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  1. 1 minute ago, Tony said:

    He threw 0.2 IP and 8 pitches in his appearance today. If that’s how he is going to be used....this entire year is a waste for him in the long term plan. 


    2 minutes ago, Tony said:

    He threw 0.2 IP and 8 pitches in his appearance today. If that’s how he is going to be used....this entire year is a waste for him in the long term plan. 

    I mean, I don’t think they’re gonna leave him out there to dry just in the sake of stretching him out. He pitched 2.1 innings his 21 debut and then 1 IP each in the next 2 outings. Guy is in the pen - he’s not gonna be just a multi inning reliever all season.

    I want Crochet stretched out for 22 as much as the next guy, but we got a long season ahead of us and Crochet is going to be used in many ways throughout the year. Didn’t really see anything wrong with how TLR used him today based on how it was going. 

  2. 1 minute ago, AJ'S Cousin said:

    I'm retired, i got nothing else to do but watch baseball and CNBC!!!

    Hey man, I agree with your OP. Sox will be fine. It’s ugly right now but just gonna stay afloat. Not like anyone in the central is running away with it. A 4-2 round trip would sure be nice, but settle for 3-3. 

    Sox are a good baseball team, and the bats will come around. TA is back. TLR lineup was solid today. Im not worried, though rattling off some wins would sure be nice. 

  3. 29 minutes ago, Tony said:

    No, I’ll trust you on this ptac, you’ve more than proven yourself in the sports medicine field on here, you know way more than I do in that regard. I just think this season is going to be almost a total loss for Crochet if the plan is to make him a starter. If he ends up being an RP...fine (not fine, but you get it) but if they are still saying they want him as a starter long term, him throwing in an situation like today is awful.

    What about today makes that an awful situation for Crochet? Honestly curious why you feel that way. 

  4. 2 minutes ago, ShoeLessRob said:

    I’d be upset if this isn’t par for the course with Abreu. He always sucks in April. Grandal is what he is, high OBP, low average, and lots of K’s. Where as he has historically hit around .240-50, I think with age his average will dip. 

    In a Sox uni, Grandal has been the guy he always has been. And that’s still very valuable. He’s never gonna hit .280+. He’ll be right around .240-.250 by seasons end like he always is. 

    Abreu otoh, needs to snap out of it. JA has come up in tons of huge spots and flailed away so far in SSS. 

  5. 17 minutes ago, mqr said:

    I would bet they expect Williams to clear and will just put him back on. I doubt we've seen the last of him

    Maybe, but pretty sure he would have to accept his assignment based on the fact he is a veteran.  

    I double checked and the 40 man is currently at 39 with this move.  I don't know how long Hamilton is expected to be out, and Engel should be back next week, so I would think that'll be it for Williams in a Sox uni, but never say never I guess. 

  6. 35 minutes ago, Balta1701 said:

    It would have been really, really nice to see the playoff team last year, see the possibilities of the next 5-7 years, and then not receive a LaRussa Shaped kick to the side of the head.

    Yeah, I didn't and still do NOT like the hire either. Certainly don't like the way the first 11 games have been managed.  But baseball is a marathon, not a sprint and the man will have the 2nd most wins of any manager in MLB history by seasons end. Me thinks he knows a thing or two about managing baseball games.  That said, he deserves the criticism he's received so far, but frankly, things probably look a whole lot different if he wasn't try to mix and match for Eloy and TA.  Any team loses 2 of their best players, things aren't going to go exactly how we drew it up all offseason.  

  7. 1 minute ago, SonofaRoache said:

    Probably because we have never made the playoffs in back to back years and have like 7 playoff appearances in 60 years. 

    Sure.  Understandable.  I've lived through the bad baseball too.  But if you can't enjoy solid baseball and can't see that this team is going to be pretty good for the next 5-7 years, maybe following the team isn't the best use of your time.  Not every situation needs to be viewed in the most negative angle possible, at all times.  

