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  1. maxjusttyped

    The Second Base Options (as it stands)

    Only the best organizations in baseball are capable of doing both, I'd agree. The Rays graduated 4 prospects off BA's top 100 last year and still managed to sneak 5 more on their 100 this season. The Dodgers, Braves, Astros, Yankees etc are other examples of organizations that consistently win in the majors but keep their farm systems strong. I'm not looking for the Sox to be on that level, but they're likely to be the only team in baseball that won't place a single player on any of the top 100 lists that come out this winter. Very few prospects in the system took meaningful steps forward last season, which is how you end up in a situation where the Sox are forced to deal from their big league club at the deadline last year and likely would have to do so again if they want to make a meaningful addition via trade. It's not unreasonable at all to expect the team to manage being a contender with a top ~25 system, which would just give them enough ammunition to make trades without having to deal away players that are essential to winning over the next few seasons.
  2. maxjusttyped

    The Second Base Options (as it stands)

    It's pretty depressing that the system is (and was last trade deadline) at a point where the Sox can't make meaningful additions via trade without dealing away pieces that are essential to the big league club in '22.
  3. maxjusttyped

    MLB 2021-2 off season thread

    They're streaming on MLB.com and I believe mlb.tv as well. Here's a link to tonight's game https://www.mlb.com/tv/shows/mlbtv-featured-svod-video-list/1-19-gigantes-vs-estrellas-lidom-4089
  4. maxjusttyped

    Burger working out at 2B

    Burger being able to handle 2B in a pinch would be great. There's no downside in working out there and giving him reps in ST/AAA to see if it sticks. But my fear is this will give the Sox even more confidence they can cheap out at 2B with Burger waiting to replace whoever the Cesaresque player they add as a stop gap option once the lockout ends.
  5. maxjusttyped

    Mets could shop McNeil, Sox could have interest

    I'll admit this isn't the best way to look at things, but ending up with 0 HG players at the end of 2 years of tanking would be pretty brutal. When you're tanking seasons so you can draft college bats in the top 5, those should be building blocks of a healthy franchise, not trade pieces. I think the Astros and Cubs are glad they didn't trade away the college bats they spent years tanking to draft. Not trying to derail the thread, but the thought of dealing Vaughn away is so unappealing to me for a variety of different reasons.
  6. maxjusttyped

    Mets could shop McNeil, Sox could have interest

    Not sure I really see the fit for Burger or Sheets on the Mets roster, anyways. They already have JD Davis and Dom Smith as more established versions of both of those guys. If the Mets were interested in a potentially"expendable" (I don't think he is) player with long-term upside on the Sox ML roster I think it would have to be Crochet.
  7. maxjusttyped

    Mets could shop McNeil, Sox could have interest

    Continuing to subtract valuable long-term pieces from the big league roster to (theoretically) make the 2022 team better is a great way to just shorten your window. If Kimbrel and prospects with non 2022 ETA's aren't enough to get a deal done (it probably isn't), then the Sox should look elsewhere.
  8. maxjusttyped

    White Sox add 2 intl signings

    According to Jeff Passan (wouldn't shock me if you also know details on this as well), the Sox were 1 day away from signing both Tatis and Juan Soto https://www.espn.com/espn/feature/story/_/page/coverstory032621/welcome-juan-soto-mlb
  9. maxjusttyped

    MLB 2021-2 off season thread

    I also find it impossible to believe the Sox would have been "close" to signing a ~150M+ contract and it wouldn't have leaked out anywhere.
  10. maxjusttyped

    MLB 2021-2 off season thread

    In James Fegan's "White Sox anxiety survey results", he dropped this nugget I found interesting " The White Sox nearly added their starting second baseman before the lockout, so there are some outward signs of their agreement about the state of affairs. " https://theathletic.com/3036138/2021/12/27/white-sox-anxiety-index-survey-results-second-base-tops-list-of-biggest-offseason-concerns/
  11. Definitely not thread worthy under most circumstances, perhaps the mods will determine it still isn't even during a lockout.
  12. maxjusttyped

    MiLB Rule 5 on Wed

    Sox picked the wrong draft to finally pass on Carson Fulmer.
  13. maxjusttyped

    2022 Offseason Plan Thread

    The latter two options strike me as realistic, but I'd be surprised if the Sox add a pitcher as good as Rodon. I'm hoping to be wrong, of course.
  14. maxjusttyped

    Where could Kimbrel be traded, and for what?

    I don't think Suzuki is signing to be a 4th outfielder. Stanton has DH filled, RF is locked in with Judge, the options for where Suzuki plays start to look limited if they add him to their current roster.
  15. maxjusttyped

    Where could Kimbrel be traded, and for what?

    https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2021/12/yankees-blue-jays-red-sox-reportedly-most-aggressive-suitors-for-seiya-suzuki.html Yankees sign Suzuki and then flip Gallo for Kimbrel+? It's probably wishful thinking, but a trade for Gallo might be realistic if they're pursuing other outfielders.