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  1. Hot FiRe

    9/24- Indians vs Sox, 7:10

    It's almost as if he is a troll. Knowing soxtalk, he'll be given about 2 years here and moderator privileges before they decide to ban him
  2. Hot FiRe

    Dylan Covey

    Dylan Covey with another solid start tonight... The Sox may have found something indeed
  3. Hot FiRe

    The Dylan Covey Experiment

    I think it is time to end the Dylan Covey Experiment this offseason. Aside from some early starts this year, the dude has been hot garbage. Im not sure he is even good enough to be a reliever. Does he get a shot next year or is it ova?
  4. Hot FiRe

    Taking a hiatus at the end of the baseball season

    Can you take @footlongcomiskeydog with you?
  5. Hot FiRe

    Jose Abreu activated

    He's gonna kill it now that Kopech is out and basically all fans of the team have tuned out for the season. Mr. Low Pressure thrives in situations like this.
  6. Hot FiRe

    Rebuild= Epic Fail

    Maybe longo has dirt on one is the mods here
  7. Hot FiRe

    Rebuild= Epic Fail

    Really strange. It's so obvious too.
  8. Hot FiRe

    Kopech Service Time

    Is it technically against the rules to send him back down to save service time while he is injured? Demote him then DL him
  9. Hot FiRe

    Kopech has a torn UCL, TJS recommended

    @greg775 where are you? We need you more than ever
  10. Hot FiRe

    Kopech has a torn UCL, TJS recommended

    They should have been having him do more towel drills and football drills. Herm needs to get it ****ing together
  11. Hot FiRe


    He didn't have any value at the deadline. He played like complete trash right up until the deadline.
  12. Hot FiRe

    29-29 since July 10

    Would be a game or two better with a competent manager
  13. Hot FiRe

    Pull up Eloy and keep him down longer next year?

    Sure it is. He is slandering my idea.
  14. Hot FiRe

    Pull up Eloy and keep him down longer next year?

    Nope. You need to hit 172 service days for a full year of service. They can bring him up for 10 games, then keep him down 10 games longer than they would have next year. You should bone up on your free agency knowledge before you slander my idea.