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  1. BigHurt3515

    Madrigal Wins Gold Glove

    You know whatever we think is the best lineup Ricky will do the exact opposite?
  2. BigHurt3515

    NLCS- Nationals/Cardinals

    Thank god the Cardinals are finally coming back down to earth.
  3. BigHurt3515

    NLDS- Nationals/Dodgers

    Rendon is a stud
  4. BigHurt3515

    A Realistic Offseason

    I mean he had 182 this year, not bad at all. But yeah he will probably want a lot of money with that low ERA
  5. BigHurt3515

    A Realistic Offseason

    Has anyone talked about signing Hyun-Jin Ryu?
  6. BigHurt3515

    2020 Coaching Changes

    I am honestly afraid of who we would hire if Cooper retired.
  7. BigHurt3515

    AL Wildcard Game: Rays vs A's

    I am so jealous of the Rays minus their stadium and fan base
  8. BigHurt3515

    NL Wildcard Game: Brewers vs Nats

    Didn't realize Daniel Hudson (yes that Daniel Hudson) was one of the Nationals best bullpen guys
  9. Jake Odorizzi came up with Tampa.
  10. BigHurt3515

    King Timmy Game Thread (9/29 at 2:10 CT)

    I just don't get the Sanchez love.
  11. BigHurt3515

    Future White Sox Lineup #GetExcited

    I don't think Hahn will be going after Grandal at all. I think he is perfectly fine with McCann/Collins/Zavala/Mercedes and will spend the money elsewhere
  12. BigHurt3515

    9/26- Sox vs Indians, 7:10

    Wait, they really have 18 wins against the Tigers? Wow
  13. I don't understand why Collins and Mendick aren't playing every day
  14. BigHurt3515

    JD Martinez

    Collins will essentially be the back up C & 1B so it would be tough to DH him unless we keep a 3rd catcher which could be Mercedes who can play C/1B & some 3B in a pinch Your bench is basically Collins, Garcia, Mendick, Mercedes A lot of options for the line up, I think signing Martinez gives us enough offense to compete, we just need another SP and a couple bullpen guys.
  15. BigHurt3515

    Could the White Sox hire Dave Dombrowski?

    Imagine Kenny Williams being fired a year after winning the World Series. Our front office would be indebted to him for 15 years...…….. Oh wait.