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  1. ron883

    Eloy named player of the week

    I wonder if we see him pulling the ball more. Has he had any homeruns that were to left field this year? Seems like all are to center or right. Pretty impressive. We'll be seeing some absolute bombs of he starts pulling some here and there
  2. You're right. Some blame has to fall on Jose Abreu. His abysmal defense sets a bad precedence for the younger players by the so-called "leader".
  3. ron883


    Maybe he truly is a less impactful Forrest Gump But, apparently Greg put out two daughters who are studying to be surgeons of some type. He's gotta have some good intelligence genetics, right?
  4. ron883

    Free Agency - How confident are you?

    Betances is a reliever on the wrong side of 30 who has missed all of 2019 with shoulder and lat issues. I don't get why people want him
  5. Not sure what you mean by "weird". His players like him and he has produced results. He is light years ahead of Ricky. I'd easily prefer him over Omar and Ricky. I'd probably take him over Girardi as well.
  6. I'm thinking moreso if they decide to give Jose a qualifying offer in hopes that he declines. Does any team sign him at the expense of a draft pick? You sign Castellanos instead and get a draft pick on top of it
  7. That's what I'm afraid of. There's a chance he doesn't get signed until midseason like Kimbrel and Keuchel. He might not be worth losing the draft pick to teams.
  8. After his hot streak. He wasn't worth the QO earlier in the season. It's still debatable if he is honestly.
  9. At this point, do you just offer him the qualifying offer? Assuming it is ~18m. He has played himself into a better contract than previously thought. If he accepts, you have him at least another year at a not so bad cost. He declines, you get draft lick compensation. This is assuming a team doesn't wait to sign him
  10. ron883

    It's That Time Of The Year Again...

    Being top 10 in the draft doesn't have any meaning anymore, correct? Or is it just less of a penalty?
  11. Wrong again Hibbard. Chris Sale, Jose Quintana, Robin Ventura, Buehrle Jose hasn't eclipsed 20 fWAR yet.
  12. A lifetime contract is nice and all, but anything short of a statue at the stadium is a disgrace. He deserves to be right there next to Big Frank