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  1. BridgeportHeather

    The most memorable Rodman moment...

    Or, what about, during the 1998 Championship rally in Grant Park, where he said that, if he had a choice of who to marry, it would be the 12 men sitting behind him. That had me ROTFLMAO for a LONG time!!!
  2. BridgeportHeather

    The most memorable Rodman moment...

    I must say that when he head-butted the referee against New Jersey, IIRC, my jaw dropped. Johnny Red Kerr was silenced for several moments (kinda Hawk-like when the Sox are trailing by quite a bit). That'll never clear my head.
  3. BridgeportHeather

    4/18/05 Official Game Thread: Sox vs. Cakes

    QUOTE(The Bones @ Apr 18, 2005 -> 12:02 AM) It sucks that this game is on WCIU and the 2nd game is on CSN+ because the Bulls game on Tuesday. I won't be able to see either game against our division rivals and we don't play them again until the middle of August. You're at ISU, right? Try going to Elroy's...They usually have all the area games on the tv screens. If not, ask them if they would put it on, and they usually will. That's what I did sometimes while I was at ISU, and they generally were nice about it. They get satellite TV there.
  4. BridgeportHeather

    Podsednik expects to play tomorrow

    QUOTE(DBAH0 @ Apr 17, 2005 -> 11:25 PM) At least he wasn't in the 5th spot again. Perhaps we should trade for The Choice and put him as DH there, playing Everett in the field.
  5. What moment in Rodman's stint here will you remember most?
  6. QUOTE(Jordan4life_2004 @ Apr 17, 2005 -> 11:52 PM) I love Rodman, but he's ugly as f***..lol Which brings up the next question...
  7. QUOTE(qwerty @ Apr 17, 2005 -> 11:35 PM) and i am cereal. Nice to meet you, cereal! My name is Pancake. How are ya doing?
  8. BridgeportHeather

    Your favorite song right now...

    Our favorite songs oft change...What is your favorite song at this moment? For the past couple of weeks, mine happens to be Howie Day's "Collide."
  9. Why not get that Asian guy who's 7'8"!
  10. BridgeportHeather

    4/18/05 Official Game Thread: Sox vs. Cakes

    QUOTE(DBAH0 @ Apr 17, 2005 -> 11:12 PM) I won't be there. Would you go if TheBigHurtBEGOOD was there, or if SuperSteve launched the x-bomb on you if you didn't come???
  11. BridgeportHeather

    Podsednik expects to play tomorrow

    QUOTE(mac9001 @ Apr 17, 2005 -> 11:08 PM) Best news i've heard all day, something about Timo really pisses me off. He's just not meant to be a starter...He's great off the bench in pinch-hitting situations, but leave him off the starting roster.
  12. My guessing his function on this team will be much like Rusty LaRue and Keith Booth on the 1997-1998 Bulls team?
  13. BridgeportHeather

    A little known fact...maybe

    QUOTE(kapkomet @ Apr 17, 2005 -> 06:42 PM) There are a lot of admins and mods that have very specific funtions, that's all I was trying to say. So, Jason's is crashing Soxtalk, right? (that joke never gets old)
  14. BridgeportHeather

    How into the draft are you?

    I've never been into drafts, to be honest with you, because It's a cold day in the dog days of summer before I watch much college sporting events, so I wouldn't even know the significance any of the draftees would bring to the table.
  15. BridgeportHeather

    obscure stats

    I don't think there's a such statistic as a "tough loss;" however, you might wanna try asking JUGGERNAUT with regards to things such as quality starts. JUGGERNAUT seems to be the king of statistics here at Soxtalk.