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  1. 6 minutes ago, Chicago White Sox said:

    Our A+ pitching coach is probably the best in the system.


    Fegan's articles mentioning him have me hoping he replaces Coop after this season. It seems a bit dysfunctional the Sox don't have a pitching coach using the same techniques at each level of the organization.

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  2. Going to be very intriguing to see how Collins' new swing looks in September. Batting average up to .295, the K rate is very manageable, etc.

    He's 2-3 with a HR tonight.

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  3. 3 minutes ago, fathom said:

    It’s not, but I’m confident he will bat over .247.

    Wouldn't shock me if he's a worse Kris Davis, it also wouldn't shock me if he lowers his K% to ~20% and hits 40+ dingers with a high batting average. His minor league profile was about as strong as you could possibly want from a power hitter.

  4. 6 minutes ago, fathom said:

    Yeah he has a lot of holes right now. I will be honest, I was expecting him to look a lot better at the plate. His hit tool has been really bad, and just being someone that hits homers and nothing else isn’t very valuable.  He went from someone who I thought would be the key player in the rebuild to being clearly behind Moncada and Robert.  I still love him though, as the Cubs homer was the highlight of the season.

    He had a 13% K rate in 228 AAA PA's last season. There was every reason to expect him to come in and be a higher average, elite power, low strikeout guy from the beginning. What we've season this season is that he's a hacker who struggles to elevate the ball on anything middle or below. I'm hopeful the second part can be addressed with a swing change/alteration which is sorely needed.

  5. 5 minutes ago, mqr said:

    Willians Astudillo would be your point of comparison, and he stinks. So it’s possible. Madrigal being able to run helps though. I also imagine Nick will be able to walk more than he strikesout unlike Astudillo 

    I don't think it's actually clear Astudillo *stinks* as a hitter. He's someone with plus plus contact that offers nothing outside of that. If Madrigal is a 98 wRC+ guy (that's Astudillo's career average & around his projections) with baserunning and defensive value he's still going to be a very good player. But like you said, Madrigal's speed (certainly) and plate discipline (likely) are ahead of Astudillo, too. When you put the entire package together I can't ever recall a prospect like him.

  6. I can't ever recall seeing a prospect who makes contact at the rate Madrigal does. A 1.9% K rate in AA is absurd. I know everyone is aware he's an elite contact hitter, but the degree to which he's an outlier can't be overstated enough. If he's striking out ~3% of the time in the majors, it'd be almost impossible to not be an above-average hitter and that's if his power never develops at all.

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  7. 23 minutes ago, TheTruth05 said:


    I'm not all the way sold on Vaughn myself due to position and limited ceiling but the idea of Abrams thriving in this org is almost as much of a crapshoot currently. Looks like he's their guy though.

    The driveline study and results generally we've seen from the White Sox player development staff speaks for itself. Most prospects would be better off going to orgs besides the White Sox. But they did turn Tim Anderson (who was more raw & less heralded than Abrams) into an above average SS.

  8. 31 minutes ago, Y2Jimmy0 said:

    I understand the apprehension but Pipeline, BA, and FG all have the Sox taking Abrams now and Law was the first one to say Kenny Williams was fond of him. All signs seem to point to Abrams at this juncture. 

    If it were possible to bet on such things, I think Abrams would be the favorite for the Sox pick, at this point.

  9. Just now, fathom said:

    problem is that if he is replaced and they bring in someone in-house like has been rumored, it does the Sox no good if it's still a similar philosophy.

    My hope is they'll hire someone from the Astros/Dodgers/Rays etc and actually go with a 21st century approach to pitching.

    Realistically, of course, it's the White Sox. If Coop does go they'll likely just replace him with someone in-house.

  10. Maybe I'm naive, but it'll be interesting to see if Cooper truly has lifetime job security. His results have been so poor over the last ~5 or so years, I could see the Sox transitioning him to a scouting role after this season.

    But I'm probably wrong and he'll be here until he decides to retire regardless of how bad his results are.

  11. 42 minutes ago, fathom said:

    By no means am I giving up on Madrigal. I just believe he’s going to have to make some changes to his swing in order to be a more effective hitter the higher up the ranks he goes. From people who have seen him this year, he hasn’t made an adjustment yet.  

    It's impossible to say for sure, but I think he will benefit significantly from the juiced ball. Guys with fringey power seem to benefit from it the most.