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  1. Let's hope this lights a fire under the team and they sweep tomorrow.
  2. Donaldson has always been a prick. Do you remember when he was talking shit about hitting a HR off of Giolito after the sticky substance ban?
  3. Yep and the sox promptly came back and won that game too
  4. Donaldson has such a poundable face for sure.
  5. pettie4sox

    Flying in for a couple games, need info

    Midway all day.
  6. pettie4sox

    Something annoying in Chicago sports right now

    If Chicago team athletes responded like most Chicagoans would to similar situations, I would fear for the oppositions safety.
  7. Dude was 1000% out. Conclusively out.
  8. pettie4sox

    War in Ukraine

    I mean in the US it's mostly hyper partisanship not necessarily people buying what people are selling.
  9. pettie4sox

    War in Ukraine

    I know all country have their warts, but some are better at hiding more than most? I for the life of me do not understand how people are fed this BS propaganda and lap it up.
  10. pettie4sox

    Cleveland at Sox-Game one, 7:10 CT

    Jack is a great guy haha.
  11. pettie4sox

    Robinson Cano

    Need a LHB, grab him. 😃
  12. pettie4sox

    Battle of the Sox's--Game Two, 3:10 CT

    Reynaldo pitching with his nuts on the table
  13. pettie4sox

    Battle of the Sox's--Game Two, 3:10 CT

    Tim has to be better than that.
  14. pettie4sox

    Crosstown Series Game Two--6:40 CT

    What did he say?