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  1. BigHurt3515

    Offseason Targets

    You are posting fake insiders going back and forth with each other over nonsense. If its an actual rumor that would make sense to post
  2. BigHurt3515

    Offseason Targets

    Can we stop with the 100 fake insider accounts?
  3. BigHurt3515

    The Blake Snell Thread

    Not going to happen, and would cost too much
  4. BigHurt3515

    George Springer Thread

    Must be nice for our 76 year old coach, he doesn't have to think too much.
  5. BigHurt3515

    George Springer Thread

    It would be hard to find a better lineup in the MLB if we signed Springer
  6. BigHurt3515

    2021 Hall of Fame Ballot

    As much as I love Buehrle I just don't see the voters giving him a vote, he doesn't have the sexy stats they all love.
  7. BigHurt3515

    Braves sign Drew Smyly, 1 year $11 million

    That seems like an awful lot.
  8. BigHurt3515

    Sox hire Ethan Katz per WSD

    When Cease threw his change up more in a couple of his starts he looked a lot better. I remember saying in a couple game threads he needed to throw more, hopefully Katz gets him on the path to using his change up more often and keeping the hitters off balance. 97-99 MPH fastball plus his change up which was mid 80s is a great combo. Throw in his breaking pitches and he can be really good if he finds his control.
  9. BigHurt3515

    Speculation on TLR coaches

    Fun fact , played against his son when we were probably 13 or so, he wasn't good.
  10. In a time we are supposed to be excited for the future we are now the embarrassment of the league.
  11. BigHurt3515

    Speculation on TLR coaches

    Tigers and Hinch have their guys. We got what?
  12. BigHurt3515

    Speculation on TLR coaches

    Nothing like letting the Tigers get some good coaches and letting them go by
  13. BigHurt3515

    Offseason Targets

    Until Joc hits like Nomar and Q pitches like Lopez then in 9 months it will be an awful off-season. We were pretty happy with most pick ups last year and now most hate it
  14. BigHurt3515

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    How do you not talk to any of your players yet?
  15. BigHurt3515

    2020 Election Thoughts

    3,582,790 ballots counted at 51% estimated in. Your numbers don't add up. Obviously 51% could be way off