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  1. Lets get this one and take 3/4.
  2. ChiSox59

    So who's the next manager?

    Renteria is awful. Plain awful. But I think he's probably the guy for the forseeable future.
  3. ChiSox59

    Leadoff Man going forward - TA or Robert?

    Anderson, Moncada, Robert, Eloy, Grandal, Abreu, Encarnacion, Mazara, Leury/Madrigal is fine with me. So long as Robert is moved to third if he's not leadoff, I don't really care. Batting him outside the top 3 is insanely stupid. But we all know Ricky isn't moving Abreu off the 3 hole.
  4. ChiSox59

    Sox might not be aggressive in trading

    I thought you can only trade guys on your 60 man roster?
  5. ChiSox59

    8/6/20 vs. BrewCrew @ 7:10PMCT

    Who gets optioned today? Delmonico would be the logical choice, but why not DFA him 2 days ago instead of Basabe if that was the plan. Goins probably safe for now until Timmy comes back. Maybe they DFA Lail before throwing a pitch? Probably want to keep Collins up so they can continue to play both Grandal and McCann a couple times a week. Sure looks like Delmonico to me, but a real headscratcher with the Basabe news earlier this week.
  6. ChiSox59

    Sox might not be aggressive in trading

    Other problem is you have to trade from you 60 man - so its not like you can just trade low level lottery tickets for a stopgap vet.
  7. ChiSox59

    Rodon leaves game early, Dunning next up?

    Who then? They need to leave Detwiler where he is. Despite not wanting that guy anywhere near the MLB roster, he's been quite good and I don't see a reason to fuck with that. With Lambert Hurt, Dunning and Flores apparently not the one, and Lopez/Rodon IL'd, is Clayton Richard the only option?
  8. So what is the corresponding move?
  9. ChiSox59

    Any update on TA?

    Yes we do, not sure what he's talking about.
  10. ChiSox59


    At least its the left shoulder. Still not convinced its not something much worse. If you slowmo down that slide, it sure looks like his forearm snapped up near his elbow. https://twitter.com/pinwheelsivypod/status/1290814114302849024?s=21 pause / slow mo at 50 second mark and watch forearm.
  11. ChiSox59

    Rodon leaves game early, Dunning next up?

    I was a big proponent of giving Rodon another shot in 2020, but if he's toast for this year, his Sox career is ovah. Damn shame, really.
  12. ChiSox59

    Rodon to IL, Basabe DFA’d, Lail called up

    I, like others, don't really get why you DFA Basabe over Delmonico who has no role on this team with Mazara back. But I also trust the Sox have a pretty good feel for Basabe at this point. I can't really imagine he clears waivers, but with him being out of options next year (along with Adolfo I believe) there just isn't space for him. Especially for a dude who is still just 26 years old.
  13. ChiSox59

    Rodon leaves game early, Dunning next up?

    Hard to imagine that isn’t it for Carlos in a Sox uni if he doesn’t return this season.
  14. I’m just confused what exactly they expected? How many dudes tested positive on intake and during Summer Camp? 70 some? Maybe more. Almost every team had at least one. Around 5% of those who reported test positive. Obviously the Marlins outbreak is new, but other than that it’s been pretty small #s. I mean - everyone knew this would happen. If the plan was to panic cancel games and destroy the schedule less than a week in, why even bother? And why did no one feel like they had to shut everything down everytime a dude tested positive in summer camp? whole this is puzzling to me.
  15. ChiSox59


    Pnoles is a clown. Pretty sure the guy actually roots against the Sox.
  16. ChiSox59


    Also so pumped to see Madrigal play. Hope Nomar is coming up as well.
  17. ChiSox59


    Good on the Sox for cutting bait on Herrera.
  18. ChiSox59

    7/31 Sox vs Royals GT

    Good on Sox for DFA's Hererra. Not a move they would have made in the past.
  19. If they're going to cancel games for 1 positive test for the team with the positive (even if clubhouse staff), and any team they've been in recent contact with, there is absolutely no way this season is finishing.
  20. I'd be surprised if baseball games are still happening in a week.
  21. Twins just played Cards. Twins currently playing Tribe. Those games could be called. Sox head to Milwaukee on Monday, and will use the clubhouse the Cards have been using (if any games played this weekend).
  22. ChiSox59

    16 added to Schaumburg squad

    I think they should bring him up tomorrow without a doubt. Nick fuckin' Madrigal isn't going a grievance. Just assuming "they can get past the Royals just fine without him" would be really stupid. That being said, I wouldn't be shocked at all if they waited longer. I was all for getting the extra year (it was the right call), but get his ass up here right now.
  23. ChiSox59

    Lambert to the IL

    Is Burdi even in Schaumburg? edit: yes he is, answered my own question.
  24. ChiSox59

    7/29 Sox vs Indians GT

    We need to rattle off 4 Ws in a row here.
  25. ChiSox59

    Lambert to the IL

    Fuck, that sucks.