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  1. raBBit

    2021 MLB Catch-all Thread

    Yeah. Crazy run. Their rotation is just not good though. Away from Wainright's resurgence, Flaherty is out, Jon Lester/JA Happ are in it, etc. Their lineup basically sucks after Arenado. They will be the least talent playoff team by a huge margin.
  2. raBBit

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    I didn't ignore anything. You're just framing the situation through the lens of the Delta variant. There was plenty of writing in the media that the vaccine is effective against the Delta variant when it first came to the US. Not sure if the media has abandoned that viewpoint though. Regardless, if the vaccine is effective against the delta variant, how to we make sense of the cases increasing in countries that are nearing 2/3 vaccinated rates and higher? I simply posted the actual data of COVID cases and vaccination rates in certain countries with high vaccination rates to substantiate my point. I wasn't trying to apply it to the way you're looking at this whole COVID situation I was simply proving the point that there is no correlation between vaccination rates slowing spread like you claimed. Could you please provide the data that brought you to that opinion? Also, if the vaccine's effectiveness can't be judged on positivity rates because of the variant delta, why isn't there a vaccine being made for the delta variant? If the vaccine doesn't protect against the Delta variant (cases are skyrocketing in majority vaccinated countries), why are we able to do all the things (mostly sports/entertainment/travel related, etc.) that they wouldn't allow last year? On your second paragraph, that's not necessarily a result of the vaccine. In some cases, yes, but not all. Concerts, travel restrictions, sporting events, etc. weren't allowed last year. If they were, many Americans would have gone regardless if they had been vaccinated or not. It was only a subset of people that were declining to go into public situations as a whole until they were vaccinated. Almost everyone, at least in states like Illinois or California, changed the way they lived their life one way or another but that has much more to do with the government's and corporations' response to the virus as opposed to the accessibility to the vaccine.
  3. raBBit

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    I am just going off the numbers. At the start of June, half the US had received a vaccine. The 7 day average of new COVID cases was between 10-15k at the start of June. Last week, the 7 day average of new COVID vases was over 175k. So 10 weeks after the country passed the 50% threshold on vaccination rate, the number of cases went up 10-15x. Similarly in Israel, who uses the Pfizer vaccine, their all time high case rates came when almost 65% of the population was vaccinated. The UK has seen similar trends as the US. At the end of August, Singapore's health minister came out saying the country passed the 80% vaccination threshold making it the most vaccinated country in the world (at that time at least). On that date, their 7 day average of COVID cases was 99. Yesterday, their 7 day average of COVID cases was 967. A nearly 10x increase in a matter of ~3 weeks. The 967 case 7 day average is the third highest daily rolling average they have ever posted (they posted 1,004 and 1005 at the end of April). If the rolling average increases in Singapore as it has nearly every day in September, one of the most vaccinated countries in the world is facing the highest case rate they've ever seen. https://www.dw.com/en/coronavirus-digest-singapore-is-now-the-most-vaccinated-country/a-59016931 Successful vaccines like polio and measles effectively rid the world of the virus/disease. If the vaccine stopped the spread, there would be a statistical correlation between vaccination rates and case rates. I know the conditioning implies that the vaccine is stopping the spread, but there is no such statistical correlation. Feel free to provide the data that shows otherwise though.
  4. raBBit

    Giants/Dodgers final 12 games

    If I am Milwaukee I am not throwing Woodruff/Burnes/Peralta against the Dodgers in the last series. If anything 2-3 innings to keep the arm fresh but not giving the Dodgers hitters a look at what they may be seeing in the playoffs.
  5. raBBit

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    The vaccine doesn't stop the spread it decreases the severity of the symptoms of the virus.
  6. raBBit

    COVID Thread Part Deux

  7. raBBit

    Minor League Catch-All 2021

    Wrong. In the DR foreign-sourced income doesn’t get taxed.
  8. raBBit

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    If you're talking about horse past or horse dewormer just know that you are susceptible to propaganda. Joe Rogan didn't take horse dewormer. India isn't giving their people horse paste. Maybe a few idiots that work on a farm took a form of a drug used for humans in a different form and it got extensive media coverage. Maybe the media lied about hospitals having issues due to horse dewormer. Ivermectin is an essential medicine per the WHO. The creator of ivermectin for human application won the nobel prize. Whether it's an acceptable treatment for COVID varies on the doctor. You don't have to deliberately lie about things because you want everyone to get vaccinated. Ivermectin is being maligned because it is a generic drug that Big Pharma makes pennies off of.
  9. raBBit

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    "total population in 44 states-excluding a handful of states like the one you insist is in there". Can you just ctrl F for Texas? My god.
  10. raBBit

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    Where does that say children were included in the statistics? If you have to make things up, you might not have the best argument. First paragaraph As of this week, 75% of the adult population in the United States have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. While this progress represents a marked achievement in vaccinations that has led to steep declines in COVID-19 cases and deaths, vaccination coverage—and the protections provided by it—remains uneven across the country. With the continued spread of the more transmissible Delta variant, cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are rising, largely among unvaccinated people. While as of late July 2021, White adults accounted for the largest share (57%) of unvaccinated adults, Black and Hispanic people remain less likely than their White counterparts to have received a vaccine, leaving them at increased risk, particularly as the variant spreads.
  11. raBBit

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    Balta is like a Youtube commenter just adding "fucking" and caps locks to his posts instead of you know, supporting his theories.
  12. raBBit

    COVID Thread Part Deux

  13. raBBit

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    I am not questioning any treatment a doctor prescribed. Good health and good health practice decreases the chances of needing medicines.
  14. raBBit

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    Is obesity even contagious? Clearly BrianAnderson was saying and obesity is contagious... Nothing to see here folks, just take your pharmaceutical drugs (the COVID daily drugs are coming) and stay fat. It's Trump voters that are killing everyone dying of COVID. The fact that over 80% of the deaths are from obese people is just because they are more likely to be within 6 feet of Trump supporters because of their spherical figure. Nutrition, vitamins and exercise are not the point! Just take every drug the media and the pharmaceutical companies tell you to take and your obesity and personal neglect won't matter. Plus, pharma can make more money off of you being obese in the future.
  15. raBBit

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    1 - Thanks for adding the "fucking" in there. Really adds a lot. 2 - Your idea that children are disproportionality minorities is irrelevant because the data provided is about adults. So 12-year-olds, who haven't had the vaccination approved for use through the period in scope, are not included in the numbers posted. 3 - You have not substantiated your theory at all. You said Texas's reporting is biased. You have not provided proof of that just that just said "fucking" and add added a couple links that didn't support that. They do have demographic info. See the link below. You also said, "states with lots of unvaccinated white people, like Texas, are selectively not reporting data." If they aren't reporting data, how do you know that there a lots of unvaccinated white people? Also, Texas has less white people per capita than more than half of the states. The KFF's demographic table shows the following demographic breakdown in Texas: Percentage of Vaccinations in the state - Percentage of Population in the state White - 37% - 41% Black - 9% - 12% Hispanic - 35% - 40% Asian - 6% - 5% So that shows, for the representative share of each demographic group's population, Asian - 120%, White 90.2%, Hispanic 87.5% & Black 75%. https://dshs.texas.gov/coronavirus/AdditionalData.aspx, https://www.kff.org/coronavirus-covid-19/issue-brief/latest-data-on-covid-19-vaccinations-race-ethnicity/