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    7/30 Games

    QUOTE (Feeky Magee @ Jul 30, 2014 -> 12:48 PM) Didn't look at Wendelken for my top 30 because I had it in my head he was having a really bad year. Just looking at him again now, the ERA is high but the K:BB ratio is really quite good. Issue with him starting is the lack of a consistent third pitch and stamina, but he's got time. Agreed. Rarely post, but read daily. Thanks to all who contribute!
  2. ChiSox59


    I'd love to be included.
  3. QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Jul 24, 2014 -> 03:14 PM) If Beckham is the Sox biggest bust, they apparently are a lot better at drafting then anyone realizes. He's 3rd or 4th overall in career WAR for 2008 1st round picks. Good point. Only Posey, Lawrie, Jason Castro have higher career WARs than Gordon. .
  4. ChiSox59

    Micah Johnson, Frank Montas on Futures Game rosters

    QUOTE (thxfrthmmrs @ Jul 14, 2014 -> 09:24 AM) A Micah scouting video uploaded not too long ago by BA. Of course, the dude made a blasphemous mistake by call him a Cubs prospect. Honestly not the best video of Micah there. Looked horribly fooled on most swings.
  5. ChiSox59

    Rienzo optioned to AAA

    QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Jul 13, 2014 -> 01:10 PM) He is under contract for 2015 and has an option for 2016. The 2016 option is pricey (>$10 million) but if he continues performing like this it would likely be picked up. It's not terribly expensive with all things considered.
  6. QUOTE (jdupps @ Jul 11, 2014 -> 03:59 PM) So against a RH pitcher a slumping Ramirez is batting second and a red hot Gillaspie is batting sixth...makes sense to me. Back to back lefties doesn't make a ton of sense
  7. QUOTE (Stan Bahnsen @ Jul 11, 2014 -> 01:17 PM) Oh, let it be so. One of the things that must come out of this rebuild season, imo, is a reasonable plan for the back end of the rotation next year. We've batted zero thru EJohnson, Paulino, Rienzo, and Carroll is doubtful, despite the recent performance. Injuries to Lopez and Bassitt, and Beck's treading water this season, seems to have stalled any help from below. It will substantially boost my optimism in 2015 if Noesi finishes the season strongly, and it would make the FO task far more feasible. We need more than Conor to be among the found/developed pieces to result from this rebuild season. It would be wonderful if we look back a year from now and think of Hector as our new Quintana. Won't be holding my breath, but it's possible. What in the world happened to Erik Johnson? Good lord those AAA numbers are an eye sore!! Has he gone from top 50 prospect to lost cause already?
  8. ChiSox59

    Chris Sale wins Final Vote

    Keep voting guys!
  9. ChiSox59

    2015 Free Agency

    QUOTE (shysocks @ Jul 10, 2014 -> 09:03 AM) I demand Josh Willingham Why? Willingham is pretty bad at baseball. If they got him as a platoon DH on a cheap deal, ok, but he is atrocious in the field.
  10. ChiSox59

    When Does Flowers Get Replaced As Everyday Catcher?

    How long til AJ is in a ChiSox uni? 5 days? Gotta imagine both parties would be interested.
  11. ChiSox59

    All-Star Selection Show Thread

    QUOTE (Jose Abreu @ Jul 6, 2014 -> 05:24 PM) This is a joke Bet Chris is chosen as a replacement to a pitcher who threw today or yesterday.
  12. ChiSox59

    All-Star Selection Show Thread

    QUOTE (Chicago White Sox @ Jul 6, 2014 -> 04:58 PM) How would Abreu not make it? I think he's all but a guarantee. No kidding.
  13. ChiSox59

    May Schedule

    The schedule in May is much easier than the schedule in April. 14-15 start to the season is not horrible considering that. Here is to a .600 or better record in May! Go Sox!
  14. ChiSox59

    White Sox Pursuing Scott Baker

    QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Apr 28, 2014 -> 06:53 PM) It is worth a shot. Totally worth a flyer. Hahn has shown no hesitation to improve this ball club yet.
  15. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Apr 25, 2014 -> 01:40 PM) Eaton is back at the top of the order today. https://twitter.com/whitesox/status/4597774...8881152/photo/1 No Gillaspie in the lineup, or on the available players list. Did the SOX DL him?
  16. ChiSox59

