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  1. floridafan

    2014 Minor League catch all thread

    Eric Grabe was released today. It was fun while it lasted. Hope everyone here enjoys the upcoming season!
  2. floridafan

    ST: 3/19 vs Angels

    QUOTE (Charlie Haeger's Knuckles @ Mar 19, 2014 -> 02:43 PM) Gimenez just punched his ticket to AAA. Why throw to second on a stolen base attempt with a man on thrid and less than two outs? #ugh That was ugly, and our announcer basically said it was a well thrown ball! Lol! No wonder so many of you can't stand him!
  3. floridafan

    Rosters for the Minors

    Makes me smile...
  4. QUOTE (GreenSox @ Feb 9, 2014 -> 02:25 PM) Just checking out his stats, when did the injury happen? Looks like he played at the end of the season in 2013. Had a great season in Rookie Ball. Good luck this year. The injury occurred during ST and affected his ability to be comfortable in the box, as we all can imagine! All is good now and expect a season more in keeping with his first. The past season was the first in his life hitting under .300 at any level ever played.
  5. QUOTE (oldsox @ Feb 9, 2014 -> 07:58 AM) As you should. Is he 100% now? Slated for Kanny? Yes he is 100% and we assume that he will be headed to Kannapolis. He has been preparing since he came back from last season. Took about 3 weeks off to fish and relax and then began his training again. He is excited to be heading out to Arizona March 5th.
  6. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Feb 8, 2014 -> 06:09 PM) Yikes. Hopefully things are better for him! Thanks guys! Hoping for a good ST so he can regain some momentum! Carry on with the thread. Don't want to make more of it then there is. Just hoping for 10 more seasons out of him. I enjoy watching my son play.
  7. QUOTE (NorthSideSox72 @ Feb 8, 2014 -> 12:20 PM) Any chance you could extrapolate on that injury? What exactly happened? He was on the on deck circle and took a hard line drive, that would have the distance for a home run, in a very painful area without the aid of a cup. Required surgery to remove a body part that was the size of a grape fruit. The rest of the team began wearing cups after that, even the Catcher, lol!
  8. Still looking for my favorite, Grabe, to bounce back this year after his injury hampered season last year.
  9. floridafan

    Spring Training 2014

    The West Gate area has some good hotels. I would book early because hotel rooms are hard to find if you do not book early. I went last year and had a blast, not sure if we will head out there this year or not, might just wait and watch some games early in North Carolina! If you go, you will have a great time. Camelback Ranch is laid out pretty nicely.
  10. floridafan

    Winter Leagues thread

    QUOTE (beautox @ Jan 1, 2014 -> 11:40 AM) Sanchez is only 21 years 6 months and 2 days Adam Lopez tore his ACL training over the winter... He is making a quick recovery though!
  11. floridafan

    Happy New Year!!!

    QUOTE (Quinarvy @ Jan 1, 2014 -> 02:59 AM) Hopefully 2014 holds a brighter future for Chicago sports (aside from the Blackhawks) Happy New Year Sox Fans! Looking forward to the season, at all levels! Go Sox!
  12. floridafan

    Hahn may have bigger plans for Eaton and Elmore

    QUOTE (witesoxfan @ Dec 13, 2013 -> 09:55 AM) It's far more noticeable in the second homer. There is a relatively long pause and delay during the load process. Anyways, I like guys that play hard too, but I also like talent more than anything else. Could be an adjustment to an off speed pitch...? Anyway, Talent is where it is at! Hoping for a much better year for my talented grinder, lol!
  13. floridafan

    Hahn may have bigger plans for Eaton and Elmore

    QUOTE (witesoxfan @ Dec 11, 2013 -> 04:42 PM) http://wapc.mlb.com/play/?content_id=29486543&c_id=mlb http://wapc.mlb.com/play/?content_id=28672435&c_id=mlb There's a big hitch in his swing and it's rather long. If he hit .250 over a full season, I'd be surprised. He's not going to have good plate coverage and he'll have to choose whether he is looking in or out. Guys like Konerko in his prime hit .300...they can be looking in yet have a quick and strong enough swing to poke balls to center and right. Elmore does not have that. I do see a little Zobrist in the swing, but he's also a switch hitter. Either way, I don't think he's a starter. Not really seeing that "Hitch" in his swing... unfortunately (LOL). And I love players that are grinders and not prima donnas. Play hard and get dirty.
  14. floridafan

    6/30 Games

    QUOTE (flavum @ Jun 30, 2013 -> 04:48 PM) Kannapolis is an Eric Grabe single from being no-hit through 7. Can't feel bad about Anderson's 0-3 when everyone else is getting shut down. 7 errors in 11 games for Anderson. edit: and now Grabe has the only two hits. I am hopeful at this point that Grabe has begun to find his stride.
  15. floridafan

    5.18 games

    QUOTE (fathom @ May 18, 2013 -> 07:34 PM) Danks having a hard time throwing strikes http://www.milb.com/scoreboard/index.jsp?s...mp;ymd=20130518 Cose with a solid start at Kannapolis