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  1. The 815

    Sox sign Melky Cabrera

    I would assume Danks and Viciedo are gone for low level prospects and Rodon and Johnson will battle for #5
  2. The 815

    2014 Fantasy Football Thread

    All right, rip apart my team. PPR and I was the 11th pick out of 12 teams QB: Matt Ryan RB: Joique Bell RB: Shane Vereen WR: Dez Bryant WR: Demaryius Thomas TE: Kyle Rudolph WR/RB Flex: bench rotation Bench RBs: Toby Gerhert, Carlos Hyde Bench WRs: Terrance Williams, Justin Hunter, Josh Gordon (picked right before Mr.Irrelevant) Bench TE: Charles Clay K: Vinatieri D/ST: Rams, Texans Hoping Gordon decision comes sooner rather than later so I know if I can drop him or someone else when it's time to get a replacement kicker or QB. Only regret may have been taking Bell before Ryan Mathews was off the board, and not taking a backup QB over Hunter or Williams, and not getting a better defense...
  3. The 815

    8/19 Games

    I don't know what to make of Basto. At this stage of development his bat would keep him in the discussion of being a prospect, but he plays with the glove of a gnat.
  4. The 815

    2014 Minor League catch all thread

    Per twitter, my AAP Jake "The Snake" Peter was promoted to Winston-Salem today after hitting .388 in 37 games with 11 doubles, 6 triples, 2 homers, 13 walks and 13 K's edit: no corresponding move was announced
  5. The 815

    Carlos Rodon prospect watch

    Can someone explain how his arbitration clock would work if he came up in September? I don't know when time starts and what "super-2's" are and so on. That would be good to know before my opinion is "why start his clock so early, just wait till next year."
  6. As mentioned in the Danks thread, Oakland is "flooded" with calls for Hammels. Hammels put up good numbers with the Cubs but has been hot garbage since the trade. Any chance a De Aza for Hammels trade could work for both teams? Oak could want the added bat for a platoon and the Sox could try Hammels out and see if he could work to break up the lefties in the rotation next year.
  7. The 815


    Is there a "send mass PM to every user" button?
  8. The 815

    7/21 Games

    QUOTE (caulfield12 @ Jul 21, 2014 -> 09:28 PM) You're doing the wrong thread trick like I always do flipping back and forth between minors and game thread, haha. Forget it, he's rolling.
  9. The 815

    2014 White Sox draft pick thread

    Anybody know why Jace Fry hasn't pitched since June? I'm guessing just a rest after a long college season but didn't know if there is any reason given.
  10. The 815

    2014 International Signing Period

    Zooming in on the picture that Futuresox retweeted of the Sox brass it looks like the Sox may also have signed 3 more players. Judging by the posters behind the players you have Nunez for the first one, a "Felix ------?", the catcher "Jhoandro", and "Ricky Mota?"
  11. The 815

    Kannapolis on tv tonight

    K-town Intimidators @Intimidators Tonight's lineup on @CBSSportsNet: Jones 8 Rondon 6 Michalczewski 5 Hayes 3 Morris 9 Austin 2 Thomore 7 Stringer 4 Williams DH Barnette RHP
  12. The 815


    I like to live life dangerously. I will take tomorrows round 7 selection, whom ever that may be.
  13. The 815

    4/11 Games

    QUOTE (NorthSideSox72 @ Apr 14, 2014 -> 08:10 AM) Basto is a non-prospect, and none of the other three are exactly high-contact types (at least at this point). Not sure if it is a good sign for Hawkins as much as a bad sign for the other guys, but either way, those numbers will start to mean a lot more in a month or two. How is Basto a non-prospect as a 20 year old (as of 10 days ago) in high-A? Granted he put up awe-full stats last year but if he is a non-prospect then Barnum and DeMichele should be written off as well.
  14. The 815

    Teams have interest in Viciedo/De Aza

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Mar 9, 2014 -> 06:01 PM) If they get Saunders for Viciedo, he had better come with a damned good prospect of some sort. Or their "competitive draft" pick?
  15. The 815

    2014 Draft class

    If I'm not mistaken, if a team doesn't sign a pick in the top 10 rounds, that money gets removed from the allocation money. So if Rodon demands something crazy like an 8-9 million dollar contract, your going to be drafting a bunch of college seniors for a couple rounds so they will sign for cheap and you can use the rest of those slotting numbers.