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  1. This was tweeted 5 hours ago but unless I missed it, no one posted it: RT @michaeljduarte: Source: Bryce Harper’s meeting with #Phillies Saturday went “very, very, very well,” I’m not sure if Philadelphia has pulled their offer to Machado, but they expect to make an offer to Harper.
  2. I prefer an opt out after year 4 but if it's year 3, one of two things happens: 1) they aren't ready to win and it sucks so he leaves but at least it puts the Sox on the map as a viable FA landing spot for big names or 2) Machado can clearly see that Jimenez, Cease, Kopech, Robert and Moncada are the real deal and this is his best chance at a championship so he stays all 8 years or at least through his next opt out opportunity after year 5 or 6 (and it puts the Sox on the map as a viable FA landing spot for big names)
  3. soxfan49

    Official 2018-19 NFL Thread

    Do they need Bell? Mack seems to be a really good RB. I can see the Jets, Bucs, Raiders, Texans and Lions being fits for Bell, not so much the Colts.
  4. My brother loves FT. He uses it to track professional sports teams' flights. It's pretty neat
  5. Getting both would have been a miracle so to expect that would have been senseless. Regardless Machado is the better player so I'd rather have him
  6. What guy? He admitted to not having sources and even said it's just his feeling.
  7. RT @ToddZolecki: The meeting between the #Phillies and Bryce Harper yesterday in Las Vegas went so well and they came away so impressed with Harper and his wife that they might be shifting their focus from Manny Machado to him. https://t.co/zy0ChusHcc
  8. He said the $200M thing again today
  9. Is it just the Corbin thing or is it really a lot of others errors aka "etc etc?"
  10. Soxtalk: someone give optimism! Nightengale: looks like Machado will be playing for the White Sox Soxtalk: he says dumb shit like that all the time, who cares what he thinks
  11. "No one knows the outcome for sure, but unless there’s a dramatic twist in these negotiations, their ultimate destinations are becoming clearer. Harper will be in Philadelphia and Machado will be playing for the White Sox."
  12. RT @BNightengale: Philadelphia #Phillies emerge as clear-cut favorite to land Bryce Harper after 5-hour meeting. Optimism is high. https://t.co/0j5B5Pu2Gg
  13. He probably took that photo with him one of these past seasons on one of Baltimore's many trips to the Bronx, not yesterday or anything.