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  1. Hot FiRe

    Abreu- does he stay or go?

    1. You are misquoting me. Never said that. I said his numbers at the time were DFA worthy. 2. It was over a year ago. Giving him a contract like that would be completely ill advised.
  2. Hot FiRe

    Abreu- does he stay or go?

    Thank god you aren't the GM. Paying a dh 20m in his twilight years? No. That will be a bad contract that would be better spent on a position of need in the future. Sox have enough guys in the minors that will become DH/1b candidates. Sheets, Collins, Zavala, Burger. Eloy if better defensive outfield prospects work out. Davidson is already up here too. Abreu is expendable.
  3. Hot FiRe

    Abreu- does he stay or go?

    Let's be real here. The growth of Matt Davidson makes Jose expendable. I'm not sure how great of an offer the sox get for him, though. 1st basemen are a dime a dozen. The sox could eat some of his contract and send him to a playoff team in need of a 1b/dh. No question about it you do that. Jose won't be a part of the potential competitive teams in the future (as a player).
  4. Hot FiRe

    Abreu- does he stay or go?

    Trade him while he has value. No question about it. He is in the wrong side of 30 .
  5. Hot FiRe

    FS: Some marketing ideas to spice up the rebuild

    I still think they need to embrace the sexy they have with davidson, nicky, yolmer, yoan, TA, and the future guys like kopech. The sox have a very handsome group of young players.
  6. Hot FiRe


    You remind me of the meatballs who would call in to 670 the score during the Cubs awful rebuild years. They would complain non-stop, and it was impossible for them to understand the concept of the rebuild. Just sit back and relax.
  7. Hot FiRe

    Who will survive out of the Sox pen?

  8. Hot FiRe

    10 Market inefficiencies for White Sox to exploit

    Machado or bust
  9. Hot FiRe

    Jake Burger re-tears Achilles

    Moose will be 30 next year and is only getting older. Pass!
  10. This season isn't about winning. It can be rough watching a team this bad. Why not hire Ozzie as an assistant to spice things up? I want to hear him talk about the rats in Wrigley. He wants a job again. This will let him prove to the world that he has changed (whether he has or not). I say the sox bring back ozzeroo with an assistant gig. Thoughts?
  11. Hot FiRe

    GT: Pirates @ White Sox

    And they were some damn awful posts
  12. Hot FiRe

    Trust the process

    I remember during the Cubs rebuild they had meatball fans calling into the radio left and right that just didn't understand the rebuild or refused to acknowledge that it was a good idea. Those people are happily eating crow now. That will happen when the sox dynasty begins.
  13. Hot FiRe

    Reds trade for Harvey

    I feel bad for him in a way. They worked him too hard after Tommy John's, and he gave them his all. Could have been making hundreds of millions if he said fuck off and didn't keep pitching that playoff run.
  14. Hot FiRe

    Trust the process

    I want prospects and a low payroll. Get these veterans like Abreu and Davidson the hell out of here. Need more prospects.
  15. Hot FiRe

    5/3 Games

    I realized that shortly after posting this. Too many dudes to keep up with.