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  1. 1 hour ago, tray said:

    You sound like the Sox gave  Jose an Albert Pujols contract.

    What if Moncada decides to sign an extension in part because his his pals are going to be on the team with him for a few years ?

    The Sox want to keep Eloy, Moncada, Robert and Abreu happy for a few years.  No worries. This will work out just fine.

    I literally just said it’s whatever. The Sox wanted to take care of their guy. But they paid him between $15-20M more than anyone else would have, maybe more. It was unnecessary. 

  2. A few things. 

    The Abreu extension was and remains bad. It’s not like the Sox can’t work around it, but it was completely unnecessary. That said, clearly Jose provides intangibles to the club that the org loves, and they wanted to keep him around and take care of their guy. So long as he doesn’t fall off a cliff and so long as his $50M over the next 3 years doesn’t stop the Sox from adding other impact players as needed, it’s whatever. That remains to be seen, but in year 1 it doesn’t appear it made much of a difference. 

    Nomar Mazara has been just a guy. But he’s incredibly talented, and has battled hand injuries the past 2 seasons. I didn’t love the move at the time, but based on how the lineup looks, I have no issues whatsoever rolling the dice on him for the 2020 season. He’s going to be an above average bat against RHP, and he’s going to be a slightly below average RF. There is a chance things click for him and we have a monster everyone thought he would be 4 years ago. 

    No matter how much Backdoor tries to will Nick Castellanos into existence, it’s just not going to happen. The Sox clearly have their eye on better fits for the long term roster in RF next offseason and they also want to give Mazara a shot in the meantime. It’s time to let it go, bud. Castellanos isn’t even that good and his OF defense is comically bad. We don’t need 2/3 of our OF for the next several seasons to be DHs. Don’t understand why you’ve been so unwieldy to accept that that isn’t a positive for this org. 

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  3. Meant to quote Southwallace:

    I don't disagree here at all, which is why I have Brad Miller so high on my list.  He makes a lot of sense.  Sox are pretty thin on the left side of the IF if there is an injury.  Sure Mendick and Leury could fill in in a pinch there, but I don't think the Sox are super excited about him being option 2 at both 3B and SS.  

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  4. 40 minutes ago, TomPickle said:

    I know they want to play service time games with Kopech, but he's going to be 19 months removed from Tommy John by the start of the season. He should be ready if needed as well.

    I was counting Kopech already.  Giolito, Keuchel, Lopez, Cease, Gonzalez, Kopech.....Rodon sometime mid summer, and Dunning, Lambert, Flores and even Steiever as mentioned also should be 2nd half options if need be.  

  5. 37 minutes ago, Colinski said:

    Defo Collin McHugh at its not even close for me. Currently if a starter gets injured in the second inning or get shelled who pitches ? I hate using an entire pen to get though a game, he could also spot start. I’ll be banging the drum (bin 🤭) for this one until opening day. 

    I am not against McHugh by any means, but Dunning, Lambert, Flores and even Steiever could all take starts in the 2nd half if the need arose.   

  6. 2 hours ago, Lillian said:

    Leury should be just fine, as a platoon partner for Mazara. He hits lefties well enough to cover those games, as his performance over the last 3 years indicates:

    AVG   OBP  SLG

    .302   .341 .349

    .333   .349  .444

    .311   .344  .443

    Given his speed and versatility, he is probably as good as some of the other names, which have been suggested, in the limited role of Mazara's platoon partner, especially when considering the cost. I'm much more interested in additional pitching depth, than I am concerned about acquiring a guy to take 100 + at bats from Mazara. In fact, I'd kind of like to know if Mazara can learn to hit lefties better. If Nomar realizes his potential vs. RH pitching, it would be helpful to know if he would still need a platoon partner, going forward, should the Sox have an interest in extending him. 

    Exactly.  Leury with a little Engel sprinkled is a perfect weak side platoon mate for Mazara.  We're talking about one season here.

    Plus, the FA market isn't exactly teaming with guys that rake lefties, can play an acceptable RF and can be had on a reasonable contract.  

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  7. 5 minutes ago, gusguyman said:

    I tend to agree that Castellanos wouldn't be the best use of resources, but also I don't think the logjam is as problematic as you imply here. When everyone is healthy:

    Adam Engel optioned to Charlotte

    Starting OF of Eloy, Robert, Castellanos.

    Mazara takes a 2-3 games a week from Castellanos and Eloy, mostly against RHP. He takes another game a week in RF when you shift Castellanos to DH.

