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  1. raBBit

    Don’t Fire Frank Menechino Thread

    I can't say its definitively Menechino's influence but the Sox have had a new trend that I love. They seem to have a concerted effort to call time and step out on the pitcher to throw him out of his rhythm. I forgot which game it was but half the hitters did it the first time through. Just love the fighting and clawing for every edge compared to the trash we saw the first few weeks of the season and the last few years.
  2. raBBit

    Trade Watch Rumor

    Spot on
  3. raBBit

    Trade Watch Rumor

    Basically what ptatc says in his second post below. Isn’t it an issue with his nerve on his bicep? I’m getting the feeling we probably don’t see Bummer again in 2020.
  4. raBBit

    Trade Watch Rumor

    bullying? He was arguing with an admin about how the board polices racism in the trade deadline thread an hour before the deadline. I asked him to stay on the topic for the board's sake and he called me a bunch of names. Give me a break.
  5. raBBit

    Trade Watch Rumor

    Gave me confidence that Stone was referring to him as a bullpen piece moving forward. Stone's plugged in obviously. 1.) Gio 2.) Keuchel 3.) Free Agent/Trade 4.) Cease 5.) Dunning Kopech knocking on the door in June.
  6. raBBit

    Trade Watch Rumor

    😰 See the board's response to my post and the response to yours. When at its best, the board speaks for itself and the board polices itself. When at its worst, your rambling about god knows what and people are getting carpel tunnel scrolling past your posts feening for trade rumors that don't come to fruition. Wish we grabbed a lefty as I don't like what I hear about Bummer's injury, but not exactly ready to move anything consequential in the first competitive year with a month to go and only 2 playoff games guaranteed.
  7. raBBit

    Trade Watch Rumor

    Dude people have to work and want to know whats going on with the deadline. You're in here rambling about racism and having pissing contests. This is about trades. The trade deadline. Playoff baseball etc. Go derail a thread that's less important to others right now.
  8. raBBit

    2021 Free Agent Pitchers

    I don't think Cooper has to be involved. Bauer is almost 30 already (crazy), I wouldn't expect Cooper to be all over a vet with a track record joining the teams as a 30-year-old. Like when we traded for James Shields (horrible reference), I don't think Coop was all over him before and during first starts saying he should "stay tall" and "stay closed" or whatever Coop does. He's another professional opinion at the pitchers' disposal but with respect to established arms (especially starters), I think they're kind of expected to get on a regimen and go about their business. If they need help the coach is there. I could be wrong as Samardzija would serve as contrary evidence but that may be more of a factor of both Samardzija and Cooper being hardasses. The Sox don't shed light any on anything they're doing behind the scenes. They don't allow access to media or bloggers trying to get information on these matters. They consider it proprietary and treat it as such. That said, there is a growing group of Ivy League types. On the other side of things, a lot of people that were being kept around as loyalty hires have been excused of their roles with COVID serving as the convenient excuse. Given how Bauer is into all this stuff and is a great pitcher, I feel like the Sox front office would probably welcome him. Given his price tag and authority issues making constantly prod the MLB and its rules brazenly & publicy, I don't think think Jerry Reinsdorf would welcome him. Bauer goes out of his way to support TA and to bring attention to the way TA markets himself, looks at baseball as a business, etc. They're not a natural pairing at first though but Tim's history with Bauer is seeing Bauer throw nasty shit multiple times a season and Bauer going out of his way to speak positively on what TA's doing. When you say they are friends, do you mean they are friendly or do they actually have a relationship?
  9. I get the thinking that if he returned and threw well he would rebuild value but there doesn't seem to be a speckle of optimism around him returning. I would expect the Sox to non-tender him at this point. Who knows though.
  10. Yeah the NL sucks. Reds have been screwed over by COVID and weather multiple times over. They were as screwed as anyone from the COVID shutdown and since the league has reconvened their awful luck has continued. The should be interesting if they get a a 6/7/8 seed. Who wants to face Bauer/Gray/Castillo in a 3 game series?
  11. I don't think Castellanos is a trade candidate.
  12. raBBit

    Any update on TA?

    Renteria: Anderson can be back as soon as Monday. MLB Rules: Anderson not eligible to return until Tuesday. Whatever. Happy to have TA back. Hopefully he can spark some life into his teammates.
  13. raBBit

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    There are a lot of words here but I was looking for a number. To understand the situation better.
  14. raBBit

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    That's a lot positive. How many died?