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  1. Dunt

    2018 MLB Draft

    I dont think his mechanics are questionable or his delivery is high effort. Velocity is generally 93-96, where do you expect him to be? Ya, it was a little down last start, but we have enough data at this point to know where he sits. Singer is like half a foot taller and doesnt have the control concerns that Fulmer had at Vandy.
  2. Dunt

    2018 MLB Draft

    Hahaha, missed that, great minds think alike. I feel the same way. I feel like he will have a solid mlb career, but that pick wouldn't excite me. Hoping the Sox go one of Bart, India, or Madrigal myself.
  3. Dunt

    2018 MLB Draft

    I'm not seeing the comparison
  4. Dunt

    2018 MLB Draft

    I understand why a lot of people wouldnt like that pick, but there is a lot I like about him personally. I've probably watched around the same amount of starts the last two years with him and there are some things that stick out to me: 1.) He gets a ton of movement on his fastball. That movement, along with his typical velocity, make that a well above average pitch to me. 2.) His slider, which is also an above average offering, plays really well off of his fastball. His pitch tunneling for these two pitches make it really hard to pick up what he's throwing. 3.) Long, proven track record in the best conference in America and dominance when he pitched in the Cape. 4.) He doesn't walk anybody. He's had 3 straight years at Florida of decreasing his walks and increasing his strikeouts. In a system full of guys that have a propensity for the free base, his profile is very attractive to me. 5.) He's going to be a fast mover. I think his profile is pretty similar to Aaron Nola's and I imagine their tracks to the majors will be pretty similar. Even if he doesnt break the majors with the Sox, that will be an attractive trade piece. On the other two pitchers, McClanahan is a big time no for me. The velo is sexy, but he's walking almost 5 per 9 and he already has one TJ under his belt. I'm not using the #4 pick on a pitcher with an injury history. As for Mize, I think he's far and away the best pitcher in this draft. His mix of stuff and command give him a treu ace ceiling. That said, in the times I've watched him, I've always thought it looks like he creates a lot of stress in his shoulder. He looks like someone that might have a couple good years, then never pitch again. That's my opinion, but not letting anyone besides the drafting team see his MRI seems like a red flag to me.
  5. Dunt

    5/15 Games

    http://www.milb.com/scoreboard/index.jsp?cid=&lid=&org=145&sc=&sid=milb&t=affiliate&ymd=20180515 Kannapolis already in action. Gonzalez has a HR and Yurchak is 2-2 w/ a 2B and 2 RBI. Battenfield continues pitching well.
  6. Dunt

    2018 MLB Draft

    He's definitely a name to consider at 46. Other college arms I like at that spot: Kris Bubic (polished lefty, doesnt turn 21 until Aug, plus change, above average command) and Tim Cate (some health issues this season, his curve is about as nasty as it gets though, reliever risk). I wonder if the Sox can go India underslot in the first and make a play at getting De Sedas in the second. De Sedas hasnt had a great spring, but adding that type of potential with your first two picks would be pretty awesome. Edit: Blaine Knight would be an interesting pick at 46 too. Has the height to start, needs to add some weight to his frame, but routinely mid 90's with his fastball and has one of the highest spin rate breaking pitches in this class. I think he would need to be a quick mover though because he turns 22 in June.
  7. Dunt

    2018 MLB Draft

    Have you seen his slider?
  8. Dunt

    05/08 Games

    It's where he's going to play at the major league level
  9. Dunt


    I dont see any of the Charlotte RP depth blocking Hamilton's arrival in Chicago. I dont know if any of those guys warrant a serious look once they start dealing some of the guys at the major league level. Maybe Vieira, but that's probably it.
  10. Dunt


    When do we start to see some? I appreciate the Sox new commitment to making sure their prospects dominate at the levels they're at before moving them up, but I think we need to start seeing some promotions soon. Specifically, I'm interested in clearing up the OF a little in WS, maybe seeing Hamilton in the majors soon, moving Gonzalez up to WS, and Johnson up from Kanny. Do we see any movement before Robert and Hansen come back?
  11. Dunt

    FutureSox Night at Guaranteed Rate

    Planning on being there, looking forward to finally meeting some folks
  12. Dunt

    2018 MLB Draft

    Alec lol
  13. Dunt

    Zack Collins Criticism

    It's like everybody overreacted to a slow start with a new swing
  14. Dunt

    2018 MLB Draft

    I know it won't happen, and he doesn't really have the track record to back up a top 5 pick, but Jonathan India is a really intriguing option to me. Better defender than Bohm, absolutely crushing better comp in the SEC, has a little speed....I'm really curious if he could be an underslot play if they are negotiating to take Thomas in the 2nd.
  15. Kubat is an interesting potential bullpen piece. He should be dominating for his age, but his history across all levels of the minors is encouraging. Not so much a lesser known name if you follow prospects, but I think Tyler Johnson has really started to build on that pedigree that got him drafted so high out of South Carolina.