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  1. AustinIllini

    Automobile Thread

    When you get your ride, take it somewhere fun and take pictures!
  2. AustinIllini

    Will Rick Renteria be managing the team in 2020?

    I think there's a 60% chance Rick is coaching in 2020. We don't know for sure, but if Joe Maddon hadn't come available in 2015, would the Cubs have moved on from Rick?
  3. AustinIllini


    As far as I'm concerned, Yoan is left handed. I know my opinion doesn't matter but we need him on base.
  4. AustinIllini

    Sox and Mariners Game thread 4/23

    I was almost right.
  5. AustinIllini

    Sox and Mariners Game thread 4/23

    That's okay. We're going to get Ace Fulmer tonight. That one run is all he needs.
  6. AustinIllini

    Sox and Mariners Game thread 4/23

    Yoan has responded to the benching the other night. Rick knows what he's doing.
  7. AustinIllini

    Sox and Mariners Game thread 4/23

    Yoan is such a beast.
  8. AustinIllini

    Sox and Mariners Game thread 4/23

    He should be pretty smart. He played at Vanderbilt on a great college team.
  9. AustinIllini

    Automobile Thread

    Saw a Model 3 on the way home from work today. I love the front. 6-8 months until @JoeCoolMan24 posts pictures, I hope!
  10. AustinIllini

    Fulmer starting tonight

    Anyone with one iota of baseball savvy understands that the bad play is a direct result of a rebuild and the White Sox are better for it so long as the correct players still contribute (Reylo, Yoan, TA) The last rebuild team Rick coached was fine. Their fans likely give you grief with your terrible hot takes You're failing at the whole trolling thing
  11. AustinIllini

    Fulmer starting tonight

    This is the MLB equivalent of an impulse buy. No need to do this. Control is what matters for a mid market team like the White Sox
  12. AustinIllini

    Trust the process

    Because complaining about losing in a rebuild is like complaining about noise in a thunderstorm. Uh...duh
  13. AustinIllini

    Lopez one of the best starters in baseball so far

    You're both right. he has been one of the better starters in baseball but his unsustainable peripherals hurt his odds of staying there.
  14. AustinIllini

    Fulmer starting tonight

    Well, at least this will be a high scoring affair...
  15. AustinIllini

    Adam Engel -- how much longer does he have as a regular?

    I like this idea with Trayce. He's not the future, but he appears to be a much more serviceable player than whatever Engel is.