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  1. Joc is a fine 1 year stop gap if we get into like Feb and couldn’t do better. 

    Joc being anything more than a fallback option would be very disappointing. We have one major hole in the future lineup and no one knocking at the door to take it anytime soon. Make a deal for a real RF. 

  2. 2 hours ago, SCCWS said:

    Hopefully the organization can find him a position. RF may be a stretch so it could be IB by default. Not DH as some have said. 

    I think it’ll be 60% Jose 1B and 40% Vaughn (once he arrives in late April). Other DHs. 

    In 22, 70% Vaughn 1B and 30% Jose. 

    Then its Vaughn’s position. By then, Eloy will be the DH. 

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  3. 50 minutes ago, YourWhatHurts said:

    Crazy but IMO actually sensible deal if the Red Sox want to dump salary:

    Sale + Vazquez for Grandal + Keuchel + Lopez + Rodon + Mazara, pre-nontender deadline

    Why for Sox:  They are probably looking at trying to dump Rodon and Mazara anyway, and probably looking at least at a change of scenery deal with Lopez.  They effectively swap out Keuchel's spot and contract for Sale's, meaning that there's more risk and more money, but way more upside also.  Vazquez slots in at C and Collins sits behind him.  In reality, Vazquez is an upgrade over Grandal as a C immediately, and he is under control through 2022 with also a chance at a QO if he is worthy for 2023.  Grandal is guaranteed through 2023 so it's almost a wash on control, and Vazquez is more easily extendable for 2023-2024 because his current contract basically would mean that the Sox have him by the balls a bit.  I bet Hahn could extend Vazquez's deal.

    Why for Red Sox: They get to dump all of the remaining salary owed to Sale.  Also they can choose whether they want to try to take a shot on Rodon as a SP or closer as a deadline piece, and a shot at Mazara also as a deadline trade piece.  Keuchel gives them rotation certainty at a much more reasonable cost and Grandal really fits the Red Sox as a part time C part time DH with OBP and power.  Lopez is also a reclamation project they have rotation space form, but one they could try to keep if they can fix him.  If the Red Sox wanted they could nontender everyone but Keuchel and Grandal.

    Not sure on arb raises but in 2020 salary the Sox send out 18.25M for Grandal + 18M for Keuchel + 4.45M for Rodon + 5.56M for Mazara + 0.605M for Lopez = 46.865M in 2020 salary, and send out 110.75M in guaranteed obligations to Keuchel (56M through 2023) and Grandal (54.75M through 2023).  Meanwhile the Red Sox send out 30M for Sale + 4.2M for Vazquez = 34.2M in 2020 salary and send out 142.25M in guaranteed obligations to Sale (135M through 2025) and Vazquez (6.25M in 2021 with a club option on 2022 for 7M with a 0.25M buyout).  The Sox would take on about 31M more in guaranteed money but would get Sale through 2025 and Vazquez through at least 2022, again with a great chance of keeping him beyond that point.

    Personally I would chance it with Sale if the medical staff and pitching coaches could look at him.  The contract lessens in value over time, down to 27.5M then 20M in 2025 for his age 36 season.  We would be betting on a successful return from TJ and paying for his age 32, 33, 34, 35, and 36 seasons, probably hoping we get some help in the second half of 2021, an ace in 2022-23, maybe a #3 in 2024, and a #5 or reliever in 2025.  

    **Edit: I like this deal because it redirects 2 contracts that I think are going to be at least somewhat regretful in 2022-23 anyway, and allows us a chance to put a legit #1 and a LHP at the top of our rotation (again) while making a defensive upgrade at C for our playoff window.  And hopefully it would keep enough salary available to still go after Stroman/Bauer/etc. this offseason.  I really am not a huge fan of Grandal behind the plate overall and as a leader of the pitching staff and defense, and I also don't like him taking DH ABs from Eloy who should be there now and Abreu who should be there pretty soon.  And additionally I still think Keuchel is more likely to be a #3-#5 than the top-end guy he pitched like this season, and the guy who once won a Cy Young.

    Your what hurts?

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  4. OF defense would be atrocious, but Eddie Rosario is probably a coin flip to get non tendered in MN. Not even sure if he could even fake RF, but he could be an option. 

    I think we’ll see a fair share of somewhat surprising non tenders this offseason. 

  5. 1 hour ago, YourWhatHurts said:

    No, not really.  A 2/3 IMO.

    If Bauer isn't a #1, there are only a handful of #1 in the whole game. 

    Everyone's definition of a #1 is different.  Is it a true shut down ace?  Is it a team's best starter?  Is it a top 15 SP in each league?  Top 30 in the game?  

    Doesn't really matter, but Bauer is really really good.  He's a "#1" by all definitions above, but perhaps not one of the best 3-5 SP in the game.  

  6. In an ideal world, we acquire our RF for the next half decade plus this offseason. We have no one in the minors who projects to take that role during this window of contention.

