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  1. QUOTE (bighurt574 @ Dec 5, 2016 -> 03:59 PM) We keep hearing that about Benintendi, Turner, etc. If that's the case, they really should have made their moves for these guys sooner. Benintendi was gone when the Sox drafted in 15. Turner would have been a major reach for them in 14 - plus, Rodon looks just fine.
  2. QUOTE (SoxPride18 @ Dec 5, 2016 -> 03:18 PM) The much more part of Rosenthal's tweet has my mind scrambling of who else would be in the deal. My guess is Ross, Severino, plus one of the position player prospects in the top 10. Not sure I love the deal, but I don't hate it.
  3. QUOTE (iamshack @ Dec 5, 2016 -> 03:13 PM) I keep seeing this. He was actually Rosenthal's understudy. He has many of the same sources. Just listen to the guy talk. He's a clown. He may have a few sources, but he knows shockingly little about the game for a guy many baseball fans look to as an insider. Its also obvious that the other insiders don't quite respect him as much as others. Its quite obvious during certain segments he is involved with on MLBN.
  4. QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Dec 5, 2016 -> 03:08 PM) Supposedly the offers for Quintana aren't near the offers for Sale. The moron Morosi actually said if the Sox traded Q or Eaton they wouldn't be blockbuster trades. If that is true, there is no reason to trade them. Morosi knows nothing.
  5. QUOTE (soxforlife05 @ Dec 5, 2016 -> 02:55 PM) Yeah if Turner isn't involved I don't like what they have to offer after Giolito and Robles. Their only interesting players are pitchers they are super weak on posiitional talent. I agree. But Robles, Giolito, Ross, Lopez and Severino is a pretty good return. I do think that move necessitates the Sox moving other peices for as much offense as they can get though.
  6. QUOTE (iamshack @ Dec 5, 2016 -> 02:52 PM) And by the time Carlos comes into his own he'll be due $200 million. The Sox have 5 more years of Rodon. Slow your roll.
  7. ChiSox59

    Rich hill signs with Dodgers

    Listening to Rich Hill on MLBN now. What a great guy - happy for him. Didn't realize he lost an infant son a few years back.
  8. QUOTE (iamshack @ Dec 5, 2016 -> 01:39 PM) I think it goes a little something like this: Hahn - "Mike, you can offer Giolito and Robles all day long, but I've got to have Turner." Rizzo - "If I'm giving up Turner, I can't give you Giolito OR Robles...and I'm not even sure I can get a sign off on Turner, to be honest." Hahn - "You know our suite #, Mike." Rizzo - "Rick, you've got to help me offset Turner if I'm going to move him..." Hahn - "What about Melky?" Rizzo - "Come on Rick. I need someone who will be here for at least a couple years. Give me Adam." Hahn - Eaton is not off the table, but then I'm going to need Turner and your top 6-7 guys, Mike." Edited for accuracy.
  9. QUOTE (Ro Da Don @ Dec 5, 2016 -> 01:32 PM) We've discussed this regarding Bregman, if we were able to pry Turner from DC, does he play CF for us? 2B? SS? 2B I would imagine.
  10. QUOTE (iamshack @ Dec 5, 2016 -> 01:23 PM) It's easily possible with Turner included. It's possible, but I moreso meant no way Washington trades Turner, Ross and 8 out of their top 10 prospects to make it happen.
  11. QUOTE (iamshack @ Dec 5, 2016 -> 01:16 PM) I smell a mega deal for Sale and Eaton... Not sure that is possible. Turner, Giolito, Robles, Lopez, Ross, Cole, Kieboom, Nuese, Stevenson, and Severino? So basically Turner, Giolito, Cole, Nuese and Severino for Sale. Robles, Lopez, Ross, Kieboom and Stevenson for Eaton.
  12. QUOTE (Y2JImmy0 @ Dec 5, 2016 -> 11:38 AM) I don't think Cutch has the value that people think. He's not good defensively anymore, wants to play CF, and was a negative WAR player last year. Agreed. I think Cole / Lopez and a back-end top 10 would be enough to get him.
  13. QUOTE (Ro Da Don @ Dec 5, 2016 -> 11:19 AM) 5 years of control on Ross, FYI. He has a little over 1 year of service time. Thanks. Robles, Giolito, Ross, Cole/Lopez, Severino and a wildcard offensive piece (one of Kieboom/Nuese/Stevenson/Ward/Banks). Maybe that is too much, but that's what I'd expect without Turner. Let's them keep one of Cole/Lopez..I assume they'd keep Lopez.
  14. ChiSox59

