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  1. glangon

    Predict the OD Lineup

    Engel Garcia Abreu Eloy Moncada McCann Collins Mazara Mendick Bench Grandal Anderson Robert Encarnacion I'll just leave this here.......
  2. glangon

    Betts to Dodgers

    So the Twins get another injury plagued starter and the so-called experts reckon they are a shoe-in for the AL Central. Meanwhile, Soxtalk aren't happy because we never traded a low end prospect for Joc. TBH, I think they are seeing how Mazara does this season and if that doesn't work, then they'll pick up Joc in free agency next season.
  3. glangon

    The new FutureSox dot com - it's here! Give it a look.

    Fantastic, great work. As a UK reader, I can finally read the Futuresox site. I'm ecstatic about that.