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    farm system rankings, AL Central

    Just a quick look at how everyone's system rates in the division. Gotta be honest, its not good for you guys, but hey I thought it might be interesting anyway. http://motorcitybengals.com/2011/10/21/ran...l-farm-systems/
  2. prospectguy

    Season Review from Tigers site

  3. prospectguy

    Draft Grades for Central

    We are doing a series on the divisions. We have the AL East done as well if people are interested. I didn't grade the Sox as highly as I was going to originally as I researched the guys more. They got several top 100 talent guys, but they have some large question marks surrounding them. http://www.detroitbaseballpage.com/around-...ades-al-central
  4. prospectguy

    detroit perspective on Jackson deal

    QUOTE (since56 @ Jul 27, 2011 -> 07:43 PM) When do the Tigers make a move and what do they do? Add a starter? Most think they add a starter. I am of the opinion we need another quality vet in the pen too.
  5. prospectguy

    detroit perspective on Jackson deal

    And I thought sometimes its nice to see what another fanbase thinks of a move.
  6. prospectguy

    detroit perspective on Jackson deal

    Probably going to move another starter. If they moved Danks, they could get a decent haul I would think.
  7. http://www.detroitbaseballpage.com/around-...kson-trade-2011
  8. prospectguy

    Big Series vs Tigers

    Just a quick preview if you want to check it out. http://detroitbaseballpage.com/tiger-headl...ite-sox-preview
  9. prospectguy

    top 51 midseason

    yeah, I have been there a couple times. Good site!! Keep up the good work. Tigers selected the Kuhn kid from Arkansas last year, and he was one that I was a little mad that got away. Good tool set, and he seems to be off to a good start for Bristol. Guy to watch going forward anyway.
  10. prospectguy

    top 51 midseason

    midseason baseball top 51 check out if interested. http://www.detroitbaseballpage.com/farm-re...1-mlb-prospects
  11. prospectguy

    top 7 prospects

    That catcher you guys got from Pitt is off to a hella good start.
  12. prospectguy

    top 7 prospects

    QUOTE (NorthSideSox72 @ Jun 21, 2011 -> 03:42 PM) Thanks for posting, and this is all good. Thanks for posting, and we have always been open to other teams' fans here, as long as you are respectful of where you are. I tend to agree with danman mostly, I think you've got Short too high (I like him, but probably not Top 10 in the system yet), Mitchell too high as well with his struggles, and I'd even add Leesman as being too high. We're actually overdue for our own Top 25 list that we had been publishing about 3 times a year. We have a whole blog site devoted to this stuff - futuresox.com. You should check it out. And watch for a new list soon. For sure I will check it out, I love this stuff. Haha. Thanks for the comments. One thing that is difficult in doing a list for the Sox is when a system isnt all that deep (same for my Tigers), I felt I wanted to reward a couple guys for production (Leesman and Short), if I was doing pure ceiling, yeah Escobar and Thompson probably would've made it. I try to balance those two things on my list, which is why I have Mitchell. I just think Leesman and Short have a better chance at reaching their ceilings, which admittedly aren't as high. I've learned as a Tigers and baseball fan in general to respect my opponents. We have lost to the Twins too many times for me not to, but I think it comes down to the Tigs and Sox this year.
  13. prospectguy

    top 7 prospects

    Hey guys. I know we are a rival, but we have been doing a series on the top 7 prospects, and I just recently did one for your system. Hope its alright to post here. Wanting to get legit opinions or info on some guys I might be missing. I realize I left Eduardo Escobar off, but watching him play I just don't see a guy that hits at the big league level at all. http://www.detroitbaseballpage.com/farm-re...icago-white-sox