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  1. Vacheron

    2021 NHL Thread

    I get what you're saying, but I'm not sure that's necessary. NHL should request Rocky step down, but Danny seems to know what he's doing and he wasn't involved with the Blackhawks in 2010
  2. Vacheron

    2021 NHL Thread

    Rocky has to step down. His son is CEO. Let him run the show.
  3. Vacheron

    2021 NHL Thread

    It's amazing how little this matters. The ownership is rotten.
  4. Vacheron

    NBC Sports Chicago à la carte ?

    That's cool, but it's almost certainly subject to local black out
  5. Vacheron

    What music have you bought lately ?

    The first thing I noticed with mine was the sounds stage. You're just so used to music in a box with regular headphones. then, with the open backs, you're treated to a rhythm guitar in one part of the stage, the piano in another, and the vocal right in the middle. Do you stream? which service do you use?
  6. Vacheron

    What music have you bought lately ?

    Same! but I ordered a Schiit DAC but they're backordered due to parts shortage. Super jealous. Bought a stand-in DAC on Amazon and it's still a huge improvement over wireless bluetooth NC headphones. The 6xx are a great way to ruin all other headphones for about $200.
  7. Vacheron

    2021 NFL Season Thread

    Yeah, and then Harbaugh will be out in about four years when the Vikings get sick of him.
  8. Vacheron

    Gordon Beckham retires

    He wasn't, right? It was Andrew Bailey
  9. Vacheron

    Sports Media discussion

    FFS I'm tired of this shit. Fuck cancer.
  10. Vacheron

    What music have you bought lately ?

    Just bought the reissue of "Harvest" on vinyl. Question: Which Sennheisers and which dac are you using? I have 660 S but my dac and amp are backordered.
  11. The cheater is in. Better let them all in.
  12. Vacheron

    2021-22 NBA Thread

    The NBA has a rules problem. One dude puts a guy in surgery with a long term recovery: 1 game suspension. FFS
  13. Vacheron

    2021 NFL Season Thread

    I feel like the GOAT quarterback should have more Super Bowl wins than Trent Dilfer.