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  1. https://www.forbes.com/mlb-valuations/list/#header:operatingIncome_sortreverse:true
  2. maxjusttyped

    4.21 Games

    Hopefully there's something to this. His batted ball profile hasn't significantly changed (pull % is unchanged, GB's up 7%, FB's up 4%, LD's down significantly) but he's a hitter whose statcast info would be interesting to see.
  3. Maybe he'll be given a statue to commemorate it.
  4. Playing Engel so regularly for this long is such a stealth tanking move. I respect it.
  5. maxjusttyped

    4/16 Games

    Now that we've established Robert *can* successfully steal bases, is it being overly cautious to say he should stop doing so? Doesn't seem like him developing as a base stealer is worth the risk of potentially getting injured again and missing PA's.
  6. I don't think that's outside of the realm of possibility at all.
  7. I think we're gong to see a 6+ WAR season from Moncada. He's a superstar if this K% is legit.
  8. maxjusttyped

    4/14 Games - Cease Day

    I feel this way about Fulmer in the big league bullpen.
  9. maxjusttyped

    4.11 games

    Madrigal back in the WS lineup. DHing and batting 3rd.
  10. maxjusttyped

    4/10 Game Thread - WS Underway

    Unless Sheets significantly alters his swing, I would be surprised if he ever makes the majors.
  11. maxjusttyped

    Someone is going to get fired.

    I literally don't think there is anything (short of a scandal) Hahn or KW could do to get fired. Their on field results are completely indefensible. They are employed because Jerry likes them. That's it.
  12. maxjusttyped

    April 10 Gamethread 1:10pm first pitch

    Both of his teams are printing money and he likes being around the people he's hired to run them. It's never going to change until there's new ownership.
  13. maxjusttyped

    April 10 Gamethread 1:10pm first pitch

    Sure would be nice to see Eloy crush a ball at some point.
  14. maxjusttyped

    April 10 Gamethread 1:10pm first pitch

    If this organization was capable of developing or identifying talent, I'd be fine with just cheering for losses again. Right now everything about this organization feels hopeless.
  15. maxjusttyped

    April 10 Gamethread 1:10pm first pitch

    Rays. Without question.
  16. https://www.mlb.com/whitesox/prospects/stats/affiliates https://www.milb.com/scores/whitesox/2019-04-09 No Collins in the lineup tonight for Charlotte. Seby is catching him.
  17. maxjusttyped

    The Rick Hahn Dynasty

    It is impossible to overstate how advantageous of a position the Sox were in when their rebuild started. Teams like the Astros, Cubs, Padres, Phillies, Braves etc did not have a core of AS caliber players signed to bargain contracts. Any competent front office should have been able to turn those pieces into a sustainable contender.
  18. maxjusttyped

    Happy Dylan Cease day - 4/9 game thread

    Scoreless inning with a K & no walks for Alec Hansen. Good to see.
  19. maxjusttyped

    The Rick Hahn Dynasty

    If they're convinced Narvaez won't improve behind the plate, it's fine. If he eventually becomes a competent or better receiver, then it's another indication the Sox are bad at player development. I feel pretty confident Collins can at least develop into a ~110 wRC+ guy with bad defense behind the plate. I think Narvaez's quotes about the White Sox player development staff after the trade were very damning: "And then Paul Hoover, the catching coordinator there, he divulged the inner secrets to me. Like I never knew that we got rated on receiving, I never knew that we got rated on blocking, pitch framing; I didn’t know any of that stuff. I didn’t know that we got pluses and minuses, and I’m sitting there going, what are you talking about? I thought we just caught the ball and tried to get strikes.” https://sodomojo.com/2019/01/31/omar-narvaez-seattle-mariners-underrated-offseason-acquisition/ I also remember reading that Tyler Flowers became aware of pitch framing not from the White Sox, but because he saw it mentioned on MLB Network & did his own research on the subject.
  20. maxjusttyped

    The Rick Hahn Dynasty

    And they won't build a team that's capable of being a sustainable contender until there's a new front office in charge.
  21. maxjusttyped

    Happy Dylan Cease day - 4/9 game thread

    Didn't Marigal sit the second game of a double header last week? I wonder if he's dealing with an injury or they're giving him a breather because he's been struggling.
  22. maxjusttyped

    The Rick Hahn Dynasty

    Hahn has been one of the top 2 decision makers in the Sox org for 15+ years now. We know exactly what he is. There is no rational argument I can see in favor of Hahn being anything besides a mediocre (at best) executive. The entire organization is rotten and needs to be replaced. We know that isn't going to happen until there is new ownership. It is what it is.
  23. maxjusttyped

    Chris Sale

    Sale went through periodic issues like this with the Sox. Maybe something is structurally wrong and this time there's a serious injury. But having Sale continue to pitch right now seems reckless.
  24. maxjusttyped

    04/09/2019 Sox vs Rays

    It is impossible to overstate how far behind organizations like the Astros, Dodgers, Rays etc the White Sox appear to be. It's embarrassing. Hahn deserves as much or more of the blame than anyone.
  25. Given how much leverage teams have over the players, it seems almost impossible for these deals not to end up being team friendly. Even guys with established track records like Nola & Severino aren't breaking the bank.