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  1. ron883

    Keith Law says something nice about Lucas G.

    Keith Law isn't half bad
  2. My bad, I meant this upcoming season.
  3. Rushing players to the majors. That is a White Sox staple.
  4. ron883

    Jake Burger taking grounders

    It's pathetic that he can't shed that weight. It's your damn job to be in shape to play 3rd base. He tore his Achilles twice already. Youd think he'd focus on eating less cheese burgers and getting his weight down. Guess not. He won't stick at 3rd.
  5. Garfien is a hack who writes fluff pieces for the org. He will praise any move they make.
  6. Madrigal hasn't proved anything in the minors yet though. You play Moncada at his natural position and where his ceiling is highest until The Little Magician forces a move.
  7. Nothing. I'm saying I bet they call him up next year.
  8. Personally, I really don't like it. Yoan showed flashes of good range and potential at 2nd. His bat is also more valuable at 2nd. He can be a top 2nd baseman imo. I also don't like the idea of switching his position for a dude who isn't even in the majors yet (Madrigal). Let Yoan focus on improving at the plate. I think this is another poor move by the goon squad that is our front office.
  9. This thread will be good bump material when I'm right about him coming up next year. This is a total Sox move. The Little Magician will be up next year.
  10. That's a barstool nickname for Nick Foles if I'm not mistaken
  11. So Herb Lawrence is the official white Sox nicknamer?
  12. I don't remember deciding on a nickname. @ChiliIrishHammock24 is the official nicknamer of soxtalk, and he didn't declare it yet. That nickname is lame anyway
  13. 100%. Smart guy but he seems to go out of his way to defend Rick