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  1. Phil Rogers (worhjtless opinion) says Cease, Jared Kelley, Adolfo and Collins for Lynn. Almost as bad as fast food Joshs take of Cease, Steiver and Thompson.
  2. I'm not holding anything against him. I am Zack Collins fan, and I agree with everything you said. The kid has no chance to get a groove getting 3-4 at bats a week, and Renteria not playing him regularly last season was asinine. I mean Wellington fuc*in' Castillo was getting late season at bats over him. I am not advoating for trading him because of his 2020 performance. All that said, with Grandal in the picture, and a bevy of 1B/DH options in the org that are better hitters, he just doesn't really have a spot on this team moving forward. If you can use him to get a guy that could put the Sox over the edge this season, and perhaps contribute next year, you don't balk at moving him. I think Collins skill set could turn him into a poor man's Mike Napoli type moving forward, and that has a ton of use. Especially as a lefty who can at least catch occasionally. But with one of the best catchers in the game on our roster for the next 3.25 seasons, he's likely not going to get much playing time here.
  3. I like Ray as an option first and foremost because I think he's a talented pitcher, but also he's struggled so much in this SSS 2020 that the Dbacks would likely give him away for nothing more than salary relief, and you get a month to get to know him and work with him. If the sox don't get Ray in the next week, I'd love bringing him in this offseason on a cheap one year deal with an option or two. If he does get traded, he may be stuck in someone's bullpen and it could really destroy his FA market even moreso than his 2020 performance. He's a talented guy.
  4. I'd trade Collins a NY minute at this point. Dude doesn't even play. If someone actually wanted him, you trade his ass immediately. Even next year when McCann is gone, Grandal should be catching damn near every day like he has every season until this one. Collins has no real role on this club moving forward other than just depth. Now, I wouldn't just give him away. I am talking about another club that actually values him in a trade.
  5. ChiSox59

    Madrigal to the IL/Delmonico Optioned

    I didn't say Kopech didn't have value. I said its at its lowest since his early Boston days, to which I still believe. Dude hasn't thrown a competitive pitch in 2 years.
  6. ChiSox59

    Yolmer back!

    Delmonico was already optioned for Lopez.
  7. ChiSox59

    Madrigal to the IL/Delmonico Optioned

    Trading Kopech at his literal lowest value since his early Boston days, after we just recouped a full year of service time, seems like......a really stupid decision.
  8. ChiSox59

    Detwiler Watch

    Hard pass.
  9. ChiSox59

    Detwiler Watch

    I'll eat crow. I wanted this guy nowhere near the MLB roster. He's been quite impressive. I actually wish Ricky would use him more! Ride the hot hand while you can...
  10. ChiSox59

    The Next 12 Games

    Let's start with these two against the really bad Pirates. 8-4 would be solid, but if we can get these 2 against the Pirates, I would hope to do better than 6-4 in the next 10. Ideally gotta get 2 of 3 from Minnesota, too.
  11. Insanity. Cease alone has far more FV than Lynn. Nor would I trade Cease alone for Lynn. Nor does trading Cease for Lynn really do much to solidify our rotation as we just robbed peter to pay paul.
  12. ChiSox59

    Sox playoff chances sit at 100%, 3rd in AL for WS odds

    That too, but I certainly wouldn't say that is the biggest weakness. There will still be some tension for the last couple spots the last weekend of the season, I would guess. It just in general makes the regular season pointless. In baseball any team can with a 3 game series. To work all season to win your division, and then have to play some upstart 8 seed in a 3 game series is just terrible structure. I've always felt that the first round should be 7 games pre-covid season rules. IF you're going to do any sort of playoff expansion, it should be 3 division winners and 3 wild card. Top 2 records of the division winners get byes. Division winner #3 vs WC #3, WC #1 vs. WC #2 in a 5 game series. Division winner #1 gets to pick their opponent in the next round. Only real negative to that is that the best two teams in each league have to sit around for a week, which is tough in baseball. I think you'd also have to try to go to a more balanced schedule if you did this.
  13. ChiSox59

    Sox playoff chances sit at 100%, 3rd in AL for WS odds

    Its just such a shitty situation for the top seeds. In a 162 game season, you go 110-52 and then lose 2 of game2 to a team that went 79-83 in the 1/8 seed game and POOF - season over. Dumb. It works for this season. But it will be a travesty if this structure continues after 2020.
  14. ChiSox59

    White Sox Probable Pitchers (PIT/KC/MIN)

    He is making $4.5M in 2020 though. Are you ready to pay him $6.5-7.5M via arb? I doubt the Sox are. Maybe they non-tender him and get him to sign a cheap deal later in the offseason as insurance when he realizes there isn't a robust market for his services. I would be good with that - but I doubt Rodon will agree to pay cut before arbitration.
  15. ChiSox59

    Madrigal to the IL/Delmonico Optioned

    Id probably try to give him until Friday. We will likely have Madrigal back tonight and Danny can cover 3B against the woeful Pirates for 2 days.
  16. ChiSox59

    Carson Fulmer released by Tigers

    He literally got claimed by the first team that had a chance.
  17. ChiSox59

    Madrigal to the IL/Delmonico Optioned

    Madrigal should be back at some point this week.
  18. Its just frustrating to see people continue to disregard half the game. Plus, the Reds just signed the dude and are trying to win. They aren't going to trade him.
  19. ChiSox59

    White Sox Probable Pitchers (PIT/KC/MIN)

    Mhmmm. I was not ready to throw in the towel on Rodon this past offseason, but I am now fairly certain his days as a Sox are over after 2020. If we get a little bit of use out of him in the pen later on this season, great. But he's a definite non-tender following 2020 at this point.
  20. ChiSox59

    White Sox Probable Pitchers (PIT/KC/MIN)

    I think Dunning is technically eligible to return on Saturdya the 29th. I'd probably try to avoid Reynaldo vs. Minnesota and shift Cease to Friday. Still would be pitching on normal 4 day rest. PIT: Giolito and Keuchel KC: Cease (Friday), ReyLo (Sat), Dunning (Sun) MN: Giolito, Keuchel, Cease
  21. ChiSox59

    White Sox Probable Pitchers (PIT/KC/MIN)

    A couple ticks behind Lopez, was the quote.
  22. ChiSox59

    White Sox Probable Pitchers (PIT/KC/MIN)

    No. He's throwing in Schaumburg.
  23. ChiSox59

    White Sox Probable Pitchers (PIT/KC/MIN)

    I bet Dunning is recalled for Saturday or Sunday start against KC. PIT: Giolito and Keuchel KC: ReyLo, Cease and Dunning MN: Giolito, Keuchel, ReyLo
  24. ChiSox59

    Lambert to the IL

    Was there ever any update on lambert when he was shifted to 45 day IL? Do we know anything other than "forearm strain"? Surgery necessary?
  25. ChiSox59

    16 added to Schaumburg squad

    By my count, that means 56 total guys (28 on active roster, and 28 on 10 day IL or in Schaumburg). Did not include 45 day DL guys - guessing they don't count in the 60.