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  1. I really hear ya. Been a fan since the 80s and have watched many crappy games in person or on TV/radio, but for some reason last night really got to me.
  2. napa_soxfan

    How To / Site Issues / Username Changes

    Longtime listener/ rare caller here but wondering if there is a way to switch back to the outline mode for reading threads?
  3. napa_soxfan

    ST game thread 2/26

    Broadcasters talking about his trade value?!
  4. napa_soxfan

    ST game thread 2/26

    Speed! Runs! I like this! Man if Engel could up that offense...
  5. napa_soxfan

    New Banner

    I recently hosted Cody and friends here at the winery and didn't have the heart to tell him he is literally our poster child here. For the record, he was a lot of fun to spend time with and asked a lot of good questions.
  6. napa_soxfan

    The Reinvention of James Shields

    Pity the fool who has to write a lengthy article about James friggin' Shields! Kind of impressive in itself...
  7. napa_soxfan

    Sox vs KC 9/24

    Engel at a robust .177. Jeezus.
  8. napa_soxfan

    Someones gotta do it: Sox @ Twins 8/30

    Dutch sucks.
  9. napa_soxfan

    Tim Anderson

    Where are the "haters" coming from?
  10. napa_soxfan

    7/4 at Oakland A's

    Representing at the game today, Happy 4th all!
  11. napa_soxfan

    Sox Sign Grant Green

    One of the best names in the biz - wonder if he plays guitar?
  12. napa_soxfan

    Adam Dunn was just terrible on the Sox

    Manny Ramirez? That was completely ridiculous.
  13. napa_soxfan

    5/4 - White Sox @ Royals Game Thread

    Kennedy with a rough start to 4: error, hbp, balk. 2nd and 3rd, no outs!
  14. napa_soxfan

    Fangraphs Article About Tommy Kahnle

    Talk about passing the eye test so far, I've really enjoyed watching him this year. He's a beast.
  15. napa_soxfan

    White Sox Winner!

    Great games for Shields, Davidson, Kahnle. Robertson looked great. I'm intrigued by this team to be honest. Imagine if Abreu wakes up, Melky picks it up, pitching stays strong.