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  1. I got white sox onesie , white sox flag, white sox green hat, avi Garcia silver coin, white sox t shirt. If you are interested message me for prices.
  2. I am sorry what else do you know man.
  3. If Machado don't sign Rick Hahn looks like a fool signing these bums.
  4. schoop sign with twins already.
  5. Where is white sox signing they was supposed annouce today lol no Adam Ottavina I guess.
  6. peavy44

    Sox could still bring back Avi

    Offer 12 years $375M u got shot at Harper then.
  7. No white sox move lol but Mets trade for outfielder.
  8. peavy44

    Sox could still bring back Avi

    God no this would be a fail then.
  9. Who the hell cares about college football.
  10. Football on Saturday nothing be reported till monday.
  11. Do what you want idc.