    Avisail Garcia is out for the rest of 2014

    Well that f***in' blows.
  17. ChiSox59

    Sox claim Javy Guerra

    QUOTE (flavum @ Mar 28, 2014 -> 11:41 AM) Guerra has been optioned to Charlotte. I thought he was out of options, but I guess not. It's good since he hasn't really pitched in a while. Good for Webb too. edit: He was outrighted to Charlotte, which makes more sense. Also means he's not on the 40-man. Wouldn't that mean he would have cleared waivers after the SOX claimed him?
  18. ChiSox59

    Help - MLB TV Subscription Cancellation

    Just out of curiosity, why are all guys cancelling? Move back to Chicago area? Upgrading to extra innings? Is there another option out there I am not aware of? Thanks!
  19. ChiSox59

    Grab a SP now

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Jan 27, 2014 -> 04:55 PM) I wouldn't be surprised to see something like that happen. It makes much more sense for the Sox. James McDonald would be a great Coop project.
  20. ChiSox59

    Grab a SP now

    If the SOX signed Garza to the contract the Brewers are close to signing him to, I wouldn't be mad. I think Garza would be a nice addition. Do I understand why waiting another year makes sense? Absolutely. But you can never have enough good pitching. Garza (with no draft pick compensation) for $13M per year is not that big of a risk. Now, Santana and Ubaldo are a bit different due to draft pick compensation. No point in the SOX forfeiting that pick when they've had their best draft position in eons, and when considering the overall state of the organization.
  21. ChiSox59

    Sox re-sign Gordo and De Aza 1 year each

    QUOTE (ewokpelts @ Jan 17, 2014 -> 04:14 PM) Does anyone actually call Beckham "gordo'? I do.
  22. ChiSox59

    Hahn's next move?

    QUOTE (The Ultimate Champion @ Dec 25, 2013 -> 01:28 PM) I see no reason why Hector Noesi of the Mariners shouldn't be available, nor any reason Hahn shouldn't look into him. The Mariners could use DeAza in the OF IMO & maybe Dunn some in the DH slot. DeAza + Dunn + tons of cash for Noesi and some other pitching maybe? I'd love to see the Sox pull some arms out of that org. Noesi would be a nice #5 and add righty balance with potential to far exceed that. Wow what a horrid deal that would be for the sox.
  23. ChiSox59

    Hahn's next move?

    QUOTE (chitownsportsfan @ Dec 21, 2013 -> 07:48 PM) s*** for some reason I thought he was signed through next year too, at 15m, well that makes trading him a bit easier although it also means you're only saving 7 million or so if you trade him at the deadline. Man, if Dunn was even 3/4 of the player he was in Cincy for the Sox that would have been a great contract. Still one of the more bizarre cases of a player just completely cratering after a long run of success I've seen. While not as good as he was earlier in his career, Dunn has been pretty close to as advertised the past two seasons. 2011 was obviously an epic failure, but the guy has blasted 75 home runs the past two seasons. That's Adam Dunn.
  24. ChiSox59

    Sox agree to 1 yr deal with Scott Downs

    QUOTE (RockRaines @ Dec 19, 2013 -> 03:19 PM) I thought for sure we were going to acquire a veteran MI bat. Doesn't seem to be a real need for this team, in all honesty.
  25. ChiSox59

    Viciedo; Start, platoon, or trade?

    QUOTE (TheFutureIsNear @ Dec 18, 2013 -> 12:41 PM) It makes no sense to platoon him with a 30 year old who is on the last year of his contract. Give Dayan everyday AB's in LF for at least 1/2 the season and see if he has put anything together yet. Trading him shouldn't be an option either because you would be selling pretty much at his lowest possible point. And this is coming from someone who doesn't have much hope for Dayan White Sox have 2 more years of control on De Aza. I'd like to trade De Aza, but I wouldn't just give him away. He is a solid player, and would fit in just fine in any lineup batting 7th or 8th. The Sox need LH bats. I would use De Aza as the 4th OF who gets starts at every OF position once a week, maybe twice in LF. Not a straight platoon, because I think Dayan needs ABs, but definitely get him in there. Someone will come calling for De Aza eventually - just wait until the return is right. He doesn't HAVE to be moved.