    I want SP too, and you can never have enough. But I feel like we project pretty solid there into the future that adding one mid rotation starter to a multi year deal and a back end guy on a 1 year deal is plenty if coupled with a legit RF acquisition.  

  7. 7 minutes ago, striker said:

    Stroman will get close to Wheeler dollars, or at least he should. The only thing that would suppress that would be budget constraints from covid.

    Wheeler had 750ip and 12.5 WAR heading into free agency.  Stroman has 849 IP and 15.8 WAR.

    I’ll take the under. By a lot. 

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  8. 2 minutes ago, Flash said:

    Yes....sorry. I inadvertantly responded to wrong text. Agreed.

    IMO, signing Stroman to a 3/$50M and Q to 1/$8M type deal is so so so so much better than trading our valuable assets for SP.

    Then we can dangle Cease/Steiver/and some lesser assets for a good RF that is a good fit. 

    Burnes would likely take 1 of Vaughn/Eloy/Kopech, plus one (except for maybe Eloy by himself) of Dunning/Madrigal/Cease.  No thanks to any combination of that.  

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  9. 53 minutes ago, Flash said:

    Burnes > Stromen.

    It’s Stroman. And I agree. I was responding to post about trading several assets for Lance Lynn.

    Burnes is great. But I’m not trading Eloy to get him as has been discussed here. 

  10. 3 hours ago, SCCWS said:

    I would question what prospects  you are including especially since Reylo's value may be limited after this year. The Sox top 5 prospects are Vaughn -Kopech-Madrigal -Crochet and Dunning.  I love Lynn but he is going to require at least 1 top 5 ( and you must be keeping Vaughn) unless Eloy could be included. I don't think Kopech ( health questions and Crochet ( talent ) are available so the Top 5 is dwindling. Maybe Cease,  Dunning,  Eloy + would be feasible

    Let me get his number. Must be good. 

  11. 2 hours ago, Flash said:

    I don't disagree. I think a package headed by Steiver might turn it and despite his late season struggles, he would be a nice addition to the rotation.

    Why are we trading assets for 1 year if Lynn when we can just sign a guy like Stroman to a likely reasonable contact. 

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  12. 2 hours ago, iWiN4PreP said:

    Let's have some fantasizing...


    For OF: Any of Springer, Starlin Marte, Nimmo, Conforto, Gallo, Mike Yas/ Yelich (pipe dream trade) would be cool with me. 

    For SP it is a bit more murky. I don't think we have a chance in hell at Bauer, but I'd take Bauer obviously. IMO we really need a Top starter, so I prefer trade (if we don't get Bauer). Maybe something with Milwaukee for Burnes/Woodruff/Hader in the pipe dream trade (lol). Maybe deGrom (unlikely obviously). I really don't know where the W'Sox can go from here. Not a lot available 😕

    I'm pretty open, but the only thing I don't want is band aids like Quintana and Stroman leading our offseason. I need an ace to feel happy. 

    I'm in the camp that Keuchel is going to suck next year. Giolito seems ace quality, but we can't rely on our rookies to mend the gap. 

    I don't think we even need to overcomplicate the SP situation.  Go sign Q to $8-10M 1 year deal for the 5th SP.  I am sure he'd love to return to the familiarity of the Sox, and he didn't do himself any favors this past season heading into FA.

    Then try to get a mid to TOR starter.  Bauer would be great obviously, but everyone is going to want him.  Stroman is the guy I want.  Can probably get him for 3/$50M or so.  

    Then who knows what kind of impact CV has on the market.  Could perhaps get those guys even cheaper.  

    Then just go find a suitable RF via trade and you're in business.  

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  13. 36 minutes ago, Harry Chappas said:

    The fact McCann never faced Berrios this season probably cemented it as much as anything. 

    At some point in late September Grandal should have been moved to full time DH and McCann every day catcher and Collins should have been brought up.  

    You don't send you catcher for the next 3 seasons to the DH role fulltime for a dude that was hitting .227 with a .300 OBP for the final month.  

    But yes, McCann and Grandal both should have been in the lineup more often.  I somewhat understood the reluctance to give up on EE - he is a notoriously slow starter.  BUt it was pretty evident there was nothing left in the tank. 


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  14. 2 minutes ago, southsider2k5 said:

    Please no.  This would be horrible.

    I don't want Larussa, primarily due to his age.  I'd prefer someone younger.

    Is that why everyone seems to think this is so horrible?  Or is there another reason?  

    FWIW - Larussa goes against alot of what Hahn said yesterday, so I'd be really surprised if Boob was right about this one.  He frankly rarely is when it comes to the Sox.  

  15. 2 minutes ago, tray said:

    Add Cisheck and I can't forget Shields quite yet..

    Hahn and KW better get things right this off season because the window of contention with this core is open.  Fill the RF hole for chrissakes and get at least one TOR starter. Unfortunately, Hahn seemed to indicate that the Red Sox would be high bdders for Bauer. 

    How did he insinuate that? I listened to entire press conference and heard nothing of the sort.