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  1. raBBit

    White Sox Winner! .500!?!

    The Sox were over .500 in June (and July) of 2016. But yeah I am with you a split would've been good.
  2. raBBit

    Job Thread

    If they dont have the right support systems around their personnel they should know they'll lose their employees. You are right to expect and look for a better work environment.
  3. Still tickets available. Who is heading out?
  4. raBBit

    Job Thread

    Worry about yourself. The company has all the power you have to look out for yourself.
  5. raBBit

    Fangraphs board update (with 2019 draft guys)

    Yeah I imagine Robert will move up a lot more with different publications
  6. raBBit

    Disco Demolition T-Shirt Night

    I am just waiting for all the schools named after Thomas "Me Too" Jefferson and Abe "3/5" Lincoln to be renamed. We need to expunge all references to history that doesn't align with modern day sensitivities. In before thread is closed!
  7. raBBit

    Future White Sox Lineup #GetExcited

    I wouldn't. Grandal should be priority #1 going into the offseason no ifs and buts about it. McCann's performance has been great in 2019 and the Sox masquerade Collins as a catcher - neither of these things factor into the fact that the Sox should target Grandal. I think we need a versatile infielder with a track record of success. I would like Scooter Gennet or Howie Kendrick (love his game, leadership) but I kind of think the Sox will continue to use Yolmer as they tend to do. Past that, I think they ultimately combat some of the 40 man roster issues by trading a group of players for a right fielder. Mets make sense if they're willing to move on from one of Conforto/Nimmo.
  8. raBBit

    Future White Sox Lineup #GetExcited

    He's much better than whoever you're referring to. He'll be sought after by contenders. Sox wouldn't be alone if they pursued.
  9. raBBit

    Future White Sox Lineup #GetExcited

    I've been on Wood for a while. Great mix of track of record of success, buying opportunity and flexibility.
  10. raBBit

    Future White Sox Lineup #GetExcited

    I hear you and your points are valid but I don't think Reinsdorf breaks the mold with a pitcher.
  11. raBBit

    Future White Sox Lineup #GetExcited

    JDM and Rendon would be ideal for the lineup but how realistic is it? Sox aren't throwing $150M+ at Cole?
  12. raBBit

    Future White Sox Lineup #GetExcited

    That's who I have had in mine. Seems like others as well.
  13. raBBit

    6/11 Games

    All 3 of Robert's hits came with 2 strikes against him.
  14. raBBit

    6/11 Games

    Winston Salem going for 7th straight PPD EDIT: PPD/Cancellation
  15. That's totally fair question. I looked into and there's nothing saying you can't do it (from what I've seen). Also nothing too specific about this exact scenario.
  16. Delmonico had shoulder surgery from what I heard. I think that's public. He's done for the year for sure. No reason to think he has issues with adderall from what I've seen.
  17. Sox will have to DFA one guy to bring up Despaigne and Jay. They will likely take Jay off 60 day IL and then shift Delmonico to the 60 day IL that's one spot. For Despaigne, I would look to the 5 left-handed relivers on the 40 man. It might make most sense to cut Osich from both the active and 40 man roster.
  18. raBBit

    Seby Zavala promoted to Chicago; Castillo to IL

    Moncada's line since this post: .381/.435/.643/.1.078. His OPS went from .811 to .856.
  19. raBBit

    6/6 Games

    Yeah it is bad there. Hopefully Vaughn should be an easy sign at slot that can quickly report to play. I think the Sox are incentivized to get a deal done quickly. Maybe he is with W-S sooner than later.
  20. raBBit

    The $$$$ will be spent!

    1) Catcher - Grandal - Overpay this man - 3/63 2) Versatile lefty bat - Derek Dietrich (buy high) or Scooter Gennett (buy low). - 2 yr 20 mil - ish 3) Established lefty starter - Bumgarner/Hill/Miley/Alex Wood 4) Resign Abreu 1 year, 14 mil 5) Relievers 6) Right Field - Trade Jace Fry, Blake Rutherford and Luis Mieses for Brandon Nimmo. ------------------------------------------ C - Grandal/McCann/Collins 1B - Abreu/Collins 2B - Gennett (Madrigal Eventually) 3B - Moncada SS - Anderson LF - Jimenez CF - Leury/Robert RF - Nimmo DH - Collins/Abreu/Gennett/Moncada/Jimenez SP - 1) Giolito 2) LHP FA 3) Cease 4) Kopech 5) Temp/Dunning/Rodon (eventually) 1) CF Robert 2) 3B Moncada 3) 1B Abreu 4) C Grandal 5) LF Jimenez 6) RF Nimmo 7) SS Anderson 😎 DH Collins 9) 2B Gennett Bench: McCann, Leury, Yolmer
  21. Great deal. Ill be there!
  22. I want to say all of Laurence Holmes, Scott Merkin. Chuck Garfien and Jason Benetti all went there. The school is really well-regarded and has programs for media and other arts that have been recognized.
  23. raBBit

    6/4 Games

    One of our mutual friends (Diet Coke Michigan) said 2 more. I get you points though and they are definitely in line with Sox past history.
  24. raBBit

    6/4 Games

    I feel like Cease could have one more start in Charlotte after this but it cannot be long. What else does he have to prove. He has an era thats less than half of the rest of the rotation mainstays at AAA lol