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  1. It's more of the "god loves me so much that he put me on the path to fulfill my dreams!" Uhh, sorry to those suffering in third world countries.... God loves you too, I swear!
  2. Cringeworthy Twitter post. Hopefully God directs Machado to the White Sox while he is at it.
  3. ron883

    Manny: Nope, still no news

    Live contract signings are always risky. Yolmer Sanchez may come out and give him a powerbomb through the table.
  4. ron883

    Rays to Sign Avi

    It would definitely surprise me. He was hitting at an unsustainable pace with a ridiculous babip. No way he returns to that.
  5. ron883

    Manny: Nope, still no news

    @greg775 lollll you called it greg!
  6. ron883

    Manny: Nope, still no news

    Dick Allen remains cautiously pessimistic after hearing all these positive rumors
  7. His OBP in 2018 was higher than any of the active White Sox players in 2018. He plays plus defense at a premium position. I'm sorry Greg, but you are taking an absolute garbage stance on this. Package his production with the fact that he is Manny's friend, and it is a no brainer.
  8. ron883

    Manny: Nope, still no news

    He also got plenty of other deals wrong. Dude throws shit at the wall and hopes he gets it correct. He's another incarcerated Bob.
  9. ron883

    Manny: Nope, still no news

    Give him a break dawg. I wouldn't be releasing more info if people kept bugging me about it
  10. ron883

    Manny: Nope, still no news

    Realistically, whoever signs second will be looking for more cash. This is just annoying.
  11. He's no Ozzie. Ozzeroo was the best! Ozzie Ozzie yo ho!!!
  12. ron883

    White sox active in starting pitching market

    Covey has so much movement on that 93-94 mph two seamer or whatever it is when he is on. He can look great with that thing. It looks like trash the majority of the time though. Hopefully he can be a more effective bullpen piece.
  13. Happy with kopech's first response and then his reply.