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  1. soxfan49

    Notice: We're about to get hot

    @Richie is MIA
  2. Hahn was worried his offense would help too much
  3. Everyone in SF's lineup today was born in America. That cannot be common across baseball
  4. soxfan49

    Retool Time

  5. soxfan49

    I am old enough to remember…

    I'm old enough to remember thinking the same and I still somewhat do but maybe a lot of these players aren't as good as we thought or as dependable as we thought
  6. He pitched 70 innings last year. He's at 63 this year. Shouldn't he be gaining strength as seasons pass, like maybe 100-120 IP this year, before his stuff dwindles?
  7. He has literally been a major leaguer since 2018 He has pitched 7 less innings this year than all of last and he's already down to 93-94? That's really good!
  8. How long do we keep babying Kopech? Guy's been a major leaguer since like 2018 or 2019 or some shit and he's still struggling consistently with mechanics and his velocity? Make him a fucking reliever then. Stupid ass franchise
  9. soxfan49

    These are not the Chicago White Sox

    This is perfectly said We keep hearing about "wait until they all get on the field" but based on history of guys, specifically Jimenez, Robert and Moncada, that just might never happen consistently
  10. It's going to turn into "I couldn't make it and now my flight is $500 to change due to cancellation so send me that in gift cards and I'll be there."
  11. They'll all be appealed and those will be heard after the Sox series I'm sure