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  1. raBBit

    James McCann - catcher of the future ?

    Sign Grandal and put his name (not position) into the #5 for the year. 110 games at catcher, 35 games at DH and 10 games at 1B. Sign a solid left-handed infield bat to compliment. CF Robert 2B Madrigal 3B Moncada 1B/DH Abreu C/1B/DH Grandal LF Jimenez DH/C Collins/McCann SS Anderson That's without even addressing RF which they will do in some way.
  2. raBBit

    2020 RF options

    It is true. He's a terrible fit. I am not sure why you're limiting the options to free agents. There are multiple better options via trade. There is a scenario where the trade targets get traded and the better free agents get signed. In the case that that happens and Puig is still on the market because no one wants to deal with the idiot (a likely scenario) than the Sox failed in their pursuit of filling the RF hole. Also, Polanco can't get non-tendered. The Pirates already extended him and he has a guaranteed contract for next year.
  3. raBBit

    2020 RF options

    I mean you're not wrong but I still want nothing to do with Puig. If there is a situation where he's the best available the Sox FO failed.
  4. raBBit

    Cubs thread 2k19

    Houston acquired Cole before Morton was gone. Houson then acquired Greinke before Cole leaves. They haven't lost anything yet. Cole is a little better than Grienke so they'll take a down tick in production next year.
  5. raBBit

    2020 RF options

    No one is going to commit significant resources to Puig IMO. As for the Sox, he's a fit in position only. He doesn't bat left-handed and I don't want that cancer near our young, budding core.
  6. raBBit

    Job Thread

    Indeed. Chase Credit Journey is a pretty nice feature.
  7. raBBit

    Job Thread

    This is totally wrong.
  8. raBBit

    Getting robbed/what has come of society, etc?

    Wtf dude? He can take exception to one crime of humanity without addressing others. The water in Flint is not relevant whatsoever. No need to obfuscate the thread.
  9. raBBit

    Getting robbed/what has come of society, etc?

    There really hasn't been any explanation as far as I've seen. Just the court ruling. The story hasn't picked up any media attention so I am not sure the ruling will be explained.
  10. raBBit

    Getting robbed/what has come of society, etc?

    Kid that grew up on the same street as me was murdered over his iphone in 2015. Court just ruled his killer will be back on the streets in 2020. Chicago really becoming the beacon for justice. https://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/West-Side-Man-Charged-With-Fatal-Lakeview-Armed-Robbery-558617491.html
  11. raBBit

    Arizona Fall League Participants

    I've thought about this too. They've never paid him any mind so it will be interesting to see if their tune changes/ they're positive.
  12. raBBit


    I was suspended for a while for going at it with a guy in DMs who told me I wasn't college material and should give up on wanting to be lawyer. I was 13. After years I came back and kind of applauded some of the moves Theo Epstein made at the end of the Cubs rebuild. I was greeted with a lot of hate for speaking positively about the Cubs. I said something like "good to see this place still has a pulse" and was banned forever. My dad, who is entirely passive on the forums, was suspended sometime in 06-09 when Bobby Jenks was "missing." He said something to the effect of "I know Bobby has had substance issues in his past I really hope it's not related."
  13. raBBit


    I thought they were having the 3 posters pay for the bandwidth needs...
  14. raBBit


    That's seafoam green, not teal.
  15. raBBit

    8/16 Games

    Yermin Mercedes making his second start at 3B