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  1. pettie4sox

    Cubs thread 2k19

  2. pettie4sox

    Jeffrey Epstein

    King of deflection at work
  3. pettie4sox

    7/20- Sox at Rays, 5:10, WGN

    Rebuilds are fun.
  4. pettie4sox

    All Star Game Thread

    lol touche
  5. pettie4sox

    All Star Game Thread

    It's a exhibition game and Hand was pissing down his leg. So weird.
  6. pettie4sox

    All Star Game Thread

    Torres is a horrid defender.
  7. Guys chill it's just one game. LOL
  8. pettie4sox

    Job Thread

    Oops... I guess not everything can fit in one's egocentric bubble.
  9. pettie4sox

    Job Thread

    Generalizations are bad for your health greg... I'm sure you wouldn't like it someone generalized you.
  10. pettie4sox

    Tyler Skaggs has died

    @ptatc can you chime in on what could have happened baseball wise?
  11. pettie4sox

    Sox @ Boston, 6:10

    hot takes
  12. pettie4sox

    GT Chicago v Chicago, 6/18/19, 7:05 CT

    lol love to see the game thread full of armchair pro hitters... he squared it up, just hit at it someone.
  13. pettie4sox

    2018-2019 Official NBA thread

    That was the perfect storm for Toronto to steal this series from the Warriors.
  14. I just feel like I'm setting myself up to be disappointed... such is the life of a sox fan.
  15. Is Gio legit, should I be excited?