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  1. sammy esposito

    White Sox listening on Frazier

    QUOTE (bmags @ Nov 11, 2016 -> 10:04 AM) Yeah, I should add I had a great sentence to finish off that thought "for a rebuilding team". Frazier for Soler not really my bag but I think getting players like that is smart to flip later replacing frazier with Davidson is risky. Davidson has yet to prove himself. Frazier is the real deal , how many 3rd basemen do we have to go through just to find one not Frazier's equal.
  2. sammy esposito

    Misc. Sox Quotes & Tweets

    QUOTE (PolishPrince34 @ Nov 6, 2016 -> 10:53 AM) Just went to Dick's Sporting Goods to buy a White Sox hat for my 5 year old son who hates the Cubs. I'm not sure how that happened. They didn't have one White Sox merchandise to sell in the entire store. Disgusting and embarrassing!!! As a longstanding white sox fan I have seen this many times. I was once told at Target after experiencing the same thing "no white sox hats" and I quote we reserve the right to carry any team merchandise we feel like."
  3. sammy esposito

    The Decline of White Sox Fan Culture

    QUOTE (Reddy @ Oct 31, 2016 -> 09:15 PM) All I know is that I've never cared less about the White Sox than I do now, and I've been die hard my whol e life. It's a pretty big bummer. `Sorry about your life being a bummer, prior Sox need a new owner with a new vision. A change of pace someone without any mlb controversies. A new owner can cause this excitement a GM can't
  4. sammy esposito

    Potential + Effects of the World Series?

    [/center]QUOTE (soxforlife05 @ Nov 3, 2016 -> 12:39 AM) The Indians just went down to Game 7 without a catcher and an entire outfield of stiffs. The pitcher could be a problem but we would only need to get 1 game out of a Gonzalez/Shields/emerging prospect in a hypothetical World Series scenario. Cespedes would be your CF. Tilson 4th OF, Saladino super sub/DH and we could see if we can bring back Morneau on the cheap and sign a platoon catcher to pair with Narvaez and push Collins quick if he shows signs of success. on the white sox website the showcased Collins, a good natural hitter with power but a fringe catcher that runners ran on him stealing 18 out of 21 attempts.. Already he is better than AJ.
  5. sammy esposito

    Who Will Be The Next Manager of the White Sox

    QUOTE (greg775 @ Sep 22, 2016 -> 09:35 PM) Awesome. I love Ozzie but even I admit it'd be a huge mistake to bring him back. He hasn't been doing anything really since the Marlins fired him. There's just no reason to go back to Ozzie. It's a big big world out there and there are many qualified individuals to manage/lead. There's a great chance Ozzie would get upset in April getting used to habits of his new players and probably lose the clubhouse very early. He doesn't know these guys and there is a very good chance it'd be an unmitigated disaster. That said, I reit While I can understand fans wanting Ozzy , He was just lucky and never showed any real manager skills. I'd like to see Konerko, thome but the person with real baseball instinct is AJ. Aj jas my vote even though I couldn't vote. AJ ,ade it possible once he can do it again.
  6. sammy esposito

    Sept 1 roster expansion

    QUOTE (caulfield12 @ Aug 31, 2016 -> 08:04 PM) So they're not going to bring back Fulmer up to start in Ranaudo's spot? Sigh. Maybe he legitimately is better off in a "real" playoff race than pitching in expanded roster games in September. Of course, the Tigers and Royals are battling for a wild card spot and Cleveland has to maneuver for best possible record, so "overexposing" him as a starter to fellow AL Central teams might not be advantageous. And the Twins have a pretty explosive line-up, although they struggle to drive in RISP. Flip a coin on what is ultimately best. Fullmer has been working as a reliever you just don't start throwing 6 innings instead of one. I really think he should work on his delivery.
  7. sammy esposito

    Stone and Wimpy to call KC series

    QUOTE (Hatchetman @ Aug 9, 2016 -> 01:51 PM) It's always good to hear Wimpy. I'm not sure he's OK being called Wimpy though. Love Wimpy he can call ever game from now on.
  8. sammy esposito

    The Top 30 White Sox Prospects, Midseason 2016

    QUOTE (sammy esposito @ Jul 29, 2016 -> 12:05 PM) Fulmer may be an unpolished gem, but I think he has been brought up instead of a more deserving player because the sox have given up on the season. This is what happens in a year the sox throw in the towel I read an article that they are trying to totally revamp his mechanics. Obviously that has failed. .
  9. sammy esposito

    The Top 30 White Sox Prospects, Midseason 2016

    QUOTE (Hatchetman @ Jul 28, 2016 -> 09:25 AM) So Fulmer has bad mechanics, poor control, and his fastball tops out at 92. Why did they draft him again? Fulmer may be an unpolished gem, but I think he has been brought up instead of a more deserving player because the sox have given up on the season. This is what happens in a year the sox throw in the towel I read an article that they are trying to totally revamp his mechanics obviously that has failed. .
  10. sammy esposito

    White Sox Listening on Sale

    QUOTE (hi8is @ Jul 29, 2016 -> 01:04 AM) Here's a crazy a f*** idea: Boston gets Sale, Melky, and Robertson White Sox get Betts, Moncada, Benintendi, Rodriguez, Devers, Kopech, Travis, and Owens As you can see... Monday needs to get here so my sanity can return. I hate to disillusion anyone but we imagine all perfect deals while history says we settle for an aged superstar.
  11. sammy esposito

    Todd Frazier's Batted Ball Problem

    QUOTE (BrianAnderson @ Jun 27, 2016 -> 11:05 AM) I know he hasn't passed the eye test, but this confirms it. A bit scary. Still last year he did have a tale of two seasons - so if we're going positive spin zone? Maybe his second half will be damn good. If we're going the other way, combined with the second half of last season? He's hitting like a combined .210. Also he's never hit over 10hr's in the second half of a season.. WE may be looking at Adam Dunn type of numbers if this continues.. .190 BA, 35HR.............. He has the lowest line drives but highest pop ups. Less of an uppercut swing by a few degrees. More line drives less pop ups. I doubt he'll change his swing. Unless he starts hitting the ball the other way
  12. sammy esposito

    White Sox Acquire James Shields

    QUOTE (wuk @ Jun 22, 2016 -> 11:19 PM) batters or innings? :-) Should have started this as a poll. I will be on the positive side and say 5 innings 4 runs.
  13. sammy esposito

    Sox sign Justin Morneau

    QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Jun 22, 2016 -> 03:30 AM) He can stay on the DL indefinitely. He is traveling with the team,and taking soft tosses. When he goes for a rehab, who knows. If he will be any good, who knows? Since Thome we have not had an effective left handed hitter who could play the designated hitter role effectively if Morneau could play first base even better. Thome did receive the comebackplayer of the year award.
  14. sammy esposito

    Sox sign Justin Morneau

    QUOTE (sammy esposito @ Jun 14, 2016 -> 02:55 AM) june 24th ends his 15 day dl Will he get in a few rehab games at Charlotte? before then? Is June 22 any updates?
  15. sammy esposito

    Why all of the bunting?

    QUOTE (chw42 @ Jun 21, 2016 -> 05:40 PM) That's different since he's bunting for a hit and not bunting to give up the out. It's a legit strategy for someone who gets shifted on like Ortiz. But then again, if you're hitting like he is, there really is no reason for you to bunt on the shift. Al lopez get em on, get them over and get them in. Aparicio was right handed, he lead off. Nellie Fox batted left handed who hit for average and was considered a great place hitter. He hit the ball where they weren't as someone described it. Sox hitters are trained to hit it the ball at fielders so as to make it easier for them to get them out..