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  1. soxfan49

    NFL 2021 offseason thread

    The Bears OL looked bad against the Packers and Saints? They gave up 2 sacks in those 2 games
  2. soxfan49

    NFL 2021 offseason thread

    The OL at the end of the year was just fine, specifically the interior and now Daniels is coming back. The Bears OL is far better than Seattle's.
  3. soxfan49

    I'm going to enjoy the White Sox this year

    I'd really prefer if Keuchel missed no time
  4. soxfan49

    NFL 2021 offseason thread

    I know cap hell is overrated but NO is like 60 million over IIRC. That's a lot to manuveur
  5. I'd love if this were the new Sunday alternate throwbacks
  6. soxfan49

    2021 Most likely to...

  7. soxfan49

    Jimmy Cordero...the forgotten breakout candidate

    I think the point is Engel won't be playing 145+ games
  8. soxfan49

    White Sox v Brewers Game Thread 2 CT

    I love that the Sox have essentially ditched the cursive "Chicago" on their jackets, shirts, hoodies, etc & went with the cursive "White Sox" that they wore on their uniform tops once or twice last year (I'm assuming "Chicago" still appears on the gray tops)
  9. soxfan49

    NFL 2021 offseason thread

    I know this was probably rushed but you have the Bears trading two 1's (unless you meant "2022 1st round pick" when you actually wrote "2021 1st round pick" since you already included #20)
  10. soxfan49

    MLB 2020-21 off season catch all

    Alright already shut the f*** up
  11. soxfan49

    Bears Draft Needs

    He won't get past 10, so yes 100 times out of 100 Samuel isn't a replacement for Fuller. Samuel is like 5'9 and is likely a NB. Might as well restructure Fuller and lower the cap hit this year (same goes for Hicks & Mack).
  12. soxfan49

    Mlb Networks top 10 at each position

    Well I'd love to hear why you think Bogaerts will have a better 2021 than Tatis. This ought to be good
  13. soxfan49

    Mlb Networks top 10 at each position

    Tatis might be the best player in baseball, so yeah he isn't the 4th best SS. Not 1 GM would take Bogaerts over him for the next 3 years.
  14. With this OL and without Tampa's pass rush? No chance
  15. I hope TB but I think KC wins 26-24