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  1. Uman85

    Are you in or out?

    I'm in! Always will be in with the Sox.
  2. Uman85

    Relationship Advice Thread

    QUOTE (JoeCoolMan24 @ Jul 7, 2011 -> 06:13 PM) Haha. Pale Hose before Ho's. That's right!
  3. Uman85


    Link from MLB.com just put up. http://mlb.mlb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20...lb&c_id=mlb
  4. Uman85

    fire walker

    QUOTE (caulfield12 @ Jul 7, 2011 -> 05:44 PM) Search google: Bozo and Cookie wearing White Sox hats
  5. Uman85

    fire walker

    Our hitters are a joke to opposing pitchers. Nick Blackburn's comments say it all. If Walker isn't fired, then we have clowns running this organization.
  6. Uman85

    July Wallpaper

    Nice wallpaper. Thanks a lot!
  7. Uman85

    Sergio's slider top MLB out pitch

    I faced a couple pitchers in high school who had some really nasty breaking pitches. They would look like they were headed right down the middle and then drop at the last second. Nearly impossible to hit. Sergio's slider is filthy. That's for sure.
  8. Uman85

    New guy here

    Thanks to all for the welcome!
  9. Uman85

    Relationship Advice Thread

    So I was talking to this girl for the past couple of weeks and was thinking about dating her until I asked her if she could do me a favor and text vote for Paulie to get into the All-Star Game. She said she wouldn't because she's a Reds fan and all her players are all-stars. I told her, "Well, Paulie's an all-star and you're not. See ya!"
  10. Uman85

    7/6; White Sox vs Royals; WGN

    Goddamnit, this is horse s***.
  11. Uman85

    7/6; White Sox vs Royals; WGN

    What an awful at-bat by Paulie. That was embarrassing.
  12. Uman85

    7/6; White Sox vs Royals; WGN

    Dunn swings at two pitches out of the zone. Would've been ball 4 right there.
  13. Uman85

    7/6; White Sox vs Royals; WGN

    Morel is a dumbass. His plate vision and discipline is horrendous.
  14. Uman85

    7/6; White Sox vs Royals; WGN

    Great pitch to hit on a 3-1 count and he looks at it. Morel is a joker.