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  1. BigHurt3515

    Immigration thread

    When you are arrested and put in jail waiting for trial where would your kids go if you had no family to take care of them? They aren't going to sit in jail with you or be left alone to wonder around. You dont want to respond to it because it is an actual rational response to the situation. It doesn't matter where it came from. There is 0 problems wanting a better life for your family but there is a problem when it isn't done legally. There isn't anything innocent about it when they know it is illegal. It's like saying it is okay for me to go steal food from a store because I'm poor and my kids need the food for a better life.
  2. BigHurt3515

    Immigration thread

    Going from Illinois to Indiana isn't illegal is it? I said when they do something illegal. Come on man I am not a horrible person and these kids aren't being taken forcefully, but continue to believe everything you read in the media. I am taking this from someone else but I think it explains things well. Their parents broke the law with their children under their care. By law, they must be detained. The parents are well aware of the consequences which could arise from their premeditated actions. They took their chances anyway, got caught and now them AND their children are paying the price as a result. That's the game the parents chose to play. It is the law (stemming from 1997 www.nationalreview.com/2018/05/illegal-immigration-enforcement-separating-kids-at-border/) that minors are released in the U.S., while parents do not have the same rights under the law. What's more, our previous president enacted more of the same policy in 2014. That is what's being followed right now. Let us also remember that typically, all of this is solved in the same day. The migrants plead guilty, are sentenced to time served and released. It's those seeking asylum which extends the stay. Important thing to note as well. Crossing the border illegally is NOT the proper way to seek asylum. First, such people should make their asylum claim in the first country where they feel safe, i.e., Mexico or some other country they are traversing to get here. Second, if for some reason they feel threatened literally everywhere besides the United States, they should show up at a port of entry and make their claim at that location rather than crossing the border illegally. I'm not sure how our border security is supposed to otherwise prepare for their arrival. It isn't a hotel and these folks aren't making reservations beforehand. They obviously need to be kept in a confined and easily monitored area while arrangements are made to get them in-touch with a family member in the US... etc... The parents are being detained until they solve their legal issues. The HHS and ICE shelters have a finite amount of space. Of course, I would love for every child to have more amenities in the meantime. Maybe we can extend funding to these shelters in order to make them more "cozy". Maybe congress can pass policies which keep families together somehow (which I'll get to more). However, these are the realities of the situation. The way the law is written, the parents are guilty of a crime and the kids are (in-turn) stranded in a sort of "limbo" until that legal process and/or further plans for the child are worked out. You have to hold onto the kids. You're not going to just detain the parent throughout their legal process and let a child stroll on out into the world with no plans in place. That would be far worse. Let us also note - If they were with their parents, they would still be sheltered by the HHS or ICE. They have shelter, beds, food and water. I'm sure it's an unpleasant emotional experience being separated from their mother and/or father. However, that's the situation their parents decided to take them into. Obviously, the situation isn't ideal and is stressful for anyone involved. It's a shitty situation. The children's parents put them in a bad (and VERY temporary, I mind you) situation and perhaps the logistics within the process isn't perfect. However, the children receive all necessary amenities. Shelter, sleep, food and water are all provided. So far as the negative effects of being separated from their parents. That's getting into an area that is hard to quantify in a meaningful way towards this particular debate. Of course, this whole situation is as emotionally intense, serves to create potential trauma and is as physically exhausting as you can possibly get. These kids are being dragged by their parents through a fucking desert, in (I would imagine) horrific conditions. In order to illegally cross the border into one of the most powerful nations in the world. Now their parents are detained by the United States government and they're stuck in limbo waiting out a legal process which they're far too young to grasp, in all likelihood. The gravity of that situation is as heavy as it gets. Then, this isn't even taking into account who is responsible for creating the distress. I would say, the parents. You may disagree, cool. I'm sure there's a lot of emotional distress for the children of US citizens that are arrested as well. Does that mean we don't hold them accountable for the laws they've broken? Even if the plan goes perfectly, this is an incredibly intense and potentially dangerous (and illegal) situation that these parents are taking their children into. However, the United States government did not enter these children into this situation. These children were dropped into the laps of our government, unwillingly - now they're trying to figure out how to best go about all of this. Weeks ago, when these groups in search of asylum were making the trek here. It was on the news and touched on by the current administration. One of the concerns raised WAS that the facilities we have are limited and taking all of these groups in throughout the court process (as opposed to the usual 24 hour situation... plead guilty, sentenced to time served and released... etc...) would prove difficult. Our facilities were never supposed to house nearly 2,000 children arriving within six weeks of each other, that have to stay for 20+ days while their parents attempt to go through an asylum process. Which (as mentioned) was gone about by their parents, in an illegal fashion from the beginning. This could have been avoided by the parents. In the end... congress can fix this. Congress can change the rules so the Flores consent decree will no longer apply, and it can appropriate more money for family shelters at the border. This is an obvious thing to do that would eliminate the tension between enforcing our laws and keeping family units together. The Trump administration is throwing as many resources as it can at the border to expedite the process, and it desperately wants the Flores consent decree reversed. So much of the outrage surrounding this takes no look at the full-scope of the situation and goes straight for the easy, low-hanging melodrama. It takes a horribly complex situation and boils it down to almost cartoon-ish levels of simplicity. Which, unfortunately -- is rather par for the course from both sides. The missing piece here is Congress, but little outrage will be directed at it.
  3. BigHurt3515

    Immigration thread

    No I am not, but thank you. Like I said there is probably more to this than what the media presents. Children are taken away from their American parents every single day in the US when they have done something illegal. And I am sure a lot of those kids are put in worse positions then these kids are in that we are seeing a very small portion of. Comparing this to concentration camps is just asinine in every way.
  4. BigHurt3515

    Immigration thread

    I'm sure the whole story is being told through the media.... Like always... Don't come here illegally..
  5. BigHurt3515

    6/18 Minor League Games

    He is Dutch, give him a break!
  6. BigHurt3515

    6/17 Games

    The Garcia's had a nice game
  7. BigHurt3515

    GT: Detroit @ Chicago, 1:10 CT, 6/16/18

    Results wise. He was still missing his spots even on strikes
  8. BigHurt3515

    Tigers @ White Sox

    5 balls to Engel..
  9. BigHurt3515

    Tigers @ White Sox

    He is a fine back up catcher. Nice game Omar
  10. BigHurt3515

    6/14 Games

    All hail Dane Dunning. 7 IP, 3 H, 0 ER, 9K.... Oh and most importantly 0 BBs
  11. BigHurt3515

    6/14 Games

    Kopech looks like a disaster. 6 walks and 2 HBP in 3 innings.
  12. BigHurt3515

    6/14 Games

    I'm not sure if it is a good thing or not. It shows he can get people out without the strikeout pitch going
  13. BigHurt3515

    GT: Indians @ White Sox - 1:10/2:10ET

    I forgot how hard it is to throw strikes
  14. BigHurt3515

    GT: Indians @ White Sox - 1:10/2:10ET

    If I remember correctly Rodon started changing his fastball speed throughout the game, he can still bring it up to the mid 90s