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  1. PolishPrince34

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    Sox weren't willing to go 10 years. No way they are going to be dealing with Boras trying to break Stanton's record contract. Sorry the say this, but the only way out of this mess is for Reinsdorf to keel over and to get new ownership. It's sad that are highest contract ever dished out is Abreu 6 year/$68 million. How MLB considers the Sox a big market team is a joke.
  2. PolishPrince34

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    This has nothing to do with Hahn. This falls on Reinsdorf!!!!!
  3. PolishPrince34

    Keith Law Rankings

    Micker Adolfo was a tough omission from the main list because I like the player he is and how much progress he's made to get to this point from when he signed as a workout phenom with virtually no baseball skills. He has huge raw power, moves well for a guy his size and has gone from having no idea at the plate to showing real selectivity, to the point where I think he has a chance to be a regular even if he ends up at DH, probably a low-average slugger with OBP skills and a lot of strikeouts. He had his best season to date in 2018, but he couldn't play the field and eventually was shut down to have Tommy John surgery in August. The hope is that he'll be back in the outfield in May. The White Sox acquired Luis Basabe in the Chris Sale trade, and they've made some minor tweaks to quiet his approach, minimizing the small hitch in his swing to keep his contact rates up. He's always had a good plan at the plate and kept his OBP up in Double-A last year, even when he was struggling with making quality contact. He's an above-average runner who should stay in center field and could end up a 15-homer/20-steal guy along with those OBP skills -- another guy who had a case for the top 100. Luiz Gonzalez, the team's third-round pick in 2018, started in Low-A last year, as the team thought he was a little behind most college products. But his performance last year showed that he was more advanced than we realized, as he raked in low-A and high-A and finished fourth in the minors last year with 40 doubles. He has some sneaky power, probably worth 16-20 homers a year when he sees the majors, and above-average speed that hasn't translated into base-stealing yet. He plays center now, although he may be a better asset in right field, where he should have above-average to plus range; he already has a plus arm. Blake Rutherford was the Yankees' first-round pick in 2016 as a premium high school hitter who was expected to hit for average and power, but he hasn't produced near expectations so far. He went to the White Sox in the David Robertson/Tommy Kahnle trade in July 2017. He makes plenty of contact but doesn't use his lower half well, so the ball seems to go nowhere off his bat -- it's noticeably quiet even when he squares something up -- and he hasn't hit lefties well at all. His swing path is good and he has a decent approach, but the White Sox have a challenge to try to unlock some of that power in his hips and legs. Jake Burger (11) missed his first full pro season after a very unfortunate injury at the start of spring training when he ruptured an Achilles tendon; he should be back by June. He was the Sox's first-round pick in 2017, a bat-first prospect who was a work in progress at third base but made consistently hard contact in college with above-average power. Catcher Zack Collins (12) has had one of the most bizarre pro careers of any recent first-rounder I can remember. He does a few things well but some more important things not very well at all, and so I can neither dismiss him nor think of him as more than an up-and-down bench guy. His career line in pro ball sits at .232/.379/.425; he's drawn 188 walks in the last two years, with 34 homers; he has a big hitch in his swing that has prevented him from hitting for average; and he can throw and calls a good game but is a below-average receiver. Steele Walker (13), the White Sox's second-round pick in 2018, was banged up when he reported and didn't get on the field for five weeks after the draft, after which he spent about a month with low-A Kannapolis. He has a long history of hitting for contact and high averages with average-ish power, and is limited defensively to a corner, which puts more pressure on his bat.
  4. PolishPrince34

    Keith Law Rankings

    1. Eloy Jimenez, OF (ranked No. 5) 2. Michael Kopech, RHP (ranked No. 20) 3. Dylan Cease, RHP (ranked No. 25) 4. Luis Robert, OF (ranked No. 54) 5. Dane Dunning, RHP (just missed) 6. Nick Madrigal, SS (just missed) 7. Micker Adolfo, OF 8. Luis Basabe, OF 9. Luis Gonzalez, OF 10. Blake Rutherford, OF
  5. PolishPrince34

    Keith Law Rankings

    #5 Eloy Jimenez #20 Michael Kopech #25 Dylan Cease #54 Luis Robert #109 Dane Dunning #112 Nick Madrigal Shocked Law didn't include Adolfo. Law loves his tools.
  6. PolishPrince34


    I’m staying away from Senzel right now. He was shutdown with vertigo. Senzel has to play healthy for awhile which has been an issue since being drafted.
  7. I’d watch out for Houston to get Kluber. They now have Tucker in play who will be a stud after the Brantley signing. Cleveland needs outfielders.
  8. PolishPrince34

    White Sox acquire Ivan Nova

    https://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/instagraphs/white-sox-add-ivan-nova-for-advanced-teen-righty-international-space/ write up at fangraphs
  9. PolishPrince34

    Bryce Harper Updates

    My source tells me Harper’s left nut is bigger than his right.
  10. PolishPrince34

    Sox hire Matt Lisle

    https://theathletic.com/681387/2018/12/07/sarris-the-next-moneyball-is-already-happening-all-around-us-in-the-wild-west-of-player-development/ Great article by Eno Sarris on the changes and money being spent on coaching and player development. Worth the read!!!!!
  11. PolishPrince34

    Morosi: White Sox interested in "both Machado and Harper"

    That’s all the info we got!!! Peavy44 is overated. Dealing with a child with his threats and keeps on coming back.
  12. PolishPrince34

    Morosi: White Sox interested in "both Machado and Harper"

    How do you find this on Facebook? I joined it and see nothing.
  13. PolishPrince34

    White Sox Roster Shuffle - full report from FutureSox

    I could see Toronto Blue Jays taking Mendick. Hiring of Carson Cistulli Fringe 5 was always high on him.
  14. PolishPrince34

    White Sox will pick 3rd in 2019

    Completely agree with you. You try to draft players up the middle athletic type players. Sox can then have the flexibility of positional changes or making trades if you have an influx at a certain position.
  15. PolishPrince34

    Sox and analytics

    The article states the White Sox only have 2 on staff. Lowest in baseball.