  8. 36 minutes ago, ScooterMcGee said:

    I am as die hard a fan as anyone. I love the Chicago White Sox. If they rebuild again, bye bye. I'm not going through 3-5 more years of intentional losing. We were promised this rebuild would bring SUSTAINED winning. That was the point of it. Nope, if this rebuild doesn't workout and they have to do another one, I will occupy my time with something else. 

    I cannot believe people actually want this to happen. They must have just hopped on the train or something and started following the team.

    Yeah.  I am with you.  I definitely would still be a die hard, but it'd be real kick to the nuts.  

    I have sort of unique White Sox upbringing.  I've never actually lived in Illinois.  My dad is born and raised southsider and a DIEHARD White Sox fan.  So I grew up without a choice, and fell in love with the sox at a very young age and have been just as big of a die hard since childhood.  But due to my circumstances, I didn't really converse with Sox fans (other than my dad who is an extremely positive fan) that much until message boards as a teenager (I am now 30). But....the point I am trying to make, is that Sox fans are a negative bunch.  As a whole, they expect the worst.  You see it here everyday.  We're 11 games into the season that is widely considered the very beginning over our long contention window, and people are talking about tearing it down.  Its sad.  

  9. 1 minute ago, MiddleCoastBias said:

    I feel like the "let Vaughn play and trade for Peralta" can both happen. No one is making real trades 11 games into the season, so we're likely best to try Vaughn in left to see what we have *until* we can find another team that has decided that want to start making trades. I just don't think that will happen in April.

    Completely agreed.  I also think, realistically, Yermin isn't going to be our fulltime DH for the entire season.  So Vaughn can shift back to DH some at some point, and a Peralta/Engel platoon would be very solid.  

    Peralta is a lifetime .304/.357/.507 hitter against RHP.  Dude rakes righties.  We could really use him, honestly.  

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  10. 1 hour ago, daggins said:

    Josh from Soxmachine suggested that David Peralta was a "future White Sox" due to him checking a number of boxes (left handed, on a cheap deal, eminently obtainable).

    I kind of hate it but since it's an unimpressive, temporary bandage on a self-inflicted wound, it's the most White Sox thing that can happen and is virtually guaranteed.

    Peralta can hit.  He'd be a massive upgrade over the current situation if Vaughn isn't going to get a fair shake.

    They should just let Vaughn play LF, tho.  

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  11. 2 minutes ago, fathom said:

    Sorry I meant the first two weeks of games they’ve lost.  A lot of teams will lose to Bieber, but don’t piss away games against lesser teams because your manager is brain dead.

    That’s fair. Definitely have given a few away. Not sure this was one of them tho. Moncada just needs to come through in the 9th. Yoan is my guy, but he is worthless at the plate right now. 

  12. Not that anyone could have expected him to hit .600 for a whole season, but Yermin has looked a bit more like the guy we thought he was over the last week. A lot of weak contact, though his eye is legit and I absolutely love his approach with 2 strikes.  He's got a role on this team for sure, but I don't think the Sox can/should be relying on him to carry the load of a 5 hitter. 

  13. 1 hour ago, Two-Gun Pete said:


    Far be it for me to come between you two in a lovers' quarrel.


    But, xFIP isn't park-adjusted, and has it's limitations insofar as HR/FB% being "normalized" to league average. For a pitcher like Colome, who has a career HR/FB% at 9.1%, his xFIP will always be higher than his FIP. Over his career, his xFIP has been > FIP to the tune of some ~0.5-ish, BECAUSE his HR/FB% is < the league average. Colome also doesn't miss bats as much as other closers, so he'll again be underrated in today's day and age, where strikeout pitchers are all the rage.


    More cogently, to the opinion that Hendriks is "far far far better reliever than Colome?" I'm not so sure. Perhaps "better," but "far far far better?" I think that could be a bit subjective. Maybe "far better," or "far far better," but then subtract the difference in contract size/length, so it goes back to "better?"

    I'm not so sure that a guy on the wrong side of 30, coming from an INSANELY pitching-friendly environment was what this team needed this past offseason. I'm not sure that buying a guy who had only 1 season of fWAR > the league average closer [a shortened 2020 aside] isn't "buying high." I'm not sure that a team that ALREADY HAD Heuer, Bummer, Crochet, Kopech, Foster, plus Fry and Burdi really NEEDED to blow their FA wad on a closer, when there are/were more pressing needs.


