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  1. ron883

    7/20 Games

    Bailey 3-5 with a BB and SB
  2. ron883

    Luis Robert

    Robert will need to adjustment period. He's ready to take league MVPs.
  3. And that was AFTER the draft, which is midseason. If Jose declines the White Sox qualifying offer, nobody signs him until midseason like Kimbrel and Keuchel when the draft pick penalty is gone. He isn't a good enough player to get signed before then.
  4. It's kind of sad. Hos postgame comments that after that one game were something you'd hear from a bitter ex
  5. Nobody here hates abreu. We are just trying to be realistic about him
  6. ron883

    7/18 Games

    That's what I've been wondering. His numbers aren't anything special, and it's not like he's young for his level
  7. @vilehoopster probably thinks Jeter is the GOAT defensive shortstop based on his gold gloves
  8. Jose is the guy who doesn't want to DH, despite it being better for the team. We actively put better fielding 1st basemen in the DH slot for his satisfaction. His bum ass can get out there and learn to field better or start DHing if he wants what is best for the team.
  9. Jose is mad that he isn't getting overpaid so he is lashing out. GTFO of here Jose.
  10. I hope he flames out HARD. Unlikely, but it is the only way I'll feel better about this
  11. ron883

    7/17 Games

    You relax bro.
  12. ron883

    Eloy going on IL

    Literally nobody thought that about Tilson. Maybe you thought it up in a dream?
  13. ron883

    All Star Jose Abreu

    He is who he is. A wildly streaky player who cracks under pressure.
  14. ron883

    All Star Jose Abreu

    Abreu is going to kill his value before the deadline per usual. That is his MO.