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  1. soxfan49

    Pirates get Archer

    Why don't you find a new team to cheer for? You seemingly have NOTHING positive to say about the organization.
  2. soxfan49

    Your first Album collection/First concert attended

    I've never been a huge concert guy. My first concert was Dave Matthews at United Center in 2012. I've only been to two since, and both were DMB.
  3. soxfan49

    Sox vs Royals 8/17 7:10 PM CT WGN

    Abreu can't do it all on his own, but I like where your head's at. Now, if Reinsdorf replaces Hahn with WBWSF, the odds will be great.
  4. soxfan49

    Nick madrigal tracker

    I used to think WBWSF and Greg were the worst, and then the guy with the weird email as his username came along...and now this hot dog dude is a consistent contributor. What a time to be alive.
  5. soxfan49

    Nick madrigal tracker

    Then that shouldn't be too difficult for Madrigal. On that note, I think .360 is the worst he could do, assuming he's actually a .300 hitter.
  6. soxfan49

    Nick madrigal tracker

    If someone hits .300 in 500 PA's, how many walks/HBP's does he need to have an OBP of .340?
  7. soxfan49

    Race for the worst 2018 record (Top 5 pick) again

    Baltimore .298 Kansas City .306 White Sox .367 San Diego .387 Miami .390
  8. soxfan49

    Nick madrigal tracker

    I don't think anyone is assuming he will have a high OPS, although I do agree it needs to be higher than .660. If his slash is 300/340/370 + good defense in the MLB, he's a very useful piece.
  9. soxfan49

    8/16 Games

    I was going to ask the same thing. Sounds like his thought was legitimate and her response insinuated that she believes he was being a smartass then went on to blame the Bats’ manager. No idea.
  10. soxfan49

    **President Trump 2018 Thread**

    And a commonwealth of ours is still mostly devastated. "Have a nice time" he yells as he boards his plane.
  11. soxfan49

    8/16 Games

    http://www.milb.com/scoreboard/index.jsp?cid=&lid=&org=145&sc=&sid=milb&t=affiliate&ymd=20180816 Kopech, Clarkin DSL won 7-1 and Rodriguez went 3-4. Almost back to .300
  12. soxfan49

    8/13 Games

    There was a crazy stat the other day that someone tweeted about Eloy's stats since being traded to the Sox however I can't seem to locate it. Can I get some help?
  13. soxfan49

    Official 2018-19 NFL Thread

    Yeah, he would really have to f*** up quite a bit to get any guaranteed money voided in this scenario.
  14. soxfan49

    Official 2018-19 NFL Thread

    I disagree, actually. He's never going to be the type of guy who gets 3+ games for on-field stuff. Only Burfict has gotten something like this over the last 10 years. He'll never get 2+ games for defending himself or a teammate. He would almost have to drag someone by their dick off of the field to get 2+. He isn't going to get 2+ games for a post play infraction either because that would also require him to do something insane or go after a ref. The only chance for his guarantees to be voided is a 1+ game suspension for being deemed the aggressor. If that's really what he was holding out for, the Bears should have caved weeks ago.
  15. soxfan49

    Official 2018-19 NFL Thread

    4 years, $18m fully guaranteed with $11m in bonuses