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  1. QUOTE (BrianAnderson @ Jul 21, 2015 -> 04:01 PM)
    ASB couldn't have come at a worse time ... but then again. Really we were playing the same baseball in the Royals series as we did during our mini-run. Pitching has been terrific. Bullpen has been terrific. Defense has been improved. And offense is a ghost. Even when it was 95 degrees and playing at the Cell ....



    Let's go Rodon!


    Calling a 5-2 loss. Probably a strike three called no swing somewhere in there for LaRoche. A hang wiff em out or two for Melky. Abreu swining strike three on a low and away pitch. Probably a couple two on, one out disasters that end in no runs. A solo shot when the game is out of reach. A base running mistake by someone. Good amount of strikeouts for Rodon but an inning where he walks 2-3 and lets in runs. Hawk complaining about the strike zone not being consistent. Stoney getting cut off on a point by Hawk. Robin just staring. Robin making a trip out to the mound, only to be talked back into the dugout by the pitcher, then the pitcher letting up a run and Robin calling to the pen a batter later, Robin calling for Dan Jennings in a pivotal point in the game for no reason, Dan Jennings letting up a hit ... you know, the normal.


    Now THAT was good!

  2. QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Jul 6, 2015 -> 12:14 PM)
    You reminded me to check and he's been worse than last year. Impressive how he's completely fallen apart the last couple years and makes me glad we didn't sign that one.


    Aww heck, everybody deserves to be Adam Dunn'd on occasion. Too bad KW thinks that's a GOOD thing.

  3. QUOTE (Thad Bosley @ Jun 18, 2015 -> 09:06 PM)
    Not to worry. I read today in Bruce Levine's column that Mr. Reinsdorf is very "frustrated" with the whole situation, so I expect major changes in philosophy and personnel as it relates to drafting and assembling a Major League roster to be forthcoming any day now.


    Only if he's terminally ill....and no, I'm not hoping for that. But it is, in fact, the only way anything changes.

  4. QUOTE (fathom @ May 11, 2015 -> 09:30 PM)
    I would hope that after this season, the following are long gone from this organization:


    - Ventura

    - Bell

    - Cooper


    Cooper probably isn't bad at his job like the other two are, but I think it's time for a new voice with the pitching.


    Cooper was the second coming of Christ as he "fixed" all of those cast-offs over the years. Conversely, he must suck now. Therefore, he sucks.

  5. QUOTE (iamshack @ May 3, 2015 -> 03:12 PM)
    Are you kidding? Dude just shelled out over $100 million to improve this s***box team and you think he doesn't care to win?


    Sure he cares. He just made the ages-old mistake of hiring "family" members to run his company. It. Never. Works.

  6. QUOTE (greg775 @ May 3, 2015 -> 03:10 PM)
    People are right though. Jerry is getting old and with all of his peers dying he probably has a whole different lease on life these days. Maybe this doesn't sicken him.


    You mean Jerry "hey, I gave you a World Series, what else do you want" Reinsdorf?

  7. QUOTE (Butter Parque @ May 2, 2015 -> 04:29 PM)
    Well we all know for a fact that as long as KW is making moves, this team cannot possible compete. Other than one great offseason in which he had the midas touch, KW has been as incompetent as anyone in baseball.


    Exactly. Forget about '05. He believes he has the magic touch and is simply an incompetent, pompous, Peter-principaled, head-up the-a**-of-the-owner, couldn't play, couldn't manage, couldn't GM beyond a year or 2,.....what am I missing? There is definitely more.

  8. QUOTE (chitownsportsfan @ May 2, 2015 -> 03:15 PM)
    wow. we caught a break. Still, move evidence this that Rodon's command as a reliever is not there and this experiment should end.


    So if Coop was such a magical genius in '05, can he suck now?

  9. QUOTE (South Side Fireworks Man @ May 2, 2015 -> 03:07 PM)
    That's what happens when you hire a guy who has never coached at any level to manage your major league club.





    adjective: clueless


    having no knowledge, understanding, or ability.

    "you're clueless about how to deal with the world"

    synonyms: oblivious, unaware, unmindful, insensible, ignorant, unobservant; insensitive, unaffected, indifferent

  10. QUOTE (Condor13 @ Apr 17, 2015 -> 03:31 PM)
    KW has made this organization horrible. Ever since he got rid of the greatest player in a Sox uniform (The Big Hurt). I have felt for a few years now that the only way this organization gets turned around is for JR to throw KW out a window and let some other unsuspecting team to catch his ass. Teams are built from the top down bc the top makes all of the decisions. We NEED new blood to turn this train wreck around, but that ain't happening anytime soon. Just pray someone in that locker room gets tired of being the butt of all jokes and gets so pissed that he can light a fire under the other players ass and they wake up and play better. Bc the players are the only ones that can salvage this season bc management and coaches are not gonna do anything about it



  11. QUOTE (KyYlE23 @ Apr 14, 2015 -> 01:36 PM)
    They argued in the dugout and had to be seperated. It wasnt something that happened often, I can only recall the one time. Pretty sure Bo had to stop Frank from destroying Robin


    Robin would have politely inserted his head into Frank's headlock as he did for Nolan Ryan.