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  1. JoeBatadatz

    Is the rebuild salvageable?

    It's this simple.
  2. JoeBatadatz


    The dude is making a fortune for him and his partners. Smashing success in his eyes. If lightening strikes again, he'll take it. If not, he'll keep counting and counting.
  3. JoeBatadatz

    Yoan Moncada seven years ago

    I saw Moncada at spring training when he first came up and I felt the same way. Simply does not "look like" a baseball player. Add to that his apparent inability to smile and even fake like he's happy to be here....I've simply lost interest.
  4. JoeBatadatz

    Why are the sox so unlucky with veteran additions?

    Close thread please. Thanks for participating everybody.
  5. JoeBatadatz

    Eloy rehab starts again 6/21

    Oh he'll have a game or 3. But mostly he'll look like a Great Dane competing against Border Collies in agility drills.
  6. JoeBatadatz

    What The Actual F# Is Wrong With This Team?

    Same problem as forever. KW sitting on ol Uncle Jerry's lap. KW (answering to any suggestion from JR): "Gee Uncle Jerry, I think that's a great idea!" JR (answering to KW wanting to sign "his guy" of the month): "Kenny Boy, you're the EVP of baseball operations. Let RH know what we've decided".
  7. JoeBatadatz

    Eloy Out 6-8 Weeks

    Based on the frequency and nature of his past injuries, this is not bad luck. He's about as graceful as a Great Dane.
  8. JoeBatadatz

    Casual Fans

    Ownership looks at winning as a bonus, not a priority. Knowing this, I will never be more than an extremely casual fan. Took me about 50 years to get there tho.
  9. JoeBatadatz

    Sox resign Rodon 1 yr /3m official, Vargas DFA

    Me too. I'm just hoping it's the right "him".
  10. JoeBatadatz

    New Manager. Who could sox target at this point?

    I really don't tho. He's a smart guy....he had to know he would be the lapdog to the lapdog to the owner. Not saying I wouldn't have taken the gig, but all of MLB has gotta know Hahn's payoff will be with another team.
  11. JoeBatadatz

    Sox just lost most embarrasing DH in 120 years of MLB

    Would first need to have KW surgically removed from JR's lap.
  12. JoeBatadatz

    Will There Be a 2020 Season?

    If a player or employee falls into the high-risk category (ie over 60) he/she would stay home from the start unless they are willing to take the risk. If an otherwise healthy athlete or employee chooses to play, begins showing symptoms and tests positive, he/she would go home to recover. Herd immunity follows eventually. Play Ball.
  13. JoeBatadatz

    I don't see how pitch framing works?

    Framing is no different than taking a flop in the NBA. Or a soccer player writhing on the ground to show how badly he was fouled. It's all schoolyard crap in a professional sport with careers and $millions at stake. This is why instant replay is everywhere and hopefully taking the human naivete out of the equation. Or human limitations to properly track a 95mph slider. Time for electronic umps at the plate. They won't give a spit about gamesmanship, how you hold the glove, how smooth you are etc. It's a ball, or it's a strike.
  14. JoeBatadatz

    Disco Demolition Review...

    This is absolutely true, I was sitting on the lower deck right behind the foul pole in RF.
  15. JoeBatadatz

    Will the Sox be able to retain J Ben?

    I'm mostly better served forming my own opinions based on what I hear/see. I mostly ignore those who pontificate and try to tell me who/what I should like.