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  1. Baron

    GT 9/11: BOS @ SOX, 6:10

    Yep we need to forfeit the rest of the season and let someone else in instead of us. We're wasting everyone's time.
  2. Baron

    9/8 🧦 v. 🐘 GT

  3. Sooooo…Rodon at 91 now??
  4. Pirates are lucky this is only a 2 run game
  5. What a horrible and stupid comparison. Seriously you thought this was good?
  6. I say we rebuild immediately. That should do it.
  7. Catchers at the deadline? No one but them walking into the season giving Collins the job was the first mistake.
  8. Yan Gomes defensively this year I'm not sure would be all that good
  9. And I'm willing to bet almost nobody on here believes that.
  10. No you probably told your wife "Look how right I was in this thread...they all blew me up about my posts now I'm right". Because you can't stop telling us.
  11. I never said I was happy with his performance. Get your story straight.
  12. Clearly calling you out on your non stop "I was right!!!" has offended you.
  13. Where did I even say that? Everytime he gives up a run you go " Look everyone I was right!!! Kimbrel blows ass hahaha!!!" Like your expecting to win a gold medal.