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  1. JoeBatadatz

    Sox resign Rodon 1 yr /3m official, Vargas DFA

    Me too. I'm just hoping it's the right "him".
  2. JoeBatadatz

    New Manager. Who could sox target at this point?

    I really don't tho. He's a smart guy....he had to know he would be the lapdog to the lapdog to the owner. Not saying I wouldn't have taken the gig, but all of MLB has gotta know Hahn's payoff will be with another team.
  3. JoeBatadatz

    Sox just lost most embarrasing DH in 120 years of MLB

    Would first need to have KW surgically removed from JR's lap.
  4. JoeBatadatz

    Will There Be a 2020 Season?

    If a player or employee falls into the high-risk category (ie over 60) he/she would stay home from the start unless they are willing to take the risk. If an otherwise healthy athlete or employee chooses to play, begins showing symptoms and tests positive, he/she would go home to recover. Herd immunity follows eventually. Play Ball.
  5. JoeBatadatz

    I don't see how pitch framing works?

    Framing is no different than taking a flop in the NBA. Or a soccer player writhing on the ground to show how badly he was fouled. It's all schoolyard crap in a professional sport with careers and $millions at stake. This is why instant replay is everywhere and hopefully taking the human naivete out of the equation. Or human limitations to properly track a 95mph slider. Time for electronic umps at the plate. They won't give a spit about gamesmanship, how you hold the glove, how smooth you are etc. It's a ball, or it's a strike.
  6. JoeBatadatz

    Disco Demolition Review...

    This is absolutely true, I was sitting on the lower deck right behind the foul pole in RF.
  7. JoeBatadatz

    Will the Sox be able to retain J Ben?

    I'm mostly better served forming my own opinions based on what I hear/see. I mostly ignore those who pontificate and try to tell me who/what I should like.
  8. JoeBatadatz

    UNVERIFIED: Eloy Jimenez Expected to Miss At Least 6 Weeks

    I never followed the optimism on him so I had no per-conceived notions about his abilities. But when I saw him in LF early in the season, it was obvious (to me anyway) that he has zero business being in the outfield. There is not an ounce of gracefulness in the way he moves. Unfortunately, that is something that cannot be taught.
  9. JoeBatadatz

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    If you're Machado, you and your agent know the White Sox are a poorly run franchise. If equal (or close) money were on the table, do you (A) buy extra sun screen and move to San Diego, or (B) stock up on long underwear and play for the Mickey Mouse club? They've been at rock bottom. They've now extended their long-term lease.
  10. JoeBatadatz

    White Sox trying to trade Avi Garcia?

    Perhaps. But I've observed Avi at Spring Training year after year, and he is an absolute tool with fans. Picture a string of kids lined up on the wall just wanting a hand slap. He's only 4 ft from the wall and and he maintains his "tough guy" strut and just glares at them. And this is not an isolated incident.....it's his MO. Contrast that with Abreu who goes out of his way to make every kid feel special. every chance he gets. I say good riddance to his career year and bring on whatever the future may bring.
  11. JoeBatadatz

    Adam Eaton Appreciation Thread

    QUOTE (Jordan4life @ Dec 8, 2016 -> 05:35 AM) He said Drake Laroche was a leader. Hated him ever since. See ya. LOL, I felt the same way initially! But his play last year made be overlook that.
  12. JoeBatadatz

    Potential + Effects of the World Series?

    QUOTE (Dunt @ Nov 3, 2016 -> 09:17 AM) Sox have no one to blame but themselves for their position. We have an awful owner and an awful front office. Cubs winning or not, this franchise is a f***ing trainwreck. I don't believe JR thinks there is a problem: - Attendance issue is offset by stadium lease. - Mid-pack payroll keeps them cleanly in the green. - Makes him and his partners an ongoing fortune. - Surrounded by his frat brothers. - Bought the franchise at $30M-ish, market worth near $1B. He is basking in glory...the kind that has nothing to do with winning baseball.
  13. JoeBatadatz

    Kenny Williams Leaving?

    QUOTE (Lemon_44 @ Oct 2, 2016 -> 12:40 AM) Personally, I like KW and his try to win every year mentality. To me, that's what you should do. His biggest mistake was not getting along with, or coming to some kind of workable situation with Guillen. He let it become personal and that's started the downfall. As for his "bad" trades. The only one of significance I can think of is the Swisher trade. There may be some more that have slipped my mind but nothing of significance. I know there was a lot of much wasted hand-wringing over Daniel Hudson and Holmberg but those guys really did nothing. Let's not forget his running big Frank out of town, also because it got personal.
  14. JoeBatadatz

    White Sox vs Tigers 7:10PM CSN

    There has got to be a stat for giving runs right back the next inning. I bet we win easy.
  15. JoeBatadatz

    Tim Anderson Called up...Rollins DFA'd

    QUOTE (ptatc @ Jun 10, 2016 -> 10:51 AM) Guess this is a move people like. If he struggles will people blame KW for bringing him up too soon as a typical KW move. I guess that's what happens when the organization has shown no more ability to make effective personnel decisions than we humble fans.