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  1. ron883

    TA7 on Hanging with Hurt

    These players are adults, not petulant children. They'll be just fine.
  2. ron883

    Spring Training thread

    Thank you. I've had to deal with the same shit regarding Jose Abreu. Do people think I actually want him to fail? Absolutely not. I get grilled for not predicting him to be a perennial MVP candidate though.
  3. ron883

    Jace Fry to DL

    Luckily they have arguably the best and most celebrated active manager in the entire game
  4. ron883

    MLB 2020-21 off season catch all

    Agreed. Madrigal is most likely to be traded if anybody. It wouldn't surprise me at all if he gets traded.
  5. ron883

    WTF It's Seriously &^$%^ Cold Outside

    I get the impression that some people are enjoying that this is happening to Texas. Very strange.
  6. ron883

    Only JR knew of new TLR DUI upon interview and hire

    I can't even listen to Bernstein now a days. It's a shame. I used to love B&B. He is awful now.
  7. ron883

    WTF It's Seriously &^$%^ Cold Outside

    Joe Rogan is packing up and heading back to LA
  8. It's possible. At some point, I think KAT wants out or they try and trade him to keep rebuilding. He is buddies with Zach, so Chicago is a realistic landing spot if he demands a trade. This is why I really want the Bulls to get in the lottery this year. Either use that pick to trade, or hope AK hits on the pick and use that player in a trade next year. As far as I'm concerned, everybody but Zach and Williams is trade bait. Throw everything you have at the twolves for KAT. KAT's defense is sightly worrisome. You want your center to be an above average defender ideally. He's just so talented offensively.
  9. ron883

    Spring Training thread

    You don't deserve a Mercedes jersey after all the hate you have flung his way.
  10. ron883

    Hendriks Really Wants to Play for TLR

    He can do better than the Phillies.
  11. ron883

    Hendriks Really Wants to Play for TLR

    I know there is unlimited job security in the White Sox organization, but you'd have to imagine Hahn will think hard about leaving this organization if a good offer comes up. I think he definitely leaves once this competitive window is shut.
  12. As nice was making the playoffs would be, getting a lottery pick would be really nice. The possiblity of getting a top pick, and also much more valuable in a trade. I'm hoping KAT asks for a trade at some point... The Bulls need to find a way to add another star.
  13. ron883

    Sports Media discussion

    Sounds like Terry Boers isn't doing so well. They also did a segment on Bernstein and Tahini, Feb 12, where they listened to old B&B clips. Mainly Mike from Milwaukee and Bob clips. Could have just been a coincidence.
  14. ron883

    Predict the Lineup

    Why are you obsessed with DHing Grandal?