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  1. Great article and thanks ptatc. Him and Cubano give some great insight that no others can. Hope Cubano is ok. Haven't seen him in a while
  2. Hot FiRe

    7/17 Games

    I'd say 60 PAs is a small sample size
  3. Hot FiRe

    Trade Proposals

    It's insane. Jose Abreu is a demigod around these parts. He could stand in the middle of a soxtalk meet up and shoot somebody and people here would still vote for him to be an all star.
  4. Hot FiRe

    7/14 Games

    Can we give a little love to Jimmy Lambo??? 7 ip 1 hit 10k
  5. Hot FiRe


    I think father time has caught up to the guy
  6. Hot FiRe

    Jimenez could return Sunday

    I hope he stays down until super 2 deadline next year
  7. Hot FiRe

    White Sox at Royals 7/13 game thread 7:10pm

    Ricky needs to get the hell out
  8. Hot FiRe

    7/12 Games

    He didn't earn himself a promotion though. He didn't exactly light up the world in AA last year.
  9. Hot FiRe

    7/12 Games

    I never buy this boredom stuff. If his "boredom" is causing him to have a 6+ era in AA, I think he is mentally weak and without the drive to make it to the mlb
  10. Hot FiRe

    Jose Ruiz

    Still killing it at AA. 56 strikeouts in 39.1 IP. Whip under .9. Most impressive to me is that he has 39.1 ip in 27 games. The guy regularly pitches more than 1 inning.
  11. Hot FiRe

    MiGo out for year (9-12 months)

    Jordan Stephens
  12. Hot FiRe

    7.11 Game Thread

    What happened that was bothersome?
  13. Hot FiRe

    Jose Abreu voted in as Starting AL All-Star 1Bman

    He isn't wrong
  14. Hot FiRe

    Jose Abreu voted in as Starting AL All-Star 1Bman

    It's laughable how bad the 1b is in the AL. Jose has been straight awful lately. He lucked out this year. Good thing he completely killed his trade value. I'm sure he'll play better in the second half when the deadline is over per usual
  15. Hot FiRe

    Avisail Garcia to the 10 day DL

    At some point we have to start pointing fingers at Hermie for this crap. Way too many injuries happening lately.