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    Lets Not Panic

  2. ron883

    Andrew Vaughn Hype Thread

    There's no doubt Vaughn is ready. I wish Jose would have kept his damn mouth shut, because this just adds more pressure onto the FO to not play service time games with Vaughn. We need that extra year. Sox fans have been waiting for one of those players that just mashes from the start. Robert had a great season, but fell off big time at the end. Vaughn is going to be that dude who mashes from the get go. Can't wait for him to get the call. Will he be up right after they get the extra year, or after the super 2 deadline?
  3. ron883

    CLE @ SOX, 1:10 PM Central

    That's a scary lineup right there
  4. Seems like whenever there is a tough loss the people of soxtalk turn that gamethread into a hyperbolic chamber with enough negative energy to fry Miss Cleo's chakra receptors, and the Sox follow it up with a ridiculously good performance.
  5. Rodon has pitched awesome so far obviously, but he's pitched less than 45 innings the last 2 years COMBINED. How many will he even be able to pitch this year? He looks like a guy they'll need in the playoffs. Not sure how to pull that off without monitoring his innings big time. He's not going to want to pull a Matt Harvey and ramp straight up to a ridiculous amount of innings.
  6. Haters always gotta hate! Yermin keeps proving you right as well. Well done!
  7. Say what you want, but bunting to break up a perfect game is absolutely epic. Sucks if it happens to your team, but it takes balls.
  8. ron883

    CLE @ SOX, 7:10 PM Central

    @Jack Parkman what did I say about Yermin not slowing down?!?!
  9. ron883

    CLE @ SOX, 7:10 PM Central

    Carlos velocity down? No bueno
  10. ron883

    Hendriks will be fine because Magick

    Hendriks may want to sneak some sage into Jose's dip tin.
  11. You don't sound drunk enough right now. This take is too cold!
  12. It's very possible Yermin is the best hitter on our team. He's that good.
  13. No. You disrespected Yermin earlier in this thread and you were totally serious about it. You reap what you sow.
  14. ron883

    Trade Targets

    Im in favor of starting a 2nd generation rebuild. We aren't beating the Dodgers anytime soon. Some of our guys have so much control and value that the return would be unprecedented. The Sox could assemble the greatest group of prospects in the history of the game.
  15. This may your hottest take all night. Yermin won't be "exposed". He's for real, and he's here to stay.
  16. Holy canolli, he was hurt for over a month - 3 years ago! Officially injury prone!!
  17. This is already a better AB than most of the team
  18. No Steve - this is Tony's philosophy because he looked like a dope NOT putting Liam in a few games ago.
  19. I get it. This is a reference to Judd Apatow's 2008 comedic hit "Forgetting Sarah Marshall", starring Jason Segel, Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Russell Brand.
  20. His command was going last inning
  21. Tony is going to go old school and let Gio go back out for the 8th. I can feel it!