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  1. GoGoSox2k2

    Sox draft two, trade one, lose none in Rule 5

    QUOTE (raBBit @ Dec 14, 2017 -> 04:15 PM) Don't take it to the bank from what I understand Sox dont have 500K left. As in $500k of international slot money I assume you are referring to?
  2. GoGoSox2k2

    White Sox trade deadline

    OMG just over one hour to the deadline and Hahn is going to stand pat at the deadline once again...... lol had to say it But on a serious note I wish we could find the thread from last year on this day when everyone was absolutely bashing Hahn for standing pat and only moving Duke last year.... Oh what a difference 365 a year can make.
  3. GoGoSox2k2

    Q may get moved "sooner than you think"

    QUOTE (raBBit @ Jul 12, 2017 -> 03:48 PM) Braves and Rockies trades were most lopsided. I guess Folwer being on the shelf hurts his value but I would take Frazier, Andujar and another notable for Q. raBBit == of all the teams interested, which top prospect (main piece) do you most want? yanks (Frazier) braves (albeis or acuna) Rockies (Rodgers) Brewers (Brinson)
  4. GoGoSox2k2

    Q may get moved "sooner than you think"

    Rabbit sure isnt talking much on twitter today.. hopefully that means we are approaching something close
  5. GoGoSox2k2

    Rotation Post Break

    QUOTE (flavum @ Jul 10, 2017 -> 12:20 PM) They haven't announced it, and I wouldn't expect to hear anything until Wednesday or Thursday. Yeah. Was just asking. A good majority of teams already have. Seattle is going Paxton, King Felix, and Moore
  6. GoGoSox2k2

    Rotation Post Break

    Have they announced what the rotation will look like coming out of the break? I am going to the game Saturday night, was just wondering who we will see. Probably Big Game James knowing my luck
  7. QUOTE (SoCalSox @ Sep 28, 2016 -> 01:07 PM) Unf***ingbelievable. I am done with this pathetic organization. It is a fricken joke what they continue to do year and after year. Just pathetic and embarrassing. I am done
  8. GoGoSox2k2

    Illini night hat

    any takers shoot me a Private Message. Ill send you the money for the shipping cost + an extra $10 for that and doing this. Thanks!!
  9. GoGoSox2k2

    Illini night hat

    QUOTE (RockRaines @ Aug 3, 2016 -> 10:02 AM) Night hats, you can only see them at night I would also love one of these hats if anyone wanted to work something out. I can send money via Paypal for shipping and a small dollar figure that be fair/just. Thanks!
  10. GoGoSox2k2

    Trade Deadline: Sox Make No Moves

    QUOTE (StrangeSox @ Aug 1, 2016 -> 03:05 PM) They really wanted to drive a stake into the heart of any good will they built up with the hot start. This is becoming tradition. Disappointment after disappointment with this organization.
  11. GoGoSox2k2

    White Sox Listening on Sale

    QUOTE (ChiSoxFanMike @ Aug 1, 2016 -> 02:57 PM) The Sox f***ed up another opportunity. It's getting real hard to support this team. You are spot on. I am not done with this team becasue we did not trade Sale or Q. I am done with this garbage because they did not move one of Robertson, Shields, Gonzo, Frazier or Melky in a sellers market like this. Just so sickening and frustrating and unacceptable. Look at the Yankees, Brewers etc
  12. GoGoSox2k2

    White Sox Listening on Sale

    QUOTE (WilliamTell @ Aug 1, 2016 -> 01:30 PM) This is getting interesting...... what is interesting? that we suck as an org?
  13. GoGoSox2k2

    White Sox Listening on Sale

    where has Rabbit been?? not dropping any info for us!
  14. GoGoSox2k2

    White Sox Listening on Sale

    where has Rabbit been?? not dropping any info for us!
  15. GoGoSox2k2

    Dodgers kicking Tires on Q

    QUOTE (Quinarvy @ Aug 1, 2016 -> 12:34 PM) Lmao what is even going on Does MLB network have a live stream online or anything?