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  1. hands down correct move. good job sox
  2. staxxington

    7/19 Games

    No way that was a hit, such an easy play that Leonard botched
  3. staxxington

    2018 White Sox draft picks and signings thread

    Any news on when/where Steele and Bryce Bush will start? Im assuming KAN and AZL respectively
  4. staxxington

    2018 White Sox draft picks and signings thread

    Wow, I’m shocked we signed both of them.
  5. staxxington

    Rank the Class of 2018

    Crazy that not too long ago, Bush may have been a top 10-15 in our system. I think you can put him near the back end of top 30 based on potential, but no higher since he’s raw
  6. staxxington

    2018 White Sox draft picks and signings thread

    I’m assuming we aren’t signing Martin then? either way, I thought we had no shot on Bush. Huge get and could have possibly been a big name down the road
  7. staxxington

    2018 White Sox draft picks and signings thread

    Labral tear and Lat tears are two completely different monsters. We (PTs) see and Rehab labrums often and they can return after 6-8 mo sometimes even stronger. Hes best off having the resources of the Sox to help him through it
  8. staxxington

    2018 White Sox draft picks and signings thread

    Have we heard anything regarding Steele?
  9. staxxington


    QUOTE (Chicago White Sox @ Aug 28, 2017 -> 06:32 AM) I must have missed the Tyrion potentially betraying Dany plot point. When did this happen? And a Qyburn zombie-boner & a future Cleganebowl being confirmed while fun aren't exactly major plot points. Last night's episode wasn't bad, I definitely overreacted a bit because of unrealistic expectations of what a finale in the penultimate season should be like. But I do stand by the claim of the episode being way too predictable, given that the "anything can happen / anyone can die" vibe is a big part of the allure of the show in the first place. Nothing wrong with one big twist or turn as we approach the end game, even if "good prevail over evil" as you state. This season overall has been disappointing though, with some of the worst pacing the show has ever seen. And with that came way too much convenient storytelling. This season screamed out to me that the producers of the show are finally getting worn down from running it and want to get to finish line ASAP. The production remains top notch, but some of the writing just feels lazy at this point. Also, how in the world are they going to wrap things up in six episodes? They need to settle both the Great War & Iron Throne storylines in about 400 minutes. Hopefully they can pull it off without feeling rushed. I can see them not wrapping it up, and making a movie. It's been done before by HBO and a GoT movie would be huge
  10. staxxington

    Vacation/Travel Thread

    Random question: Fiancé and I are heading to Vegas from O hare on united next week. Is there a way to change flights through United? We originally booked the 720 flight but are hoping to move up to a 530
  11. staxxington

    Luis Robert signing official

    Fake... my heart just dropped
  12. staxxington

    2017 White Sox Home and Away Uniform Change

    Wow. Those are awesome.
  13. staxxington

    Chicago Bears 2017 Season Tickets

  14. staxxington

    Quintana Rumors: Round and round and round we go

    QUOTE (steveno89 @ Dec 25, 2016 -> 09:05 PM) All of those offers are terrible Sox would reject every one of those I would take Severino for Robertson for sure
  15. staxxington

    2016-2017 NFL Thread

    QUOTE (Chisoxfn @ Nov 28, 2016 -> 04:14 PM) This sounds like the type of injury that could impact his future effectiveness. Injuries in football are brutal, but man, this year for the Bears is beyond brutal. Get better Danny T. Highly likely he'll never regain full strength of his quadriceps. Rehab will have to avoid any eccentric strengthening for a long period of time