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  1. 5 hours ago, A-Train to 35th said:

    Let's say Tony were to resign since Jerry won't fire him without looking like a bigger idiot than he already does.  My guess is Jerry would be Jerry and go cheap and make Joe McEwing the manager.  Gotta feel for Rick Hahn.

    I really don't tho.  He's a smart guy....he had to know he would be the lapdog to the lapdog to the owner.  Not saying I wouldn't have taken the gig, but all of MLB has gotta know Hahn's payoff will be with another team.

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  2. 13 hours ago, Two-Gun Pete said:

    If this team fails to make the postseason, I prefer to fire everyfvkcingbody from KW down to the clubbies, then doing a thorough search for the best possible team president to rebuild the entire organization from the ground up.


    Would first need to have KW surgically removed from JR's lap.

  3. On 4/18/2020 at 2:35 PM, greg775 said:

     OK, Soxtalk. What happens if somebody tests positive, which the way this is going, is almost 100 percent certain? What is the plan?

    If a player or employee falls into the high-risk category (ie over 60) he/she would stay home from the start unless they are willing to take the risk.  If an otherwise healthy athlete or employee  chooses to play, begins showing symptoms and tests positive, he/she would go home to recover.  Herd immunity follows eventually.

    Play Ball.

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  4. Framing is no different than taking a flop in the NBA.  Or a soccer player writhing on the ground to show how badly he was fouled.  It's all schoolyard crap in a professional sport with careers and $millions at stake. This is why instant replay is everywhere and hopefully taking the human naivete out of the equation.  Or human limitations to properly track a 95mph slider.

    Time for electronic umps at the plate.  They won't give a spit about gamesmanship, how you hold the glove, how smooth you are etc.  It's a ball, or it's a strike.


  5. On 7/13/2019 at 9:50 AM, MnSoxFan said:

    I heard a story about this from Jack Morris when he was interviewed as a Twin one time. Jack was in the bullpen when the 1st game was ending. He said that the smell of pot in the air was as thick as he had been around. Fans were really getting into the entire evening. 


    Also, a buddy of mine was in the upper deck, he did not participate on the field. Not sure this is true or not, but he said when fans stormed the field that there were some kids who slid down the foul pole from the upper deck to 1st deck and then hopped onto the field.

    This is absolutely true, I was sitting on the lower deck right behind the foul pole in RF.

  6. 1 minute ago, Dick Allen said:

    The the Sox spin is their offer was better, they loaded up with his friends, and he still went to the freaking SD Padres. So they admit they are at rock bottom as a franchise.

    If you're Machado, you and your agent know the White Sox are a poorly run franchise.  If equal (or close) money were on the table, do you (A) buy extra sun screen and move to San Diego, or (B) stock up on long underwear and play for the Mickey Mouse club? 

    They've been at rock bottom.  They've now extended their long-term lease.

  7. 19 hours ago, SoxAce said:

    Avi is very popular in the clubhouse so this will sting a bit for the players. Sox desperately need to cut the high strikeout, low OBP fat they have on the team though 

    Perhaps.  But I've observed Avi at Spring Training year after year, and he is an absolute tool with fans.  Picture a string of kids lined up on the wall just wanting a hand slap.  He's only 4 ft from the wall and and he maintains his "tough guy" strut and just glares at them.  And this is not an isolated incident.....it's his MO.  Contrast that with Abreu who goes out of his way to make every kid feel special. every chance he gets. 

    I say good riddance to his career year and bring on whatever the future may bring.

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  8. QUOTE (Dunt @ Nov 3, 2016 -> 09:17 AM)
    Sox have no one to blame but themselves for their position. We have an awful owner and an awful front office. Cubs winning or not, this franchise is a f***ing trainwreck.


    I don't believe JR thinks there is a problem:

    - Attendance issue is offset by stadium lease.

    - Mid-pack payroll keeps them cleanly in the green.

    - Makes him and his partners an ongoing fortune.

    - Surrounded by his frat brothers.

    - Bought the franchise at $30M-ish, market worth near $1B.


    He is basking in glory...the kind that has nothing to do with winning baseball.

  9. QUOTE (Lemon_44 @ Oct 2, 2016 -> 12:40 AM)
    Personally, I like KW and his try to win every year mentality. To me, that's what you should do. His biggest mistake was not getting along with, or coming to some kind of workable situation with Guillen. He let it become personal and that's started the downfall.

    As for his "bad" trades. The only one of significance I can think of is the Swisher trade. There may be some more that have slipped my mind but nothing of significance. I know there was a lot of much wasted hand-wringing over Daniel Hudson and Holmberg but those guys really did nothing.


    Let's not forget his running big Frank out of town, also because it got personal.

  10. QUOTE (ptatc @ Jun 10, 2016 -> 10:51 AM)
    Guess this is a move people like. If he struggles will people blame KW for bringing him up too soon as a typical KW move.


    I guess that's what happens when the organization has shown no more ability to make effective personnel decisions than we humble fans.

  11. QUOTE (Lillian @ May 23, 2016 -> 04:17 AM)
    If Avi is supposdly a different hitter, with his new approach, shouldn't his history against a particular pitcher be of less significance?

    You would think that they would like to see how the changes affect his results against a guy who had previously dominated him.


    There you go, using common sense again.

  12. QUOTE (Jose Paniagua @ May 10, 2016 -> 07:45 PM)
    20 months ago Rodon was pitching in college games. Seems many here dont grasp that to move that fast into being an above average pitcher is very hard to do.


    The one hard hit ball so far was an out, btw.



    Again, no disrespect to him...just observation. Yeah it's a hard job.

  13. QUOTE (Condor13 @ May 10, 2016 -> 07:35 PM)
    Rodon just threw good enough to end the 1st inning with only 12 pitches and no runs and everyone is piling on him like he is pitching bad, wtf is wrong with some of you. That inning was solely the product of bad outfield play.


    He gave up 2 hits, got a shallow fly ball and a double play ball.


    If Sale did that everyone on here would be so far up Sale's ass they wouldn't know if it were night or day outside.


    Dude, don't take it so personal. You're right about the outfield play, but his pitches were meat. No disrespect...just observation.