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  1. But that’s 75. You said it’ll have to be 100-125 more.
  2. So if the Phillies offered Harper 10/350 and the Sox offered 10/440, he would say no to the Sox? That’s laughable.
  3. soxfan49

    Official 2018-19 NFL Thread

    What’s the excuse for him missing in the heat in Miami and him missing in a dome in Arizona? We now have a miss from 45 in Arizona (dome), from 53 in Miami (hot and humid), 41 vs the Jets (wind and rain), and four short ones vs the Lions (sunny and cold). Where exactly can he make a field goal consistently? The moon?
  4. soxfan49

    Official 2018-19 NFL Thread

    Why would he go to Soldier Field? It’s not like he has a contract to earn. He got paid already.
  5. soxfan49

    Luis Robert tearing it up in the AFL

    Why the fuck would the Sox trade Eloy, a better prospect than Senzel, for Senzel?
  6. soxfan49

    White Sox Bryce Harper FA pitch spoiler?

    Apparently Houston had a deal in place to land Harper at the deadline but the Nats’ ownership nixed it
  7. soxfan49

    Creative Trades

    At this stage I’d substitute Moncada for Madrigal but I agree on the others, although I guess if Colorado offered Arenado for Dunning, Robert and another prospect AND Arenado was open to an extension, I’d have an easy time saying goodbye to Robert.
  8. soxfan49

    White Sox Bryce Harper FA pitch spoiler?

    I suggested $50 a year for the first 5 years in another thread, which would give Harper the ability to leave and get another big contract & the Sox the ability to be VERY competitive from 2020-2023 and it would allow the Sox to keep Jimenez, Moncada, Kopech, etc when they are due for contracts in 2024-2026.
  9. soxfan49

    White Sox Bryce Harper FA pitch spoiler?

    Machado 20% Harper 10%
  10. soxfan49

    White Sox Bryce Harper FA pitch spoiler?

    LeBron, Bosh and Wade chose Miami and took less money.
  11. Eliminate the Yankees as a destination for Harper. Buster Olney says it's not going to happen.
  12. soxfan49

    Official 2018-2019 NHL thread

    If you don't include 2017 or 2018 since it's too early to make determinations, since 2012 he has drafted two good players (Debrincat, Terevainen), two mediocre players (Hinostroza, Hayden) and one player who might be good (Schmaltz). That's it. The rest of the guys haven't made an NHL impact. If you call a first line player, two 2nd line players and two bottom 6 players in FIVE years "good drafting," that's your prerogative. Quenneville didn't play Murphy because he isn't good. Stop making it out to be "he wanted to get fired and was upset about trading Hjalmarsson." He wouldn't have voluntarily tried to get fired and lose out on millions of dollars. You sound stupid.
  13. RT @jonmorosi: Sources: #WhiteSox active in starting pitching market, with interest in Patrick Corbin and J.A. Happ, among others. The reason: Reynaldo Lopez is the only current White Sox pitcher who threw 50+ IP this year with a sub-4.00 ERA. @MLB @MLBNetwork
  14. soxfan49

    Official 2018-2019 NHL thread

    What? Bickell stunk his entire career except for the 2015 playoffs. He paid him anyway and it backfired. I’m not blaming him for MS- don’t be an idiot- but it’s not like Bickell was even close to being worth $4m a year.