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  1. Eloy Jiménez

    8/20 Games

    Next year should be fun.
  2. Eloy Jiménez

    Former Sox updates (Avi, etc)

    His delivery is such it’s a miracle he made it this long. wish the best for him
  3. Eloy Jiménez

    Madrigal Promoted to AAA

    This is below Greg
  4. Eloy Jiménez

    Madrigal Promoted to AAA

    If we were a Luis Robert away from contention, I would maybe feel differently. However, we're not.
  5. Eloy Jiménez

    Madrigal Promoted to AAA

    Honestly, the stupid “they need to pull him up now” takes need to die. An extra year in a player’s prime is more valuable than a month-ish in a losing season.
  6. Eloy Jiménez

    Harold Baines HOFer

    I expect a huge influx of hall of very good players now.
  7. Eloy Jiménez

    If you could pick one position player to add to the roster

    The answer is Mike Trout
  8. Eloy Jiménez

    Eloy going on IL

    This is a silly comment
  9. Eloy Jiménez

    To Sell or Not to Sell?

    Please add @vilehoopster to that list. Honestly, I would throw in cash considerations to make his takes go away. Trade Andrew Vaughn? WTF
  10. Eloy Jiménez

    Luis Robert

    Whatever it costs in adjustment time is made up for the fact you get an extra peak season. You can't debate your way out of this. The White Sox are better letting Robert stay in the minors to maximize team control.
  11. Eloy Jiménez

    Luis Robert

    Luis will have time to adjust in 2020
  12. Eloy Jiménez

    Luis Robert kills it in his first game in AAA

    76ers are not an MLB franchise and are not relevant to this discussion
  13. Eloy Jiménez

    Luis Robert kills it in his first game in AAA

    Richie just took @Fan O'Faust and Greg to the cleaners. He basically just deregistered their accounts
  14. Eloy Jiménez


    If I'm a player, I don't sign anything until the next CBA. He's already set for life. If rules regarding service time change for active players, there will be gobs of money flying around to sign these guys.
  15. Eloy Jiménez

    Luis Robert

    The point remains: It's unlikely the Sox are going to sign Robert and he is going to be in the minors for the remainder of the season to prolong the window.