maybe if he keeps this pace up until the end of July. This is funny.
  14. PolishPrince34

    Who would you be most upset if the Sox traded them?

    Kahlne needs to get traded. Value is at all time high and get a boatload of prospects with that many controllable years and strikeout rate right behind Kimbrel. Teams will overpay for a high end reliever.
  15. PolishPrince34

    Day Two Draft Discussion

    Why would McClure be an overslot signing? See no need to give him extra money. He's getting drafted according or even a little bit early.