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  1. Sheets has looked overmatched, but that should have been a great AB ending in a walk
  2. That wasn't even close to a swing lol
  3. What is Eloy looking for at the plate right now??
  4. Graveman and Pressly will be gassed by the end of this series, if it goes the distance.
  5. Let's keep getting that pitch count up
  6. I hope the best hitter on the Sox isn't batting 5th tomorrow
  7. I agree with you. That was the Mariners first move of the trade deadline, too. If they dealt Graveman *after* acquiring Castillo and Tyler Anderson then the reaction to that trade would have been a lot different.
  8. The Astros using Graveman and Pressly is the smallest possible win in a nightmare of a game.
  9. Dipoto getting crushed for that trade never made sense to me. Getting Toro for Graveman is a total fleecing.
  10. He's their 2nd best reliever, so getting his pitch count up is a big deal
  11. This might lead to a bunch of laugh emoji's, but I think that's a sign the Astros are concerned more about Grandal (or Robert) than Abreu.
  12. I'm not going to derail this by arguing about Madrigal, but you are too smart for this. Even if you weren't a fan of him as a player, he was objectively a very productive player and someone the Sox could have used badly right now.
  13. I'd rather Astros hitters not face Crochet in a meaningless situation when they could be facing him a lot in high leverage moments over the next week. but I didn't realize you already knew how tomorrow's game will go. Thanks for that.
  14. You can dunk on me for saying this after the offense scores like 8 runs tomorrow
  15. I'd be shocked if he's available tomorrow barring an emergency situation. And now all of Houston's best bats have a fresh look against him. i don't understand this usage of Crochet at all.
  16. Using Crochet for 26 pitches and allowing all of Houston's top lefties to get a free look at Crochet makes 0 sense to me
  17. 5th in AVG, 3rd in wRC+ with RISP. That's incredible. Every fanbase is convinced their team is uniquely bad with RISP lol.
  18. I don't know what the Giants are doing with their hitters, but I want the Sox to get in on it. They had success stealing Katz from them, steal another one of their hitting coaches too
  19. I don't see how this team will be able to lift the ball against Framber tomorrow. Hopefully he at least walks the yard, but on paper that doesn't look like a good matchup for this lineup
  20. Forcing Houston to at least use one of Graveman or Pressly would be nice.
  21. Eloy hitting a mistake pitch for the first time in what feels like weeks
  22. Eloy showing a pulse here would be nice
  23. So I guess that didn't just happen on my tv lol