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  1. DetroitSoxDog

    2011 White Sox Catch-All Thread

    WHITE SOX RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. DetroitSoxDog


    Let's give DUNN his outright release and give him a BONUS to leave! He will definitely be more productive in "NATHAN'S FAMOUS HOT DOG EATING CONTEST"!! He could start TRAINING for that IMMEDIATELY!!
  3. DetroitSoxDog

    2011 White Sox Catch-All Thread

    The SOX just traded Adam Dunn for Miguel Cabrera - Looks like a good trade at first glance! A solid .350 hitter for a poltry .165 hitter! Any opinions???
  4. DetroitSoxDog

    2011 White Sox Catch-All Thread

    Does anyone know where I can find a KELLY GREEN SOX T-SHIRT (Plain with Sox logo)? I've checked all the websites and can't find one. They used to carry it last year!! Please help??
  5. DetroitSoxDog


    QUOTE (ChrisLikesBaseball @ Aug 21, 2011 -> 07:09 AM) Please read below: Then understand why: Then continue to do this: I like your collection of SOX hats - Any chance you know how to get a KELLY GREEN SOX T-SHIRT (Plain with the SOX logo)? They used to sell them on the sports attire sites last year but I can't find them. Can you advise?
  6. DetroitSoxDog


    The SOX refuse to send DUNN to the MINORS for a few weeks to focus on BATTING. The Tigers sent Inge down for 3-4 weeks because he was batting .180. While in the minors he batted .300-.400 and hit many home runs. He came back in last night's Tiger/Cleveland game and hit a home run and double! The SOX cannot continue to jeopardize their pennant chances with too few games remaining. DUNN cannot consistenly be in the lineup!!!!!
  7. DetroitSoxDog

    8/18 Game Thread: Indians @ White Sox, 7:10pm CT

    QUOTE (greg775 @ Aug 18, 2011 -> 12:35 PM) Anytime Dunn is batting fourth you can't like our chances, especially at home. I don't know how anybody could buy season tickets for next year knowing they'd have to watch that guy. If you are a baseball fan, he could ruin your experience single handedly. Ugh I just saw Omar is playing. Sox make it tough to be a fan of this team with this personnel. Hopefully, we can TRADE DUNN to the TIGERS!
  8. DetroitSoxDog

    8/18 Game Thread: Indians @ White Sox, 7:10pm CT

    QUOTE (Thad Bosley @ Aug 18, 2011 -> 12:07 PM) In a game of this magnitude and importance, we're once again screwing around with batting Dunn 4th, and Rios in the line-up instead of Quentin? I don't get it. WHY IS DUNN BATTING CLEANUP! MAKES ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE!
  9. DetroitSoxDog

    White Sox vs. Indians

    QUOTE (caulfield12 @ Aug 17, 2011 -> 09:29 PM) With DeAza around now, wish they would play Lillibridge more instead of Vizquel for Beckham... Wishful thinking, one would suppose. Great idea - play Lillibridge in place of Dunn for an entire series!
  10. DetroitSoxDog

    White Sox vs. Indians

    Woudn't it be SMART to send Dunn to the minors to focus on hitting? That way we can put another hitter in the line-up above a .200 batting average and Dunn can hopefully improve! A second choice would be to test Dunn's VISION!!
  11. DetroitSoxDog


    The White Sox need to keep the HEAT on Detroit! Would it be best to send Adam Dunn back to the MINORS to concentrate on HITTING and not hurt the team's chances?