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  1. GGajewski18


    If you guys haven't noticed, Yoan Moncada is a f***ing superstar
  2. GGajewski18

    Official 2018-2019 NHL thread

    In my opinion, the best player that has ever put on the Blackhawks sweater.
  3. GGajewski18

    Fantasy Baseball

    Insane. I play categories and my opponent hit 19 HRs in a week while i and 17. I had an OPS over 1100 and still lost too. It was insane. I'm currently in the playoffs right now, up 8-2 this week but most categories are close. We are in year 5 of our dynasty league: Year 1 = 3rd Year 2 = 1st Year 3 = 3rd Year 4 = 6th Year 5 = TBA So, I've gotten my money back at least in 3 of the 4 years.
  4. GGajewski18

    Rick Hahn and his Trades

    The Sir giving up on Basabe after this season lol. Kid is 22 turning 23 and broke his wrist. Probably a guy that's given up on Collins too after 26 at bats
  5. Officially announced on Sox twitter
  6. I'd be interested in Haseley, Medina, Moniak, de los Santos, Morales, and Howard. Any one of those and lottery ticket and I'd be happy.
  7. GGajewski18

    Sox interested in Edwin Diaz

    They also aren't going to get even close of what they traded for him and Cano.
  8. GGajewski18

    Sox interested in Edwin Diaz

    Buy low on Diaz? Sign me up please.
  9. Tim Cate and Tyler Johnston would be a nice return for Colome.
  10. GGajewski18

    Free Agency - How confident are you?

    I like the plan, but no way Kopech starts in AAA. Honestly, Wood would probably be the swing guy in the pen and move into the rotation once Cease and Kopech's innings are met (they'll probably be on a innings limit). Overall, I like this plan, but I just don't see the Sox spending that much in the off season (even though they should)
  11. GGajewski18

    Sox interested in Mazara?

    I would take a chance on Mazara, but not for Lopez. Not even close.
  12. GGajewski18

    Free Agency - How confident are you?

    Things I would do this off season: Resign Abreu 2 years/25 million and McCann to 2 years/15 million Go hard after Puig and Grandal. Getting them would make teams hate playing us. The electricity our lineup would have with the youngsters and swag combined with the power and speed would be great. On the pitching side, I'd go after Wood and Pineda. Wood can always turn into a swing guy because who knows how long he'll hold up injury wise. Plus, Kopech, Cease and Rodon might all be on innings limits next year. CF Robert 3B Moncada 1B Abreu LF Eloy C Grandal/McCann RF Puig DH Collins or Reed SS Anderson 2B Madrigal
  13. Took this many posts until someone got the right answer. Despite the 430 million (he's still underpaid), we might be watching the greatest player ever.
  14. GGajewski18

    2019 Trade Deadline Predictions

    Bummer and Colome would definitely net a top 50 prospect. Colome has been good and Bummer has been great and between them would still have 6 years of control left.