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    Official Squared Circle Thread

    QUOTE (Brian @ Nov 5, 2013 -> 11:04 AM) Am I really suppose to believe Big E won that fan vote by a landslide? The biggest thing that bugged me was that Miz beat Ziggler, never ever would that have happened.
  2. Greyone

    Official Squared Circle Thread

    QUOTE (Soxfest @ Aug 29, 2013 -> 11:25 PM) http://www.prowrestling.net/artman/publish...e10033129.shtml I agree makes no sense. Per Prowrestling.net Not to be the correction police but that is false. El Generice is still Sami Zayn. Sami Callihan is now Soloman Crowe.
  3. Greyone

    Official Squared Circle Thread

    He also went to Homer Jr. High, he is a year younger than me, and I knew him throughout his younger school days. Never was a close friend, but we were friendly with each other (I think we had a study hall class together) way back then. Never knew who he became until I looked up his wikipedia and read his real name, I was like, I know him. =)