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  1. napa_soxfan

    Yankees vs White Sox Father's Day Gamethread

    Cmon Sox! I need this - only request for dads day (Happy to all other dads out there btw) was to watch a full friggin game. Plenty of innings left and I’m sending all positive juju at em
  2. I really hear ya. Been a fan since the 80s and have watched many crappy games in person or on TV/radio, but for some reason last night really got to me.
  3. napa_soxfan

    How To / Site Issues / Username Changes

    Longtime listener/ rare caller here but wondering if there is a way to switch back to the outline mode for reading threads?
  4. napa_soxfan

    ST game thread 2/26

    Broadcasters talking about his trade value?!
  5. napa_soxfan

    ST game thread 2/26

    Speed! Runs! I like this! Man if Engel could up that offense...
  6. napa_soxfan

    New Banner

    I recently hosted Cody and friends here at the winery and didn't have the heart to tell him he is literally our poster child here. For the record, he was a lot of fun to spend time with and asked a lot of good questions.
  7. napa_soxfan

    The Reinvention of James Shields

    Pity the fool who has to write a lengthy article about James friggin' Shields! Kind of impressive in itself...
  8. napa_soxfan

    Sox vs KC 9/24

    Engel at a robust .177. Jeezus.
  9. napa_soxfan

    Someones gotta do it: Sox @ Twins 8/30

    Dutch sucks.
  10. napa_soxfan

    Tim Anderson

    Where are the "haters" coming from?
  11. napa_soxfan

    7/4 at Oakland A's

    Representing at the game today, Happy 4th all!
  12. napa_soxfan

    Sox Sign Grant Green

    One of the best names in the biz - wonder if he plays guitar?
  13. napa_soxfan

    Adam Dunn was just terrible on the Sox

    Manny Ramirez? That was completely ridiculous.
  14. napa_soxfan

    5/4 - White Sox @ Royals Game Thread

    Kennedy with a rough start to 4: error, hbp, balk. 2nd and 3rd, no outs!
  15. napa_soxfan

    Fangraphs Article About Tommy Kahnle

    Talk about passing the eye test so far, I've really enjoyed watching him this year. He's a beast.