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  1. pettie4sox

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Is that legal though? He should just send whatever they need and then rip them later accordingly. That can be his "reward" for doing this duties.
  2. pettie4sox

    Job Thread

    Help people like me? Where did I say I needed help in my post? Kids these days and their failure to read things never ceases to amaze me. You keep living in your egocentric bubble and pray you don't have a job transition that leaves you without coverage for a month or two; because obviously your job and employer tied insurance is absolutely guaranteed to you... If people could just buy decent affordable health insurance, the above scenario and mine would be a non-issue. That's all I was trying to say in my original post but I guess I should blame myself for not making it more simple... c'est la vie
  3. pettie4sox

    Sports Betting Thread

    I typically avoid futures bets like that. They are lottery tickets, but it's kind of nice to see how the season progresses and you start biting your nails that one of them may hit haha. I will probably bet on single games on the Sox during the regular season. They look like they are worthy of some homer bets after a long awaited stint.
  4. pettie4sox

    Job Thread

    You can screen who wants to stay with you and pick people who have good reviews from other airbnb hosts. I am pretty picky with the one I run for a family.
  5. pettie4sox

    Sports Betting Thread

    I am still waiting on how Illinois legislation is going to go about sports betting earnings but I am looking to revive this thread when it goes live and help people make a few shekels to pay off those student loans, mortgages and whatever else might you might need. If you any of you are bettors, we can work together and pound some bookies. 😃
  6. pettie4sox

    Market/Financial Thread

    Regression was always going to happen let's hope it doesn't regress too much.
  7. pettie4sox

    Job Thread

    Airbnb but for only short stints?
  8. pettie4sox

    Job Thread

    Yeah, I rather not have to rely on my car for a second income if possible but I appreciate the thoughts.
  9. pettie4sox

    Job Thread

    I don't need your patronizing comment, son. I'm saying we can do better and we need to stop putting our heads in the sand.
  10. pettie4sox

    Job Thread

    Anyone have any good ideas/prospects for weekend only second jobs?
  11. pettie4sox

    Job Thread

    Having insurance provided by employers is the biggest restriction of true freedom for Americans. How many people stay at jobs they hate because of good health benefits? How many people would take a chance a start a business if health benefits weren't tied to employers? How many people after losing/changing jobs have to hold off on health care because they have to wait for the health benefits to kick in? The system needs to be overhauled no doubt. Maybe medicare for all is not the answer most would like to see but get rid of employer based health care plans and have all these insurance companies compete for business the old fashioned free market way. Better coverage/benefits for the best price and may the weakest providers be thrown into the grinder. It obviously needs to be super regulated but that way people don't have to great anxiety about how to get covered if your employer based health plans absolute hot booty grease. Deductibles should be based on your salary and capped accordingly. OOP maxes as well. Premiums as well. I am in between jobs right now and in health care purgatory waiting for my new benefits to kick in. Fingers crossed I don't need any health care until April. What kind of freedom is that shit?
  12. pettie4sox

    Job Thread

    Yeah this one did not. I was working at one of those north suburbs pharma companies with a shuttle up to recently. That was one of the first things I looked for since it seemed common with most around there.
  13. pettie4sox

    Job Thread

    The paycut is about 12k so somewhat significant but these skills would open up new and better opportunities. The money is rigid due to my lack of experience but apparently I was hired because I was honest about it and expressed a desire to learn.
  14. pettie4sox

    Job Thread

    Sorry to break up the discussion but I have a real grade 'A' predicament on my hands. I was laid off from my full time job at the end of January. I took a contract position that is relatively close to my home and took a small pay cut as a result. This position is a regulatory paper pusher position in a pharma company but I'm a pharmaceutical chemist by trade. My partner and I have a car, but it's hers and she uses it when she does have to commute to work which is 2 days a week. Today I had an interview at a medical device/pharma company for a research and development chemist position. Now this position is ideal because I will open the door to new marketable skills that I have not had before. By the time I got home, they had already extended me an offer for the position. I want to take this position because of the marketable skills and the company culture but the downside is the pay is lower due to my lack of experience in research and I would have to buy a car myself to commute to this position. This is a long shot before I turn it down but does anyone on the forum have any good ideas on what some viable alternatives would be? Thanks in advanced no matter what kind of responses are given.
  15. pettie4sox

    Job Thread

    This is devolving into multiple tangents. Let's try to stay on topic peeps.