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  1. When we look back in a couple weeks and see that Allan doesn't sign with them, I think you'll be ok with the Sox haul
  2. Osmond with the 3rd rd pick plz. Would make sense too, goes to Jenks HS in OK where the Sox have dipped before.
  3. Is there a reasonable excuse for keeping Cease at AAA at this point? It's only been 3 starts at Charlotte, but I don't see any reason why he should be wasting his innings on lesser talent when his performance has remained pretty consistent over the last 1.5-2 years. If the whole point of this rebuild is to have a contention window that begins in 2020, shouldn't he be up here taking his lumps now so that the Sox hit the ground running in April next year? The Sox really need to stop wasting innings on vets that are clearly cooked and start seeing what they have in their system.
  4. My bad, misunderstood your post. Carry on
  5. I would say quite a few of these wouldn't be optimistic. Welington contributing nothing? Abreu/Alonso/Palka adding 1 win between them? Lopez being worth a win? Only one I'd say is optimistic is GIo being a 2 win pitcher next season.
  6. $4.65 for Jones is nothing, picking up that option is a no-brainer
  7. Dunt

    Your Offseason Plan

    My ideal offseason: -Sign Manny Machado to a 10 yr, $350 million deal -Sign JA Happ to a 2 yr, $36 million deal Anderson SS Moncada 2B Machado 3B Eloy LF Abreu 1B Palka DH Avi RF Narvaez C Engel CF Happ-Lopez-Rodon-Giolito-Covey Burdi-Jones-Fry-Hamilton-Bummer-Minaya-Frare/Ruiz/Fulmer Plan for in-season is to bring Cease up around June to replace the weak link in the rotation and hope that Basabe has another great season and can get to Chicago by midseason to take over in CF. Long term plan would be for eventually move Moncada to OF once Madrigal is ready for 2B.
  8. Took a lot of self-control to not have Bush in the top 30. I think he might be, but good on you guys for needing to see more. Pretty telling how good the system is when Bush, Rivera, and Stiever don't even crack the top 30.
  9. Dunt

    Eloy Injury Update

    I dont know a system that has lost this many people in their top 15 for this amount of time. Burger, Burdi, Hansen, Robert, Eloy, Dunning...losing all that playing time backs up a rebuild.
  10. Dunt

    Eloy Injury Update

    I am fucking tired of this season
  11. This is such a ridiculous comment. I can't believe you actually thought this was worth posting. Especially with what has been written and what he said himself.
  12. Dunt

    Just for fun - what's your post-draft Top 30?

    I think Pilkington is going to explode in the Sox system personally. Sox will clean up his mechanics and he is going to shove.
  13. Dunt

    CWS Games of Drafted Prospects

    Hasn't been great in the CWS final, but I bet he has a big game tonight. He's a born leader and that's what leaders do.
  14. Dunt

    Just for fun - what's your post-draft Top 30?

    1.) Jimenez 2.) Kopech 3.) Robert 4.) Madrigal 5.) Hansen 6.) Collins 7.) Dunning 8.) Cease 9.) Basabe 10.) Adolfo 11.) Rutherford 12.) Gonzalez 13.) Walker 14.) Burger 15.) Zavala 16.) Stephens 17.) Burdi 18.) Hamilton 19.) Curbelo 20.) Flores 21.) Pilkington 22.) Sosa 23.) Cordell 24.) Johnson 25.) Sheets 26.) Puckett 27.) Rivera 28.) Ruiz 29.) Delgado 30.) Booker
  15. Dunt

    6/25 Games

    Big night down on the farm. Kopech, Cease, Battenfield, and Stievers all in action tonight: http://www.milb.com/scoreboard/index.jsp?cid=&lid=&org=145&sc=&sid=milb&t=affiliate&ymd=20180625