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  1. I'm not saying they'll win, but it's bizarre Stone is talking about tomorrow as a near certain loss when it's Cease pitching for the Sox
  2. He's The Legend for a reason, folks 🙂
  3. The Sox are two more lucky breaks like that away from scoring
  4. well the good thing is he's been crushing fastballs this year 🙂
  5. Didn't realize they optioned Yermin. I was looking forward to seeing him this series.
  6. That's why you bring in Tanner Banks lol
  7. I honestly wonder if TLR realizes the Giants were going to pinch hit for Wade & Joc. They platoon like 2/3s of their lineup. Would he really have brought in Banks if he knew it'd be all righties?
  8. We watched the team lose on purpose for years and those seasons were significantly more enjoyable than this
  9. Put Harrison at 2nd & Leury in RF. Problem solved. TLR needlessly galaxy braining himself into a bad situation for no reason.
  10. That pitch was only like 8 inches off the plate. Imagine how good Robert could be if he had the slightest clue at the plate
  11. Burger over Haseley as the pinch runner is hysterical
  12. good things happen when AV pulls the ball
  13. I don't understand why TLR refuses to use Burger as a pinch hitter. No reason for Reese to bat for himself there.
  14. a good month from Kelly so he's tradable at the deadline would be nice
  15. I thought Kelly only pitched when the Sox are ahead? maybe TLR finally learned from *one* of his mistakes
  16. I'd trade anyone whose contract expires within the next 2 years except him. My preference is still very much to extend Lucas.
  17. Turning Lynn into a long-term piece or two seems like the way to go. I would rather trade him than Lucas, but I understand why others would disagree.
  18. Lance definitely looks back to being himself again
  19. Lance is definitely in the danger zone right now
  20. they're just going to pinch hit with righties. Kapler runs very strict platoons with like half the lineup.
  21. Not the Sox, though 🙂 no depth anywhere to be found. Lillian favorite Tyler Neslony would probably be most deserving of a call-up to fill role TLR wants from Sheets.
  22. This caused me to look up Sheets' pop-up rate and see it's nearly at 30% (16% in the majors, which is also alarmingly high) in AAA this year. His swing is just completely broken right now