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  1. BigHurt3515

    Kopech called up

    I hope it holds because I am visiting 8/31. Would be pretty cool to see him
  2. BigHurt3515

    When will the White Sox be good?

    Seeing what the A's are doing with no star player or ace pitcher gives me hope it can be done sooner but I am not banking on it
  3. BigHurt3515

    8/16 Games

    I would like to hear the reason from Kopech before just assuming it was for no reason.
  4. BigHurt3515

    The Challenge: Vendettas Thread

    I read they were going to have 2, TWO eliminations next episode. I am shocked
  5. BigHurt3515

    8/14 Games

    Zavala is starting to break through. 2-4 with a HR tonight
  6. BigHurt3515

    8/11 Games

    Bush and Sosa will be a fun pair to watch the next few years Sosa with two 2Bs, Bush with an RBI single
  7. BigHurt3515


    If Palka can hit .250 with his power he can be the DH going forward
  8. BigHurt3515

    Luis Robert returns from the DL

    Well that just sounds like a fluke injury
  9. BigHurt3515

    White Sox vs. Yankees Game Thread 8.7.18

    Not sure how you can afford to use a pitcher for 5 pitches in the 13th inning
  10. BigHurt3515

    8/5 Games

    Do you think he can greet me when I get in town on the 30th?
  11. BigHurt3515

    KW on Jimenez/Kopech

    Interesting he posts this the day people are wondering if he is coming up this week
  12. BigHurt3515

    8/5 Games

    If you want to come to STL and pick me up lol
  13. BigHurt3515

    8/5 Games

    So who is going to greet him?
  14. BigHurt3515

    8/4 Games

    All hail the Bush-wacker!!
  15. BigHurt3515

    8/4 Games

    This Bushwhacker kid is very interesting