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  1. soxfan49

    Job Thread

    If you bank with Chase and use their mobile app, you can check your credit for free and it updates for you weekly for no cost or hit on your credit report.
  2. Saints next 5 games are pretty difficult but if they win 2 of them, they'll be in decent shape.
  3. Anyone see the Klemko article about Antonio Brown this morning? It's hard for me to think of Brown as being an even bigger piece of shit than I already do, but here we are; man that article is tough to read. Guy lives an extravagant lifestyle but doesn't pay up https://www.si.com/nfl/2019/09/16/antonio-brown-new-england-patriots-lawsuits-accusations-sexual-midconduct-assault
  4. I almost wonder if Trubisky is hurt. Before his shoulder injury last year he was better than average. Since he's been anywhere from horrible to mediocre
  5. If the Bears had Prescott they would be the best team in the NFL
  6. soxfan49

    9/15- Sox at Mariners, 3:10

    I know it ultimately falls on the GM but no one in their right mind would have ever thought Herrera would have been THIS bad. Even Garfien who's a Sox blowhard said postgame today that his ERA is "approaching infinity." All we can do is hope he's still recovering from his injury and he's 2-3 ERA better next season
  7. soxfan49

    9/15- Sox at Mariners, 3:10

    *ahem* I repeat^^
  8. soxfan49

    9/15- Sox at Mariners, 3:10

    I hope so too but I fear Herrera is sticking around due to his contract
  9. I'm talking about big chunk throws. The one down the sideline to Montgomery would have had to be perfect. What other big throws did he really miss? Yeah, he missed 2 or 3 others that would've been solid gains of 2 but I'm not going to fret over those
  10. Honestly dude and I know you may say I'm a Trubisky backer, but I didn't think he was bad today. He missed the one throw to Gabriel for about 15 yards but the rest I think was the training wheels offense. Now if that's how Nagy drew it up because he knows Trubisky sucks, that's one thing, but honestly Trubisky did ok with what they alllowed him to do. I think he's at his best when he doesn't have to think. Look at the end of today's game or the Eagles game. Nagy should put in more hurry up and shit
  11. Didn't Robinson "give himself up" though? If so, it didn't matter either way
  12. soxfan49

    9/15- Sox at Mariners, 3:10

    Moncada was 3-5 and he's now at .308 with a .900 OPS
  13. soxfan49

    NCAA football thread 2019-2020

    Lovie Smith is a laughing stock and a disaster
  14. soxfan49

    Official 2018-2019 NHL thread

    Kuznetsov only got 3 games? 😳