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  1. Who gets optioned today? Delmonico would be the logical choice, but why not DFA him 2 days ago instead of Basabe if that was the plan.  Goins probably safe for now until Timmy comes back.  Maybe they DFA Lail before throwing a pitch?  Probably want to keep Collins up so they can continue to play both Grandal and McCann a couple times a week.  

    Sure looks like Delmonico to me, but a real headscratcher with the Basabe news earlier this week.   

  2. 22 minutes ago, soxfan2014 said:

    Not a huge fan of the Cueto fit as he is signed through next year (with an option in 2022, buyout at $5 mill). I guess one extra year wouldn't be too bad, but if they were to trade for someone with another year on their contract, I'd probably just cut bait with Rodon.

    I was a big proponent of giving Rodon another shot in 2020, but if he's toast for this year, his Sox career is ovah.  Damn shame, really.  

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  3. I, like others, don't really get why you DFA Basabe over Delmonico who has no role on this team with Mazara back.  But I also trust the Sox have a pretty good feel for Basabe at this point.  I can't really imagine he clears waivers, but with him being out of options next year (along with Adolfo I believe) there just isn't space for him.  

    48 minutes ago, Capn12 said:

    Wow, looking at MILB stats, Lail has........been around a while.

    Especially for a dude who is still just 26 years old. 

  4. I’m just confused what exactly they expected? How many dudes tested positive on intake and during Summer Camp? 70 some? Maybe more. Almost every team had at least one. Around 5% of those who reported test positive.

    Obviously the Marlins outbreak is new, but other than that it’s been pretty small #s. I mean - everyone knew this would happen. If the plan was to panic cancel games and destroy the schedule less than a week in, why even bother? And why did no one feel like they had to shut everything down everytime a dude tested positive in summer camp? 

    whole this is puzzling to me. 

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  5. 1 hour ago, Quin said:

    Yeah, including EE and Grandal, but ignoring McCann is such wild statistical manipulation that it's insulting.

    It should include a minimum plate appearances factor.

    PNoles' reasoning is that McCann's contract was so small he was an oversight when he was going through contracts.

    Pnoles is a clown. Pretty sure the guy actually roots against the Sox.

  6. 2 minutes ago, flavum said:

    Eight days into a 67 day regular season, and it’s not looking too swell. I mean, we can hope for the best, but this is trending horribly. 

    If they're going to cancel games for 1 positive test for the team with the positive (even if clubhouse staff), and any team they've been in recent contact with, there is absolutely no way this season is finishing.  

  7. 8 hours ago, ChiliIrishHammock24 said:

    Thursday is the first day that Madrigal can be called up without costing the Sox a year of control. What are the odds they don't even pretend to hide their intentions and just call him up prior to Friday's game? Or will they wait until the Brewers series on Monday figuring they can get past the Royals without him just fine?

    I think they should bring him up tomorrow without a doubt.  Nick fuckin' Madrigal isn't going a grievance.  Just assuming "they can get past the Royals just fine without him" would be really stupid.  

    That being said, I wouldn't be shocked at all if they waited longer.  I was all for getting the extra year (it was the right call), but get his ass up here right now.