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  1. glangon


    Or if the risk pays off, you are starting with your number 2 guy in the ALCS. Running 2,3 on the road, 4,1,2 at home, then 3,1 on the road. Which would mean Giolito in Tampa twice, Lynn and Rodon in the games you need them most and a totally rested Cease for Game 3 at home. Yeah it could backfire and it's not about having a low level of confidence in #4, it's about getting your potential CY Young winner and Rodon out when you need them the most.
  2. glangon


    Yes, that's what I'd do. Don't wheel out your number 4 or 5 unless you need to. The pitchers can rest after we win it all and we have a deep bullpen, why not take advantage of it.
  3. glangon


    I would do the following:- G1 - Lynn G2 - Rodon Travel Day G3 - Giolito G4 - Lynn (on short rest if needed Travel Day G5 Rodon (on regular rest) I'd have Keuchel and Cease ready to go in long relief if any of the starters struggle.
  4. glangon

    Rotation after break

    I think the rotation will be:- 1) Giolito 2) Keuchel 3) Cease 4) Rodon (Pitching 1st game of DH) Kopech pitching 2nd game of DH 5) Lynn I reckon Rodon will be out for the lower innings game and go 5 innings or less to conserve his arm.