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  1. DashFan

    Fire Tony Chant

    Hawk signs a ceremonial 1-day contract to fire Tony one more time... for old time's sake.
  2. DashFan

    What's Your Home Run Call?

    Hard to beat Hawk in this regard, IMO.
  3. DashFan

    Whitesox @ Twins 6:40PM The Chase to .500 continued

    I feel like we also need a Reinsdorf react.
  4. DashFan

    Abreu's contract - $ / fWAR - best value in MLB?

    But what is the price per TWTW on this roster? πŸ€”
  5. DashFan

    7/11- White Sox at Guardians, 6:10

    Offense is usually anemic anytime AV is on the bench, I predict that'll happen again unfortunately. Leury getting starts over Harrison at 2b is frustrating too.
  6. DashFan

    7/6 Twins @ Sox, 1:10 PM

    Damn dead ball
  7. DashFan

    7/6 Twins @ Sox, 1:10 PM

    But didn't you think he looked good that AB? I'll bet Tony did and will reward him with more playing time.
  8. DashFan

    7/6 Twins @ Sox, 1:10 PM

    Predictions for Eloy's first AB?
  9. DashFan

    7/6 Twins @ Sox, 1:10 PM

    Sheets has to be the odd man out, right? Would it have killed us to put one more real OF in today and let Eloy DH?
  10. DashFan

    Rick Hahn - Mastermind of Failure

    Hawk? At least we'd get to see him fire Tony again.
  11. DashFan


    Very tough quote to read when we get beat by less-talented teams who regularly outplay, out-hustle, and out manage us.
  12. It is finally warm enough for these guys to hit 😁
  13. AJ, Frank, and Paulie would not be my first choices because I would also like someone from outside the org, but if I could Thanos-snap Tony out, you could do a lot worse than those three.
  14. I like Joe Girardi. Ozzie would be my second choice. Third maybe Bochy.
  15. DashFan

    And that’s a White Sox Winner!

    We're going to end up being stuck with the Leury banner, aren't we? It's almost poetic. πŸ˜„