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  1. glangon

    Anderson leaves game with apparent injury

    The sensible move here would be to shut him down until after the All-Star break, give him time to heal.
  2. glangon

    The path back to .500 in our sights?

    I think the concern is more with Covey tbh. With McCann catching Lopez, he looked a lot better in his last start and he only struggled when Renteria left him in too long. Banuelos looked ok last night and you just don't know what you are getting with Nova. This team will be up and down all year I think. If we catch a team on a hot streak like Seattle and Tampa Bay earlier in the year and Minnesota last week, then there is not a lot you can do about it with the pitching. Hopefully they can make it to .500 and maybe Cease coming up or signing Keuchel can help the ailing rotation. (or a clever trade)
  3. You blame Fry for the lead off walk and giving up the double to Bauer You blame Covey who with the bases loaded (after the Sanchez error) gave up a hit to Moroff and then walks Perez. (The game was still 3-2 to the White Sox after the Sanchez error (who was at fault.) You blame Renteria for choosing to go with Colome and Herrera on Saturday (when the Sox were behind, rather than Covey) You blame Renteria for bringing in Covey to a high leverage situation instead of Jones or Burr. You absolutely feel sorry for Nova who pitched a helluva game and did not deserve what happened in the 8th.
  4. This game was lost when they pitched Colome and Herrera when the game was lost on Saturday. Renteria's bullpen management blows. Why the hell was Covey pitching in a key pressure situation? He's there to be a long reliever, not a set up man. Surely if Herrera is not ready to go, then you put out Jones or haul out Herrera for a 3rd day knowing he has a rest day on Tuesday. I get that he tried to put out Fry and Frare and they let him down but Covey was not the answer. I hope we don't see Renteria in charge when this team is ready to compete.
  5. glangon

    3/28 GT - Sox @ Royals (3:15pm CST)

    The White Sox lineup 1. Leury Garcia (S) CF 2. Yoan Moncada (S) 3B 3. Jose Abreu (R) 1B 4. Yonder Alonso (L) DH 5. Eloy Jimenez (R) LF 6. Daniel Palka (L) RF 7. Tim Anderson (R) SS 8. James McCann (R) C 9. Yolmer Sanchez (S) 2B
  6. glangon

    3/28 GT - Sox @ Royals (3:15pm CST)

    The Royals lineup 1. Whit Merrifield (R) RF 2. Adalberto Mondesi (S) SS 3. Alex Gordon (L) LF 4. Jorge Soler (R) DH 5. Frank Schwindel (R) 1B 6. Chris Owingss (R) 2B 7. Hunter Dozier (R) 3B 8. Martin Maldonado (R) C 9. Billy Hamilton (S) CF
  7. glangon

    2019 Predictions

    Ok, here's my take. Sox go 73-89 after a hot start. Lopez is lights out, Rodon is fantastic. Nova does what he was paid for and eats innings. Giolito bombs, ends up getting sent back to Charlotte. Santana also bombs, ends up getting DFA'd. The Front office panic, make a play for Keuchel, misread the market and lose out on him to the Orioles. They panic again and then overpay for Kimbrel who they don't need at this point. Jones gets traded at the deadline and ends up on the IL for the rest of the year, a week after he's traded. Colome and Herrera, after performing so well over the first couple of months, barely get save opportunities afterwards and decide to purchase sun loungers for the bullpen, soaking up the sun for the rest of the year. Moncada goes on the IL after pulling a hamstring. He goes on a tear for a couple of months but starts getting intentially walked and pulls it on the trot to first. Yolmer goes on the IL with Pneumonia after soaking himself too often with Gaterade. Castillo gets banned for steroid use, again and Seb is called up, who starts raking it. Abreu keeps telling everyone that he wants to stay with the Sox, hits 40 homers and ends up signing with the Dodgers in Free Agency. Renteria is hailed as the messiah by the Hahalliams FO bot and a statue is built in his honour. Jerry dies, the whole of Soxtalk celebrate but he still refuses to sell the team and comes back to life as a zombie. Eating all the free agents who the Hahalliams bot fail to sign.
  8. glangon

    Predict the White Sox Record After 30 Games

    18-10 with 2 PPD. Eloy coming in will give us a huge boost. Giolito may struggle early doors. I think Nova, Lopez and Rodon will be fine. I think when Santana comes in, he may struggle. I think we may see Cease in May due to those struggles.