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    Ventura "I expect us to make the playoffs"

    QUOTE (fathom @ Feb 21, 2015 -> 12:37 PM) Something that's been interesting in reviewing MLB stats from last year is that Gillaspie was top 30 in OPS in the AL. To me, 2nd base is way more of a concern than 3rd is, especially since there are platoon options now for Gillaspie. gillaspie played well I agree. I would go with 2b being more of a concern.
  2. dewssox79

    Ventura "I expect us to make the playoffs"

    QUOTE (greg775 @ Feb 20, 2015 -> 03:07 PM) I can buy that. I'll take it. We'll see how it plays out. The Vegas thing concerned me when I read their low expectations for the Sox. they are a playoff team if everyone stays healthy. Detroit and KC lost a lot this offseason. Plus Detroits Vmart probably wont repeat his numbers and Miggy is getting a tad bit worn with a suspect rotation that really needs verlander to be verlander. Id like another starter and also a either a real 3bmn or 2bmn
  3. dewssox79

    Official NHL 2014-15 Thread

    QUOTE (SoxPride18 @ Feb 21, 2015 -> 11:23 AM) Chris Kuc ‏@ChrisKuc 4m4 minutes ago Source says #Blackhawks are looking at Hurricanes' Andrej Sekera and Flames' Curtis Glencross as possible trade targets. They really need back end defensive help badly. Glencross makes sense. Im curious if Shaw gets dealt.
  4. dewssox79

    Automobile Thread

    QUOTE (Whitewashed in '05 @ Feb 16, 2015 -> 11:58 PM) Looking to purchase my first brand new car. I wasn't going brand new initially, but after some research, a used model is only ~5k less. Been reading lots of reviews, articles on new car shopping/negotiating, noting down things such as invoice prices, average price paid, etc. Anyone want to share any effective tips used when negotiating that really worked well for you? I am in the car industry. What are some of your specific questions?
  5. dewssox79


    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Feb 16, 2015 -> 04:59 PM) It isn't on there. damn. thanks man
  6. dewssox79

    MLB execs vote on best offseasons

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Feb 17, 2015 -> 03:05 PM) Right after the attendance trophy, but before the best prospects trophy. :lol:
  7. QUOTE (LDF @ Feb 14, 2015 -> 10:54 AM) ever since the offseason started, i always thought chi-wash will be a great trade partners. wash has a lot of contracts expiring next yr, they are not going to sign all their own fa's, they might look at trading some for prospects. ref prospects, as long as it is a smart trade done by Hahn. just my opinion. Well I have always wanted SP Roark. Just so happens he maybe going to the pen. Such a waste of talent going to the pen.
  8. dewssox79

    Cafardo's manager ranking

    It is tough to rank some of these guys. Sure the top 7 or so might be obvious but there are too many variables to actually rank some of these guys. talent, payroll etc
  9. dewssox79


    Im trying to get on tapatalk for this forum. What am I doing wrong? I cant find this site.
  10. QUOTE (Mike F. @ Jan 19, 2015 -> 12:08 AM) Does anyone else think Doug Fister is now a possibility for the Sox since Scherzer went to Washington? Id love to get rid of flowers. But in all honesty I dont see another big move to be made. If we could though make a move in a fantasy world it would be for a 3BMN named longoria. On a side note id like to see reed johnson as 4th outfielder.
  11. dewssox79

    White Sox sign Matt Albers

    I like the signing. If he doesnt get hurt he is low risk high reward and can really help save innings on the rest of the pen.
  12. dewssox79

    Really looking forward to this season

    QUOTE (kitekrazy @ Feb 12, 2015 -> 01:44 PM) A lot of new faces this year. The AL Central is going to be very competitive. A good closer, a hopefully better than last year pen should make the difference. I think how Danks performs will be the clincher. Think 2005 John Garland. Danks is the wild card. If he pitches well we can be insane to face. Noesi as the 5th is just fine. A lot of people complained about his velocity drop since his injury, he needs to now pitch instead of throw. The change up is going to make or break it for him. I hope his changeup is above avg
  13. dewssox79

    Brandon Beachy

    QUOTE (kitekrazy @ Feb 12, 2015 -> 01:29 PM) Wasn't this guy the Sox wanted to get from Atlanta a few years back? yes. KW wanted him bad in the rotation.
  14. dewssox79

    Padres' Outfielders

    it would have to be someone who can field and that isnt CQ, but at the same time I would love his power off the bench but as some on MLB network stated he is going to be pissy not playing everyday in SD.
  15. dewssox79

    Brandon Beachy

    I dont see how this could hurt. Its low risk high reward.