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  1. glangon

    Manny: Nope, still no news

    Will this never end. Bob, Bruce, Phil and Buster, stop it.
  2. glangon

    Manny: Nope, still no news

    Is it me or are these so called professional reporters sounding like spoiled children. First Bruce throwing his toys out the pram at Heyman and now Rogers with this. They should just accept they were caught spreading fake news and move on.
  3. You're right but there is the outside chance it may be something sneaky. Leak it to him, then to one of the insiders, crediting the source, in the hope we bite. As for his other scoop, the guy is good at social media...... It's like saying that Bruce Levine is old.
  4. You have to wonder if Boras has fed him that information, trying to get the White Sox to bite and up their offer. I can't think of anyone else that would benefit from this being tweeted.
  5. More like using the leaks and social media info to your advantage in the negotiations. I agree with you, -3.5% in either direction is probably correct. My point was the White Sox love to work under the radar and using Nightengale like this would keep them under the radar whilst remaining very active with Harper
  6. Thinking on this. Nightingale said that the Phillies are favourites to land Harper, I just wonder if the Sox have fed him that so they can conduct their negotiations and contract offer with Boras under the radar, trying to trump the Phillies offer. They like to do things under the radar and must be raging at all the public leaks and stories from the insiders on Machado.
  7. glangon

    Manny: Nope, still no news

    I wonder if Bruce has been left out of the "Reinsdorf Insiders", which could be why he's desperately clinging onto what the ESPN guys are saying to look relevant again.
  8. glangon

    Manny: Nope, still no news

    I'm guessing Bruce went to bed early last night and has just caught up
  9. glangon

    Update: Machado met with Sox

    I know that. I just wanted to show what garbage is out there.
  10. glangon

    Update: Machado met with Sox

    Marcus Stroman shooting his mouth off.
  11. glangon

    Top 5 Least Favorite White Sox

    Another tough list. So many to hate. 1) The Shark - Jeff whose name that no-one could spell was an awful pitcher who was arrogant and never listened to Coop. He sucked for us for that reason 2) Adam La Roche - Probably the strangest story in sports history. A grown man taking the huff because a professional sports team wouldn't let his son in the locker room. 3) Adam Dunn - Strikeout strikeout strikeout strikeout strikeout strikeout Home Run. Probably the most frustrating player to watch play the game. 4) Nick Swisher - Didn't want to be a White Sox player, his attitude sucked. 5) David Robertson - Enter the most hyped closer in the game. Big contract, he's going to make the difference. Exit a waste of money and lots of blown saves. Another frustrating player to watch.
  12. glangon

    Top 5 Favorite White Sox of All-Time

    What a tough list. The obvious 3 for me are 1) PK14 2) Big Frank 3) Mark Buehrle Then it gets tough. There are tons of players that I've enjoyed over the years, these two I just loved to watch. 4) Joe Crede 5) Aaron Rowand
  13. glangon

    Sox in on "everyone"

    If we don't get Machado, Harper, Keuchel, Kimbrel and Corbin followed by trades for Trout, Verlander and Scherzer, then I'm going to cwy and cwy and cwy. Then I'm going to fly to Chicago and burn an effigy of Rich Hahn and Kenny Williams outside the stadium and launch a thermo-nuclear bomb at Wrigley Field, filled with dummies that I've retrieved from the prams of overexpectant posters on here.
  14. I'm glad we are out on this one. What a massive overpay for Donaldson.
  15. glangon

    Who stays?...who goes??

    I like their arms but if 40 man roster space needs to be cleared, and I suspect it will, they could find themselves getting chopped. I can't see Cordell or Tilson staying, it depends who is brought in and who is protected in the Rule 5 but both of them have to be candidates to go, especially with the crowded outfield we have. With LaMarre, why not? He hit really well this year, better than most of the chaff we've kept. Why would you give up a batter that hit .303. He's earned another year. As for long term, why not? He's hit, I know that 33 games is a small sample, but that is promising. You are all for keeping garbage like Cordell about but ready to release LaMarre who hit .303. As for Delmonico, I didn't know he had an option. I could see that being used next year to make room for Eloy on the 25 man.