    White Sox News FA / Rumors / News

    QUOTE (raBBit @ Dec 5, 2016 -> 11:17 AM) Hahn wanted to rebuild before 2013. He wanted to sell off Samardzija in 2015 and he wanted to trade off guys in July. You'll complain all day and everyday about the Sox but you're not actually saying anything of substance. Right now, we're barely in the offseason. The CBA just signed into agreement on Thursday. The Winter Meetings started a less than a handful of hours ago. Would you at least wait until January before your continue your routine? I am not sure how you're not annoyed by yourself parroting the same stuff over and over again. Doesn't it get old? Nobody around here is happy with the way things have gone. Nobody is arguing they've gone well. If you have gripes, say it specifically. Your constant general complaining about what "many said" or "everyone thought" is beyond trite at this point. It's a shame because unlike others who do something of the same, you are capable of being a great contributor to the forum. Instead, you choose to fear monger and overreact to the first few hours of inactivity. Post of the year!!!!
  15. QUOTE (Ro Da Don @ Dec 5, 2016 -> 11:13 AM) For me, swap in Ross and Cole for Lopez and Fedde. Lopez has a scary delivery and Fedde is already a TJS guy. You can't get back 2 TJS guys in Giolito and Fedde as part of a Sale trade, IMHO. Lots of people these days saying that post TJS guys are actually safer, and their elbows stronger. I don't disagree with what you're saying - but its not that cut and dry any more. Cole and Ross and intriguing, for sure, but we'd only have 4 or 5 years of control on Ross.
  16. QUOTE (SoxPride18 @ Dec 5, 2016 -> 11:05 AM) Giolito, Robles, Fedde, Lopez, Severino and Kieboom for Sale and Robertson work? I mention Robertson because it looks like the Nats are gonna lose Melancon to the Giants and would be in need of a closer. Not a bad package by any means, and may end up being the best we can get, but just wish it was mainly position players. I have faith in the Sox developing pitching...we need bats!
  17. Need one of them for a deal. Really have no issues with any of them - my list would probably be Benintendi, Bregman, Moncada, Urias, Turner, Swanson. But it is the other players involved that will make or break this trade.
  18. ChiSox59

    Brett Lawrie Settles

    QUOTE (Quinarvy @ Dec 4, 2016 -> 05:28 PM) Isn't Saladino questionable to start the year with his back? Read an article last week that made it seem like he is healthy and will be ready for ST.
  19. ChiSox59

    Rich hill signs with Dodgers

    QUOTE (Eminor3rd @ Dec 3, 2016 -> 09:37 PM) I would think. But assuming we do end up moving Sale, it could be a blessing in disguise. LA's best prospects are pitchers, and Friedman is there -- the stingiest of the stingy when it comes to prospects, and who seems to never "lose" a trade of this type. To be fair, there haven't been many trades involving a guy with Sales value. That said, can't see a deal withour Urias, and dount Friedman is willing to deal him.
  20. ChiSox59

    Rich hill signs with Dodgers

    QUOTE (caulfield12 @ Dec 3, 2016 -> 08:22 PM) Good luck next season if they don't trade Sale while essentially sitting out the entire offseason. They won't be able to give away tickets to watch Garcia get another 600 at-bats at DH. Patience, brah.
  21. ChiSox59

    Rich hill signs with Dodgers

    So they have: Kershaw Ryu Kazmir Maeda Hill Urias De Leon McCarthy And others. Crazy. Obviously a lot of injury question marks there but still a lot of options.
  22. ChiSox59

    Winter Meetings Predictions Thread

    QUOTE (iWin4Ron @ Dec 3, 2016 -> 02:43 PM) I like these ideas, I think we can get more for Abreu tho. Also, in a wishful perfect world, Eaton to NAT for a loaded package Agreed - that Abreu to BOS package was garbage. No point in trading Jose for that.
  23. ChiSox59

    Winter Meetings Predictions Thread

    QUOTE (iWin4Ron @ Dec 3, 2016 -> 02:43 PM) I like these ideas, I think we can get more for Abreu tho. Also, in a wishful perfect world, Eaton to NAT for a loaded package Agreed - that Abreu to BOS package was garbage. No point in trading Jose for that.
  24. ChiSox59

    Brett Lawrie Settles

    QUOTE (GreenSox @ Dec 2, 2016 -> 06:16 PM) This is worse than re-signing Avi. Does Rick Hahn actually think Lawrie's a good player? Lol, clueless comment.
  25. ChiSox59

    PIT/NATs in talks for McCutchen

    QUOTE (Quinarvy @ Dec 2, 2016 -> 03:02 PM) Who says no? Nats get: Eaton and Jennings Sox get: Giolito, Robles, Fedde, Reetz Edit: I'm saying the Nats say no Probably the Nats, but I'd do that deal. Would like Severino as the final piece.