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  1. ron883

    Abreu Accepts 1 YR Qualifying Offer

    Wow! That's hilarious! Solid contribution to the thread!
  2. ron883

    Abreu Accepts 1 YR Qualifying Offer

    We're getting Rendon!!
  3. ron883

    Rendon Thread

    How does it hurt his value? Play him at 3rd when Rendon needs a break. Problem solved. Kris Bryant managed to play OF and 3rd base. I'm sure Moncada could as well.
  4. ron883

    Rendon Thread

    I'm not sure why people are arguing with Ray Ray here. Without a doubt it increases his value. Defensive versatility is obviously very valuable. Moncada became an above average 3rd baseman in 1 year. He wouldn't forget how to play. the guy is super athletic. If they moved him to RF, I can see them playing him at 3b on occasion, as needed.
  5. ron883

    A Realistic Offseason

    Don't read too much into a single tweet. The majority of quotes and tweets indicate they're going big.
  6. ron883

    A Realistic Offseason

    Exactly my thinking Lillian. I see no reason why they would talk a big game and leave themselves open to the massive criticism and ridicule that would follow if they strikeout. They are going to spend big this offseason. It's their chance to be the winners in the city.
  7. ron883

    Jimenez doesn’t want to DH until mid 30’s

    Abreu must be rubbing off on him.
  8. ron883

    Zack Wheeler Thread

    We don't know that for sure.
  9. ron883

    Zack Wheeler Thread

    Greinke and Verlander have aged well. How about Roger Clemens?
  10. ron883

    Rendon Thread

    Yolmer will be resigned simply to be the court jester for big name FAs. He will come out on a unicycle while juggling bowling pins and put on a show for Rendon and others.
  11. ron883

    Rendon Thread

    I'm reaching out to peavy44 to see what he has heard this offseason
  12. ron883

    Sox issue qualifying offer to Abreu

    Shut up and swing, Eloy.
  13. ron883

    Cole or Strasburg?

    I'm never watching baseball again if Matt Boyd gets traded. Period.
  14. ron883

    Rendon Thread

    They're sending their mouthpieces (Merkin, NBCS White Sox Twitter) to talk big game. KW said it would be busier than usual. We're getting a big dog.
  15. ron883

    Rendon Thread

    Yes, I remember last season. It was embarrassing as a Sox fan. Imagine being the front office that struck out. I don't think they want to go through that ridicule again. They wouldn't talk big like this unless they were fairly confident that they would land a big dog.