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  1. Some people are so prideful that yes they would rather make it about that than winning. I'm not trying to stir shit up tbh but there has been some shit popping regarding it that makes me go hmmm but whatever Trubisky is the man until he is cut at this point. That's on Pace.
  2. Chicago does not want black QBs, they wanted the white boy to be face of the franchise.
  3. Oh well the bears have to be use to not having a QB, it's just not in the cards for them ever.
  4. My stomach is turning. Did they rush him back from injury?
  5. He is a wrecking ball that allows another wrecking ball Mack to do serious damage.
  6. Alright it's a do over. Let's go!
  7. Damn the Bears needed that hard.
  8. he was the busted route runner in london, right?
  9. pettie4sox

    NLDS- Nationals/Dodgers

    Joe Kelly kinda blows, I'm surprised Roberts actually let him pitch two innings.
  10. pettie4sox

    NLDS- Nationals/Dodgers

    Ciao Dodgers...
  11. pettie4sox

    NLDS- Nationals/Dodgers

    Dodgers could really choke this one away lol
  12. pettie4sox

    NLDS- Nationals/Dodgers

    And then Maeda comes in and fans 3. What a world.
  13. pettie4sox

    NLDS- Cardinals/Braves

    I feel horrible for the fans that had to show up and watch this.
  14. pettie4sox

    ALDS- Rays/Astros

    Yeah the fact that TB can win as many games as they do with the juggernauts in their division simply shows how inept the Sox are year and year out. Straight depressing man.