    EE at DH 4-5 games a week, Castellanos and Grandal/McCann when you rest him (at his age, we probably don't want to push EE for 140+ games anyway)

    You also can move people around to give Jose one game off a week.

    That is when everyone is healthy. As soon as one of Robert/Eloy/Castellanos/EE/Jose gets an injury (which seems likely), you shift it all around.

    The only disadvantage is you are losing Adam as a late-inning defensive replacement. In a really healthy season, maybe his defense is worth more wins. But if any of those 5 guys misses significant time (or if someone like EE hits the age cliff) having both Castellanos and Mazara makes you a MUCH deeper team, and would obviously be worth more wins.

    You also have the worst defensive OF in the game with a young developing pitching staff, and you’re going to be forced into sitting a really good stick at all times. The second part I guess is a good problem to have, but it’s pretty extraneous. 

    Like I said, I won’t complain about Castellanos on a 1 year deal. I don’t see it as all that likely, but I guess him signing a 1 year deal feels more likely now than it did pre Ozuna signing. Anything over a year would be a such a shortsighted move, and it’d be really hard to convince me otherwise. But I suppose if he’s cheap enough you can always dump him for nothing but salary relief down the road if he doesn’t fall apart. 

    I just really want the Sox to play good defense. NC just makes that very difficult. Can live with it for a year for a great value deal, but it’s not a wise longer term decision. 

  8. 6 minutes ago, steveno89 said:

    I think Sox feel good about rolling the dice on Mazara for 2020 in RF. A change of scenery might really benefit him, and he can bat in the 7/8/9 hole with less pressure. 

    Castellanos just does not seem like a fit, especially after inking Encarnacion to DH. 

    If the Sox add they should look to a guy like Gennett/Dozier/Iglesias. 

    Iglesias is already signed. 

  9. Just now, CaliSoxFanViaSWside said:

    OK thanks so I was right, around $100M post arb or around $90M pre arb. So as others have said besides me, it requires patience to see how 2020 plays out and Castellanos doesn't fit , As  @ptatc and I said . Let the young relievers develop and maybe the lost BP pieces can mosty be added internally and Kopech and the other young startes can keep advancing too and 2021-2023 is your window to win the World Series.

    I can't really count 2020 in that window unless the young starters show a lot of improvement by the All Star break and then we can add to the team if necessary. Less likely to add having Castellanos salary in the mix.

    Its like $70M prearb, not $90M.  

  10. 4 minutes ago, CaliSoxFanViaSWside said:

    I know there will be those others things but the starting point is probably less than $100 maybe closer to $90 right ? You tell me.

    Is $150M payroll out of the question next year? $140M ?

    Just ran through it and it should be right around $100M including all arb plauyers with generous arb 1 raises for Moncada, Giolito, Lopez, Bummer and Fry.  This also assumes EE, Herrera and Gio Gonzalez are gone, Mazara is non-tendered and Rodon tendered for $7.5M.  

  11. 14 minutes ago, Moan4Yoan said:

    Pederson is realistic.  I don’t think Betts or Springer are at all.

    I don't think Betts is "realistic", but I think Sox should have better than 1/10 shot.  Assuming they don't sign NC to a 3 year deal in the next couple weeks, the White Sox will be one of a handful of teams that will definitely be in the bidding for Betts.  Will they land him?  Chances are they won't, but its a lot easier to drop that kind of cash on 1 player when you don't have a bunch of other holes to fill.  2021 payroll should be right around $100M after arb, so its not like they don't have room and RF and perhaps a pen arm or two are (hopefully) going to be the only big holes to fill next offseason.

    Punting any ability to play in the RF FA market next offseason just so we can run a DH out in RF for the next 3 seasons that is only a slightly above average hitter against RHP is so so so so so shortsighted unless it is a 1 year deal.  

  12. 37 minutes ago, CWSpalehoseCWS said:

    "If a player has more than three years of Major League service time or was previously outrighted in his career (by his current club or another club), he is eligible to reject the outright assignment and instead opt for free agency."

    Covey was outright back in 2018, so he can reject the assignment.

    He was previously Outrighted? Don’t recall that. 

  13. 51 minutes ago, flavum said:

    I see on MLBTR that it’s still up in the air whether he’ll choose free agency rather than accept the outright.

    I believe that is wrong. When has Covey been previously Outrighted?

    edit: sounds like maybe he was in 2018, don’t recall that.