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  1. maxjusttyped

    7/3 Games

    I think he's trying to go full Mike Zunino which might end up working... I'm just very skeptical given how bad of a hitter he's been prior to this year.
  2. maxjusttyped

    7/3 Games

    Even though Seby hit better than Perez in AAA, I still agree with you. I think the way Perez goes about it makes his path towards being a productive hitter much more sustainable in the bigs.
  3. maxjusttyped

    7/3 Games

  4. maxjusttyped

    7/3 Games

    Knights have a marathon game coming. Down 8-7 heading into bottom 12. Anderson Severino's ERA now sits at 13.50. great use of a 40 man spot in an org that badly needs more depth.
  5. maxjusttyped

    2022 MLB Draft Thread

    I was hoping Crochet getting hurt could reset his development plan where they gradually build him up from the ground floor as a starter. But that seems difficult to envision now after thinking about how the Sox value relievers and it'll take years for him to build up the innings to be a viable SP anyways.
  6. maxjusttyped

    2022 MLB Draft Thread

    Do you think ~70 innings is the same regardless of how he gets there, or would it be more beneficial to be used as a multi inning reliever and for an occasional spot start? I am still hoping the Sox eventually transition Crochet into starting, but this thread has me wondering if that's realistic given how long it would take for him to become a 150 inning guy.
  7. maxjusttyped

    2022 MLB catch all thread

    Turns out the correct guy to trade Kimbrel for was Isaac Paredes or Harold Ramirez.
  8. maxjusttyped

    7/3 Games

  9. maxjusttyped

    7/3 Games

    Eloy seems to be getting right. HR so far tonight and he's been crushing the ball exit velo wise the last few days.
  10. who said Yermin wasn't a big league catcher lol
  11. maxjusttyped

    Joe Kelly couldn't pitch back-to-back before 7/1

    If you think that was sustainable for him, sure. But reliever performance is volatile for anyone, particularly guys who aren't strikeout monsters. Well run franchises should be able to find mid 3s ERA relievers (which is where all of the projection systems have him) in their system or on 1 year deals.
  12. Maybe with a bigger lead they wanted to get Pollock something close to a full day off? but it still doesn't make much sense
  13. good call. He's probably the pitcher going down for Hendriks anyways.