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  1. Mathew


    Happy birthday
  2. Mathew

    2006 Soxtalk Baseball League #1

    I'm in. Thanks again and sorry to keep ya's waiting guys.
  3. Mathew

    2006 Soxtalk Baseball League #1

    Sorry, totally slipped my mind, I'm not in any other leagues either so I can try and defend for the threepeat if it's not too late.
  4. Mathew

    2006 Soxtalk Fantasy Baseball

    I'm pretty sure my league is league 1. I am the 2 time defending champ.
  5. QUOTE(southsider2k5 @ Oct 3, 2005 -> 10:31 AM) Go ahead and give the props to your league here! League One was won by Canada's own Mathew over Wite's team. I managed to sneak in and take 3rd place. Start to look in this same board in about mid February for leagues starting to form again. Congrats to all, and thanks for another fun season, as this marks the end of our 3rd year of Soxtalk fantasy baseball That's 2 years in a row baby!
  6. Mathew

    Happy Birthday Cali and Mathew

    QUOTE(CaliSoxFan @ Jun 9, 2005 -> 05:52 PM) Thanks, I am taking a three day break from my job and heading south to LA this weekend. I thinks a little of this will go on maybe if I am lucky i will get but most likely this :puke then when I feel better, I can catch a little of this by Monday I will be at work doing: :sleep Funny, I only work Wed. and Thurs. and I took them both off to drink this week, putting my days of work put in this week to 0. It was fun thanks guys. Plus with them having the day off we couldn't be blamed for a birthday jinx.
  7. Mathew

    Top 100 salaries in the mlb.

    What a disaster that Darren Dreifort contract is. Vladdy at 12.5 ain't bad in comparaison to some on there.
  8. Mathew

    Pablo Ozuna may start on Sunday...

    QUOTE(YASNY @ Apr 8, 2005 -> 11:42 PM) I doubt that. I believe they'd trade him before sending him down. He's done nothing to play himself out of the majors. O.k I'll bite, he's done nothing to play himself outta the majors? A.285 OBP last year is more then enough.
  9. Mathew

    MVP Baseball 2005

    QUOTE(Rex Hudler @ Apr 4, 2005 -> 02:37 PM) Umm...... did you go through player progression? Did he regress that much or are you just steamed about spring training stats? He won the MVP then lost 10 contact against lefties. I don't care about the stats, I didn't even play the game, I just though the stats were to blame,but if it's just random then I'm more dissapointed cause it isn't that hard to organise who gets better and worse, like the Madden games do.
  10. Mathew

    MVP Baseball 2005

    QUOTE(Rex Hudler @ Apr 4, 2005 -> 08:42 AM) At the end of Spring Training each year, the game will simulate player progression. Some players improve, some go backwards. The player progression is detailed, so a player may improve in one area and regress in another. For example, a pitcher's fastball may lose some while his curveball gets better. I wouldn't put a whole lot of stock in Spring Training stats, however, just like in real life. And young MVP's turn to s***. This game sucks.
  11. Mathew


  12. Mathew

    MVP Baseball 2005

    I'm sure this has been asked, but I'm not reading through 65 pages to see. Is there any way to influence how players improve or digress in spring training, on owner mode? I had Carl Crawford on my team, he won the MVP the previous season and then got way worse in spring which made no sense. Plus where do I put guys in the spring does that matter A, AA, AAA, majors. Do their spring stats influence it, cause I don't play I manage all my games. Or is it just lame ass random and a league MVP who's early 20's can suddenly suck for no reason?
  13. Mathew

    Sox Finalize Roster

    QUOTE(Jordan4life_2004 @ Apr 4, 2005 -> 03:15 AM) His nearly .400 batting average with risp? Sorry don't make me forget about his .285 on base. Hell even Royce Clayton had a better one then that, and he played better D and stole more. Sorry I just don't buy it.
  14. Mathew

    Sox Finalize Roster

    QUOTE(nitetrain8601 @ Apr 3, 2005 -> 08:31 PM) I want Timo to stay. I love the guy. I think he's a solid backup. What exactly is solid about him? His lack of power, his lack of patience, his .246 avg or the fact that he doesn't steal any bases?
  15. Mathew

    Ron Kittle's Book and Barry Bonds

    From what I hear and I thought even Barry admitted it once, Bonds was a real asshole to everyone when he played for Pittsburgh, I think he smartened up a bit when he went to San Fran. I know a girl who was a batgirl for the Pirates one time and all the players, shook her hand and signed things for her except one.