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  1. It's not that cut and dried. JR has been involved. This whole process has required far more advisory and strategy than I think anyone could have imagined.
  2. General sense. I believe it's over when the press conferences are scheduled for whoever gets these guys. These negotiations are unbelievable.
  3. Sox we’re tied to Mike Moustakas this week lol
  4. Yeah that's not what I said. If someone joins the board and quickly starts having sources, that should raise eye brows. If someone that has been here for a while says something, it's a different story.
  5. This is just going off of history, but the Sox would sit on this for as long as they have to release it in the optimal time/way. They'd want to dominate the news and take full advantage of this. Obviously the primary concern is signing him, but once/if they know that they him, they are going to make sure the media is empowered and enabled to tell the world it is putting the Sox back on the map.
  6. To say people working for the Sox have been negative about this is crazy. Unless you're speaking to the FO in the last few hours specifically. That's just wrong. There has been optimism from the team publicly and privately. People in baseball ops and people not in baseball ops. People speaking directly and indirectly. If the Yankees are truly out and not pulling an incredible media ruse laying in the weeds, the Sox chances are very good. If it's between the Sox and Phillies and contracts are relatively the same, the Sox get him. If the Phillies get crazy and offer 300+, then you worry. The concern should be the Phillies go crazy. Until you hear about the Yankees being back in don't freak out. Lozano is acting like this is in the last stage, we'll see if he holds through.
  7. This place has been something lately. 1.) To the comments about me - I haven't seen any of this just been told of it. Nowhere did I say a specific date Machado would sign or that he would at all. No one can provide proof otherwise because it simply did not happen. If you look at the replies of the tweet in question, I specifically say "not necessarily tomorrow" (Tweet was from Tuesday). I have said I've liked the Sox chances in a bunch of different ways the last 10 days or so. That was when it first went around the Yankees were basically bowing out. 2.) To the the new poster with a negative source. Regardless of what he said, someone posting on the board for the very first time and the whole board collectively freaks out? Past that, 2 things on it: a.) I don't know who the guy's source is but I wouldn't suspect the tiny subset of people in the know with the Sox are getting emotional, blabbing about fluid contract negotiations at weekend gatherings. That goes against just about everything the White Sox are about. b.) The source is said to have referred to the negotiations "everything moves so quickly" or something to that effect. And to be clear, I have just seen his main post so I do't know if he elaborated on timing. That goes against just about everything everyone else is hearing. "Waiting game" "it's going to be a while" "Far from over". Maybe this source is right, but they're really bucking the trend speaking to the negotiations. I see no reason to freak out here. We haven't had any notable news today. Enjoy the day off of this stuff.
  8. After months of doing the same, this past week has totally flipped me. Once the New Year turned everything I've heard regarding Machado/Sox/Yankees has been optimistic for Sox and negative for Yankees.
  9. Not from me. This seems to be playing out just exactly as the Sox needed it to. Yankees ownership is not playing ball. Machado/Lozano prefer Sox to Phillies.
  10. Thank you for blessing us with your presence.
  11. You're upset by Jay specifically or just the recruiting by roster? I was not a fan of the Alonso move but I see nothing wrong with this move. Jay is a better ballplayer than he's getting credited for here.
  12. I'll believe the Sox are trading Abreu when it happens. It doesn't seem that ever goes anywhere. I
  13. I don't think the Sox trust him in the OF either. It will be interesting to see how they use him in the early going.