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  1. Rabbit

    Fulmer starting tonight

    With the season starting so early we are already past that date. Yankees debuted Torres yesterday. I'd imagine Acuna, Senzel and Kopech are up in the next month.
  2. Rabbit

    Earth Day!

    I don't flush the toilet when I piss.
  3. Rabbit

    2018 MLB Draft

    If the draft were tomorrow, I would guess Bohm slightly underslot. I do wonder if Bohm continues to stock up and get plucked by the Giants at pick #2. He has the best track record of all of the college hitters. 28 BB/K. Hit very well in the Cape. Despite his size, it seems he is athletic enough to stick at 3B. He would be my target.
  4. Rabbit

    2018 MLB Draft

    Lewis happened basically the day of the draft. At least in respect to the media reporting it.
  5. Rabbit

    FutureSox Night at Guaranteed Rate

    I will be in attendance.
  6. Rabbit

    Methods to Save/Earn Money

    QUOTE (Tony @ Apr 12, 2018 -> 08:53 PM) As you know, the Mrs. is a real estate agent if you need any help! Haha Hah that I do know. She isn't Mrs. yet though!
  7. Rabbit

    2018 MLB Draft

    QUOTE (caulfield12 @ Apr 11, 2018 -> 05:23 PM) Shouldn’t Engel prevent us from needing Swaggerty? Teal implied. Wrong forum.
  8. Rabbit

    Methods to Save/Earn Money

    Lots of good stuff here guys. Shack's point reminds me. I really want to start towards buying real estate once I beat down by student loans enough. Seems impossible though.
  9. Rabbit

    Methods to Save/Earn Money

    QUOTE (JenksIsMyHero @ Apr 12, 2018 -> 09:49 AM) We only use credit cards to pay for things and then pay off the cards each month. Rarely cash and I don't think either of us have used a debit card in 5-6 years. You're basically throwing money away if you use anything but a credit card that has rewards for cashback or miles. We use an AMEX and Amazon Visa as our main cards, and then we open 5-6 per year to take advantage of promotions. So, for example, we opened a Disney Rewards Visa when we went to Disney a couple of years ago because new card members received $250, plus another $50 for signing on a second user. Most cards have a similar promotion, so we open the card, match the required spending (usually something like 3-5k in the first 3 months), and then cut the card up and never use it again. Usually good for $1000+ in free money a year for doing nothing but spending money like we would anyway. We max out our retirement accts every year (employer match and Roth IRA) and then put in a set dollar amount of each check into a general investment account. We also keep little to nothing in our checking account. Basically enough to pay the bills for the month. The remainder goes into savings. We track our spending and accounts using Mint. I'm a deal-hound so I constantly check around on sites like kinja deals, dansdeals (great for airfare savings), etc. for random stuff and i'll price shop before I buy anything. I'm a huge fan of the Chrome extension Camel for Amazon because it shows the pricing history of every product. You'll know if the price is a good deal or not. The italicized is exactly how I feel and can't stress it enough. As far as the bolded, how does your credit get hit by doing that. I opened 3 credit cards in February and my credit score score went down 20 points. Getting a couple hard pulls on credit for refinancing quotes didn't help either. I totally agree with your strategy of taking advantage of initial sign up bonuses with cards but am curious if you could speak to the effect it has on yours and your wife's credit scores. Good stuff on the last paragraph. I'll have to check those sites out.
  10. Rabbit

    Zuckerberg Testifies before Congress

    Has anyone downloaded the information profile Facebook made of you? I did. I was very happy with the results. They classify me as a liberal so I don't think I am on any lists there. I don't even want to know what Google's profile shows with it supposedly being 10x the size of facebooks.
  11. Rabbit

    Zuckerberg Testifies before Congress

    QUOTE (Heads22 @ Apr 11, 2018 -> 08:30 PM) It's all incredibly amusing to watch. Representatives that don't know what they're asking and Zuckerberg trying to act human. lol.
  12. Rabbit

    2018 Democrats thread

    QUOTE (Dam8610 @ Apr 11, 2018 -> 04:05 PM) All I did was logically analyze your statement. "The tax pool" is not "society", so say what you mean. Further, as a fellow accountant, I know you're not stupid enough to believe that the person making $1 million is going to pay taxes on $1 million. In fact, if we go with a slightly higher figure, say $40,000, there's a good chance that the person making $1 million has a lower effective tax rate, and a small chance that the person making $1 million has a lower tax liability. So even if you were conflating "society" to mean tax pool (words work better when they're used correctly), you're still wrong. There is a lot being said across pages of posts. Society is a general term. The application of the world isn't as rigid as you're implying. I never said a person making $1 million is going to pay taxes on $1 million. I don't even know why you'd think to point that out. You're talking about rates. My point was about sums. I understand basic math. That doesn't really address the point made.
  13. Rabbit

    Rays @ White Sox 4/11/18 1:10 PM

    What is Shields clocking here? He doesn't look healthy.
  14. Rabbit

    2018 Republicans thread

    https://twitter.com/ColumbiaBugle/status/983513779014057984 When did Fox News become the anti-war station...
  15. Rabbit

    4/11 Games

    http://www.milb.com/scoreboard/index.jsp?s...mp;ymd=20180411 Kanny already done. Knights currently playing.