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  1. raBBit

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Can't speak for all the airlines but I know United Airline's CEO and President aren't taking a salary for the time being. Conversely, my friend who works there has no work to do but is still employed and is guaranteed to be employed through September (unless he violates the code of conduct). So he's currently making his full salary to trade stocks and answer a few emails a day. Pretty sure airlines who took bailout money can't lay off their workers until a given date so not sure this is the best example.
  2. raBBit

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Yeah China can be effectively removed from this conversation. USA has third highest population in the world, removing China, they're the second highest. India is pretty interestign. I can't speak to the habits of the country but I am going to guess they're less transient or something leading to their proportionally low numbers. At work I work with a team over there and they just got put on lock down at the beginning of the month I believe. My main contact was pretty freaked out but said he doesn't know of anyone who's contracted it. I'd be interested to see the daily death rates of other natural leading killers (heart attack, flu, pneumonia, cancer, etc.) and see how their daily trends have gone over the past 6-8 weeks or so when the COVID deaths started coming in. I listened to one doctor on NPR who said the rates of those causes of death are falling in comparison to the pre-established norms. I don't know what data he was citing/using though but I cant definitely see that being the case. If someone is getting treatment for a cancer, their immune system is compromised as a result and then they contract COVID and die, what killed them? I'd imagine the credit would probably be given to COVID but if the person wasn't receiving treatment for cancer they'd in all likelihood be able to overcome COIVD.
  3. raBBit

    Market/Financial Thread

    We will see Thursday's lows again and we will fly past them. The carnage is nowhere near done. For those who understand the markets and trading, you know your options to hedge. For those of you in your 40's and 50's with significant money in your 401k you should really work to understand your hedge options because there is a lot of money to be lost. For those of you who don't have any understanding of the markets (and really everyone), show up to work everyday (or work remotely) with the best attitude possible. Get in early. Stay late. Make good with your coworker you have issues with. Drop your complaints about however you feel you're being slighted or how the workplace is stacked against. Ask your boss is there anything you can do to help her/him before leaving for the day. The recency bias may go a long way when employers are tasked with tough decisions - and they will be. Hope all is well with everyone. Understand your risks. Be vigilant.
  4. raBBit

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Caulfield how would you characterize how people in your community look at the origin of COVID-19? Do they follow the line of thinking that it came from the Wuhan seafood market?
  5. raBBit

    Abreu Signs 3/$50M Extension

    With this in mind the Jay and Alonso signings were worth it last year.
  6. raBBit

    Abreu Signs 3/$50M Extension

    There is little-to-no change Hahn and Co. signed him without communicating to him his future is at DH. Sox would be ridiculous if they didn't put that out there when signing him to an above market deal. My post more towards Vaughn will be pushing to be on the MLB roster this summer. I think we'd be better off with Vaughn at 1B and using the DH as a flexibility position moving forward.
  7. raBBit

    Abreu Signs 3/$50M Extension

    Vaughn is going to make this contract extension even more dumb.
  8. raBBit

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    There was a journalist doing that and he's now uh, not doing it anymore. In all seriousness though, prayers to you and you family Caulfield. I can't even imagine what you all are going through.
  9. raBBit

    Roster Moves

    I am kind of shocked Zavala has kept a roster spot this long.
  10. raBBit

    Steve Stone: more bullpen help is coming

    I think the Reds are going to compete and would want to keep Iglesias Kind of like when they signed Gordon Beckham at SoxFest after just recently dumping him in the season prior. If the Sox sign Puig it is because nobody in MLB finds value in Puig.
  11. raBBit

    Cuban Phenom defecting Oscar Colas

    I don't think you are wrong necessarily but Bmags isn't either. Sox biggest 16-17 year old signing was Adolfo in 2013/2014. Franklin Reyes, Amado Nunez & Guererro had some pretty decent bonuses but these guys were maybe top 30 prospects in their class and not even top 20. Nunez may have been top 20 but obviously publication rankings are guesswork just noting. When they have spent bigger in LatAm they have jumped on the older prospects when they can - as older prospects are far less common. Robert was basically their only "notable" signing for two classes and he was 19 (IIRC). Yolbert Sanchez was their big signing last year and he was 21. When you say the vast majority of their dollars are spent on 16 year old that's not true becuase Robert alone is probably more than half of their money spent down there during this century. Past that, you're probably right but isn't that the vast majority of the free agent pool. You both make valid points I just think bmags argument of the Sox being risk averse with players wrapping up puberty is a very fair argument.
  12. raBBit

    Would you extend Nick Madrigal? For how much?

    I think if he doubles his 3% K rate to 6% in the big leagues, keeps using the whole field to hit and plays great D he's going to be a great piece for the Sox for a long time.
  13. raBBit

    Offseason 2019-2020 MLB Catch All Thread

    Not sure why the Nats signed Castro on top of Cabrera and Kendrick. I wouldn't have mind the Sox picking up Cabrera. Especially for 2.5M. Probably would prefer the better opportunity and team he's familiar with in Washington if money is the same.
  14. raBBit

    Here’s A Laugh

    Don't want to disparage him because he seems like a decent guy but the people in the game that I have talked to over the years seem to agree that Morosi is an idiot. They don't talk the same way about Rosenthal, Heyman, Passan, etc. Morosi has been known to kind of throw stuff at the wall.
  15. raBBit

    Steve Stone: more bullpen help is coming

    Fake in that they don't have inside info? Perhaps. They do seem to have a grip on general baseball intelligence and if they're making shit up at least it is thought provoking. I don't love the burner account that's developed on Twitter but this account in particular doesn't bother me. Or with the Astros and JDM a few years back.