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  1. Mr. Showtime

    Manny: Nope, still no news

    Rabbit, the tweet you had about if the Yankees are truly out. You mentioned you would be surprised if it doesn't happen by Wednesday. If it draws on past that point, does it signal the Sox are maybe being used to raise an offer elsewhere? Or that the Sox have a good enough offer and he wants to wait as long as possible for a higher offer?
  2. Mr. Showtime

    Machado: Update - Manny, do you officially like us?

    How delicious if he turns out to be wrong. For now, him trolling people seems unprofessional.
  3. Mr. Showtime

    Machado: Update - Manny, do you officially like us?

    Not sure if you've watched his last few youtube videos but Simonetti said he has heard but cannot confirm rumors of the Yankees at 7-8 years 250 million. No idea how true or not that is, but, you'd have to think the Sox offered or will offer more than that. To your point if the Sox are at 275 or 300 and he turns it down for 250 then probably not a good look for the team.
  4. Mr. Showtime

    Sox still in the running for Harper/Machado

    Interesting line in the article where he says neither player prefers Philadelphia and wanted the Yankees. We heard the lack of interest in Philadelphia from Harper supposedly but, this is news from Machado isnt it? If Philly offers way more money I'm sure he'll get over it but, very interesting if true on Manny.
  5. Mr. Showtime

    Update: Machado met with Sox

    He later linked to the video of the comments being said on the YES Network. At the end of the video Jack said the Yankees have not "officially" made an offer.
  6. Mr. Showtime

    Harper: Nightengale suggests Phillies are favored

    I saw that tweet this morning. I didn't quite get it. When else have the Sox come up this much with the national guys? What do they gain by pumping up the Sox chances? Especially when they bring up the Sox and reporters basically scoff at them in the running. If the Red Sox/Cubs were heavily in on Harper ESPN would be wall to wall with it what would Buster be doing then?
  7. Mr. Showtime

    Harper: Nightengale suggests Phillies are favored

    Why do you think we haven't heard more rumors about the Phillies and Harper? I know there was the rumor he didn't want to play there. Clearly we're focused on the Sox here, and the Dodgers talk is big on Twitter. Seems like it's been quiet with them on Harper at least.
  8. Mr. Showtime

    Sox trade for Yonder Alonso; Alex Call to CLE

    That's a funny take on the situation.
  9. Mr. Showtime

    Harper: Nightengale suggests Phillies are favored

    You beat Fathom to one of these twitter/blogger type rumors. I know most of the time its people guessing. Sometimes people get it right and perhaps this is one of those times. Just strikes me as odd that a deal of this magnitude would leak as there have been a few similar rumors recently like this, to low level people like this without any of the big guys snooping and commenting on it.
  10. Mr. Showtime

    Harper + Machado?

    Who knows what's really true or not with "sources" these days. It's going to take a record breaker to get one of these guys. Beyond that given where the team has finished the last few years they have to understand that they'll be expected to outbid teams to get players to come.
  11. Mr. Showtime

    Sox trade for Yonder Alonso; Alex Call to CLE

    Just tossing it out as a theory, always appreciate your takes.
  12. Mr. Showtime

    Sox trade for Yonder Alonso; Alex Call to CLE

    If this in anyway gives the Sox a leg up on Manny, do you think the Yankees change their tune and offer him a bigger contract in years or total dollars? You made the comment about Hahn talking to his agent about this move. In theory, could this be using the Sox to make the Yankees pay out more if that's his preferred spot if the money is close?
  13. Mr. Showtime

    Rosenthal: Could Harper be headed to the southside

    In the responses the account said it was heard on mlb network. Who knows.
  14. Mr. Showtime

    Bryce Harper Updates

    In the espn video from earlier in the thread where Tim ranked it Philly, LA, Sox, his reasoning on LA was that they have money and have been to the nlcs/series the last few years and may feel they need this type of move. It didn't come across watching it as if he had a insider's view on it. Seemed very speculative based on what has been reported.
  15. Mr. Showtime

    Why NOT trade Chris Sale?

    QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Dec 7, 2015 -> 11:14 AM) iit all depends on whether they truly intend to compete and can put together a roster where you can really don't have to say everything has to go right for the team to win. I do think LDF is accurate when he states the team never seems to be fully committed all in any year. They are at a certain price, but it doesn't appear they would be willing to take on a huge loss if things went wrong. That's fine, it is a business., and these days you don't have to win 98 games to make the playoffs most seasons. Trading those guys is dangerous, and I think the extra year and an alternative to spending $200 million, should make their price tags around peak right now. If the Sox are bad again in 2016, and then they trade these guys, JR needs to clean house. I saw what he said this morning. JP brought up the idea that they could move Sale or Q, the hosts disagreed that the Sox should do that. JP asked them if they could see the Sox competing with the Royals in the next 2 years, and if that answer is no then they should be open to it. He followed that up by saying that haul wise they may be best to wait one more year because the next free agent class is light on top flight starters.