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  1. QUOTE (oldsox @ Apr 22, 2016 -> 09:43 PM)
    Fielder must be worst base runner in MLB, or anywhere else, too. He should have scored easily and kept it at a double play, thanks to great play by Eaton.


    That man is, and has been, a disgrace to all professional athletes. An absolute slob who happens to be able to hit a baseball pretty well.

  2. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Apr 18, 2016 -> 07:18 AM)
    But apparently "panic" isn't emotional.


    I never mentioned panic....just that it's OK to acknowledge that a trend exists. And that it remains a trend until....it's not a trend anymore. Waiting impatiently!

  3. QUOTE (KyYlE23 @ Apr 18, 2016 -> 06:32 AM)
    Im not filling the one hand with hope, im filling the one hand with 8 wins.


    I'm with you there....been a fun ride so far. I'm more referring to the thread title and the fact that we've seen similar hitting prowess going on 6 years. I sure "hope" they break out of it soon.






  4. QUOTE (reiks12 @ Apr 18, 2016 -> 05:09 AM)
    What is wrong about voicing concerns?


    Agreed. If this were a snapshot of just 12 games, then yeah, step away from the ledge. But this is all too familiar for our guys and is a continuation from years past. This is not an emotional reaction, it's "here we go again". As someone here said, they need to earn the benefit of the doubt.


    An emotional reaction is to invoke "hope".


    "Fill one hand with hope, and the other with dog doo, and tell me which hand fills up first"...source unknown