    I think that asking if "Hendriks is a better pitcher than Colome" isn't the right question to ask, when you're dealing with an org that has self-imposed salary restrictions. I think the better questions could have been:

    1. Is Hendriks THREE TIMES the pitcher that Colome is, based on salary, AND YEARS? [If this is what Hendriks is today, what will he be in 3 years from now?!? 😱]

    2. Is the future closer already in-house, and at a lower salary? [BTW, did the 2005 SOX break camp with Jenks as the closer? Just askin'....]

    3. Could we use the difference in Hendrik's salary/years and Colome's salary/years, and then asset allocate into another area of need? [Rotational depth, utility depth since this org doesn't believe in making versatile players, etc...]


    For my money, I would have preferred to commit less salary, and fewer years to Colome than what they ultimately paid to Hendriks. I would have preferred that, knowing that I've got PILES of young relievers in the org who might be able to get the closers' job done at a fraction of Hendrik's price/years. [And knowing that Colome's salary would not have handcuffed the org going forward.] I would have then bought another SP in FA, because I think that Cease has sucked out loud at baseball so far. Not because I'm "pining for Colome," so much as I thought/think that the money could have been invested more wisely in this roster..


    YMMV, and please, carry on, you two. 

    Lol, nice post.  Made my chuckle.

    I too agree that the 4/$54M on Hendriks could have perhaps been better spent elsewhere on the roster.  But Hendriks has been one of the premier closers in the game for a couple years and certainly will fit in nicely at the back of anyone's pen.  For a team that is as budget conscience as the Sox, I too found it to be a curious move, especially with all the big time young arms they have.  That said, bullpens and young arms are awfully fickle and we all know how quickly a surplus can turn into a need.  

    Colome is a fine big league reliever.  He over achieved with the Sox.  His stuff isn't great and he's getting older.  Would he have been a solid guy to bring back for $5M?  Yeah, probably.  But if the finances are as tight as the Sox make it out to be, I am glad they spent that money on Eaton instead.  Imagine how bad our OF would look without him right now!  

    At the end of the day, not so sure why @harkness99 got so offended, but in any event, we're all on the same team here and the bullpen should be a strong plus for the Sox without Colome around.  

  14. 16 hours ago, harkness99 said:

    now im "pining" lol

    perhaps hendricks is better long term than colome... that seems to be an accepted conclusion by many.

    I like how being a little smart ass in your mind isn't personal.


    I don't know how someone telling you Colome isn't very good, especially as a closer, makes me a "smart ass".  There is a reason 29 other clubs wouldn't beat the $5M the Twins gave him.  The reason: he's not very good.  

  15. 26 minutes ago, manbearpuig said:

    Honestly, just send Vaughn down.

    100% this for me.  What they're doing to Vaughn doesn't make any sense.  Maybe the plan truly is to just have him up here until the minor league season opens because some MLB games are better than the alt site.  That is the only thing that makes any sense.  Unless they truly just planned to DH him Mercedes just destroyed that plan.  But even so, this LF situation is pathetic for a team trying to win a division.  I am sort of at a loss.    

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  16. 49 minutes ago, harkness99 said:

    oh yeah the "narrative" of two posts

    all i said was that i thought colome did well last couple years... was a bit suprised they got rid of him.


    Then you come in telling me how he actually sucks.. with some implied sabermetric stats that only the truly enlightned like yourself know.

    Just being a

    snide ass



    Lol, wow.  So sorry I upset you. Not sure the personal attacks are necessary.  

    Doesn't take much effort to see Colome had an xFIP (I just chose 1 of several obvious measures!) of 4.61 and 4.26 in his 2 seasons in a White Sox jersey, clearly exhibiting his 2.81 and 0,81 ERAs were not sustainable. Then you watch the guy, and he see he can't strike anybody out and walks a tight rope most times he pitches.

    Hendriks is far far far better reliever than Colome,  yet here you are pining for Colome and calling out Hendriks for his poor 3 appearances.  

    Comical stuff.