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  1. 1 hour ago, South Side Hit Men said:

    Numbers have lined up with the MLB Trade Rumors projections (column 2, prorated 2020 stats to 162 games).


    Signed (Projected P vs. Signing S)

    • Engel $1.4M P vs. $1.37M S
    • Fry $1.0M P vs. $0.86M S
    • Marshall $1.9M P vs. $2.0M S


    • Giolito $5.3M P vs. ???
    • Lopez $2.2M P vs. ???

    Hard Pass

    • Mazara $5.9M P vs. Team / $ ???
    • Rodon $4.5M P vs. Team / $ ???

    The ship has likely sailed, but I would be in support of brining Rodon back for like 1/$2M.  Can never have enough rotation options, and while he sucked out of the pen in a very SSS in 2020, I think he could be effective there with more work.  Not a bad guy to have around.  But I am sure he'd prefer a chance somewhere he's guaranteed a rotation spot, or at least a little easier to get one.  

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  2. On 12/18/2020 at 12:47 PM, southsider2k5 said:


    Kopech starts at Charlotte and works up slowly to 5 to 6 innings, and comes up around June unless other problems dictate an earlier arrival.

    Crochet starts at Birmingham as a stater, working mostly 75 to 80 pitches an outing getting around a dozen starts between AA and AAA before evenutally coming up as a reliever, to finish the season.  He ends up somewhere between 100-120 innings this year.

    This.  / thread.  

  3. 7 hours ago, Dominikk85 said:

    I would say their roster is pretty complete except for another good reliever or two.



    Giolito, keuchel, lynn, two of kopech, cease, lopez, stiever

    😄 grandal


    2b: madrigal

    3b: moncada

    ss: timmy

    CF: robert

    Lf: eloy

    Rf: eaton

    Bench: engel, mendick, leury

    DH: vaughn, Collins, yermin

    I think they definitely need one more good reliever but other than that the team looks pretty great.

    Sure the back end of the rotation is still a little thin and getting bauer would be great but it still could be a great rotation if kopech comes back decently.


    A resounding yes.

    Kopech will be in the minors until at least June.  He isn't going to throw 150+ innings this year.  Stiever isn't ready.  And I sure as shit don't want to rely on Reynaldo for 15 starts.  

    So yes, we do.  

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  4. 22 hours ago, SoxBlanco said:

    Would you guys have been ok with that deal with Dahl being our starting RF?

    And if not, then Dahl isn’t taking that deal with us when he can take the same deal with another team and actually start. 

    Not really, but I would have brought him in along with Eaton or whoever else we signed.  

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  5. 14 hours ago, Jerksticks said:

    This isn’t necessarily fact.  Why do you assume that the Sox traded a long term asset?  Yes, we had control for 6 years, but what if the Sox viewed Dunning as a total nothingburger?  What if the Sox thought his value would tank if exposed to more MLB pitching next year?  

    If you look at it through that lens, like actually look at it that way, wouldn’t you agree that it was not only good, but incredible that they turned this total bust into Lance Lynn?

    Time will tell but it’s certainly possible.  I’m willing to give the mastermind of this genius rebuild the benefit of the doubt

    Because I have eyes.  Dunning will not be a bust, barring injuries that could happen to anyone.  At worst, he's a rock solid backend SP controlled for 6 years and dirt cheap for 3.  

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  6. 1 hour ago, Y2Jimmy0 said:

    James McCann is going to be disappointing if he plays 100+ games for someone. He's really solid in a split role. Start vs all LHP and really mash. 

    This x1000.  I like McCann.  He was really good for the Sox.

    But we have one of the best 2-3 catchers in the game, and he's a horse.  We need to ride him.  McCann would be a poor use of resources on this team. 

  7. 1 minute ago, SoCalChiSox said:

    What about the fact that its seemingly almost impossible for Eloy to play a full healthy season so for those inevitable 20-30 games he's out Schwarber could play LF as well. 

    There is a place for him here. It involves some musical chairs between him and Vaughn and Eloy but it makes sense.


    Yeah, there is a place for a guy that can actually play the OF serviceably.  Not for a DH that can stand in LF and be just as bad as Eloy at it, but a far worse hitter.  

  8. 14 minutes ago, SoCalChiSox said:

    Not sure TLR wants to entrust that fulltime role in a World Series seeking year to a rookie. In any event, Vaughn could still spell Jose at 1B 1 or 2 days a week and DH against LHP. There is a role for both players. 

    Lol, they're not bringing Vaughn up to ride the bench and only play against lefties and they aren't playing Schwarber over Vaughn once Vaughn arrives.

    If the Sox sign Schwarber, they clearly don't think AV is ready.  Which goes against most of what we've heard from Hahn.  

    Schwarber wasn't a fit pre-Eaton, and he's less of a fit now.  

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  9. 2 minutes ago, SoxBlanco said:

    That's the million dollar question. I'm not sure what's best. You either suck it up and rotate Collins, Grandal, Eloy, etc. at DH for a couple weeks. Or you sign another big bat and keep Vaughn down for a while.

    Personally, I want Vaughn up as soon as possible.

    I think Vaughn comes up as soon as the extra year is secured assuming he's healthy.  No benefit to waiting until June or July (other than super 2, which I dont think they're messing with). 

    As I just stated in the post previous to this, bringing in another bat should be a priority.  But it needs to be someone who can play the field.  We don't need a DH.   

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  10. Just now, SonofaRoache said:

    He won't come up until July at the earliest if we sign a DH. The excuse will be that he needs to play in AA and AAA first. Especially if the signed DH is having a great season. 

    Still doesn't answer the question of what happens to Schwarber when Vaughn arrives.  Too many DH types.  

    If we sign another bat (and we should), it needs to be a guy that can play the field.  Dahl, Gonzalez, Kike, LaStella, Profar all far better fits than another DH.  

  11. Just now, Jack Parkman said:

    People keep saying this, but if they were interested in Brantley they obviously don't think Vaughn is quite MLB ready. 

    I think it's likely he stays down all year. 

    I will bet you any sum of money he doesn't stay down all year.  You name the price.  

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  12. 5 minutes ago, turnin' two said:

    Maybe I'm underrating him or have missed something, but how is Robbie Grossman in any way a superior player to Adam Eaton.  Looking quickly at his BBref page, 6.7 career WAR in 8 years.  Negative dWAR.  Can't particularly hit.  No real power.  Doesn't really steal bases.  Takes some walks, so that's nice.  But even that last 2 years, he is worse than Eaton in every category along the slash line.  

    What am I missing with him?  He seems like the quintessential replacement player.  

    He's not good.  

  13. 20 minutes ago, TomPickle said:
    • Rosario
    • Bradley Jr
    • Robbie Grossman
    • David Dahl
    • Ozuna
    • Schwarber
    • Brantley

    Some of these you're splitting hairs, but I don't know how anyone thinks this is anything but a terrible signing.

    Yeah, no.  Ozuna, Schwaber, Rosasrio and Brantley are DHs and Sox would have a clown show OF.  I probably would have made it work for Brantley, but you pretty much have to sign a guy like Eaton with him anyway.  You can't rely on Brantley to play 150+ games in RF, especially with Eloy in LF.  Defense would be so bad.  

    I like Dahl as an option too, but again, can't go into the season penciling Dahl in as the everyday RF.  He can still be an option even with Eaton signed.  

    JBJ I wouldn't have minded, but I think he's at least on par with Eaton.  

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