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  1. SAVVY18

    Ticket Codes

    I got Upper Reserved in Section 526 for the opener and it was $61.38 each.
  2. SAVVY18

    Is GRF bad at being busy

    Friday for the opener was great. Quick entry through security and lines were very manageable...but we were in the upper deck for that game. I could see the outfield concourse was just packed with people. I'd figure you'd want to be watching the actual game instead of standing out there, but I guess some folks pay to come in and do that. Saturday was a mixed bag for me. We got in to the stadium rather quickly after gates opened. That line moved well. We walked around the entire ring and it was OK...a little crowded,but manageable. Once the game got started, it was hell walking anywhere. The worst part is how the concession lines extend out into the walkway, so it is a giant Cluster. Lines from both sides, making it a single file line to get through it. I missed Jose's dinger because of it. Easy solution to that is to put some of those line ropes to have it go sideways, instead of out into the walkway. We did see that "Take and go" shop they put in and that looks to be a great idea for grabbing the quick Beer or drink. I also had an issue with the Designated Driver in the Ballpark App. It let me sign up, but then I couldn't retrieve the code to get the drink. So I had to walk to Guest Services and track one down because it was later in the game. The guy said that they did just have to go back to the paper because the app wasn't working. But the Hoodie is pretty sweet, so that was a nice giveaway.
  3. SAVVY18

    The HR Chain

    Totally a candidate for Free T-Shirt Thursday, sponsored by Kay Jewelers...Let's go Brooks, get on that.
  4. Yolmer will continue his hot streak on the cold.
  5. SAVVY18

    **2018 Opening Day Game Thread**

    I read that Salvador Perez is out 4-6 weeks with an MCL injury because he was carrying his own bags and landed awkwardly. Ooops.