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  1. Vacheron

    Thanks For 2021 Sox

    You know @Jack Parkman is like "See! We should have kept Sale and Quintana!"
  2. Vacheron

    Tim Anderson suspended 3 games

    I read the tags as Tim Anderson "has appeal" To be honest, he should just take the three games.
  3. Vacheron

    YouTube TV & NBCSChicago...Ugh!

    NBCSN and the White Sox are losers here. As people cut cable, the crazy fans like us will pay extra but soon enough more casual fans will just find other places to put their money. Frustrating is a good word. Sad is another one. It totally sucks that someone outside of the region is treated better than those in the region.
  4. I would stay towards Lower Westheimer and drive
  5. Vacheron

    2021 College Football

    That has all the signs of a potentially amazing basketball conference. Houston is a far better basketball program than either Texas or Oklahoma
  6. Vacheron

    2021 College Football

    Right, because 1) They have the best football teams 2) You don't have to participate academically That being said, if you want to be on the national stage, you're better off at Ohio State than any SEC team not named Alabama. The fact is there are no surprises in college football. Everyone knows everything about every player by the time the draft rolls around. I'm interested to see what happens if there's a consortium of non-SEC conferences, because the Big Ten and Pac 12 are still more influential big picture than the SEC.
  7. LWE only ranked three in the state. What a failure
  8. Vacheron

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    Had a breakthrough infection last month. No kids and my wife was working nights so she didn't get it from me. It wasn't pleasant, but I'm double jabbed with Moderna so my body fought it off quickly. Fever lasted about 2 days. The intermittent cough persisted for almost three weeks
  9. Vacheron

    2021 NHL Thread

    I don't know how those guys are moved but not Stan Bowman. They need to blow that up.
  10. Vacheron

    Sox TV ratings up 123%

    White Sox fans have always supported a winner. I'm glad to see this is the case.
  11. Vacheron

    Name Change? Anything else needed?

    Thanks, but I changed my name less than 365 days ago
  12. Vacheron

    Name Change? Anything else needed?

    So....Nick Madrigal...yiikes Can you guys change my name to "Vacheron"?
  13. Vacheron

    8/29 game thread Sox vs Cubs 1:10 first pitch

    The Cubs are a special kind of horrible
  14. Vacheron

    Cubs 2021

    Kris Bryant seems a lot happier out of Chicago. The Cubs organization is a disgrace. Jerry Reinsdorf isn't the cheapest owner in Chicago.