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  1. Dear forum, once again I checked the schedule and thought maybe I missed it for 2022 but I for sure DO NOT see Italian Heritage Night for this year again!! I emailed them twice with no response at all!! In fact the last time they did have it was in May of 2018!! I just want to know the reason why that's all, it's very disrespectful just give us a reason IHN was cancelled? Does anybody know who to contact direct? I don't see Greek Heritage Night either? At least 10 MLB teams celebrate IHN with nice giveaways and promotions!! I posted Seattle Mariners IHN... Grazie everyone...ciao
  2. nvc1019

    2021 italian-Heritage Nite?

    southsider 2k5, no more joe columbo's around anymore like they used to be....i'd take nicky scarfo's nephew or john gotti jr. at this point!! lol
  3. nvc1019

    2021 italian-Heritage Nite?

    thanks south side hitmen it would be nice since italy won the euro cup for a heritage night later this year....
  4. nvc1019

    2021 italian-Heritage Nite?

    who do I complain to in the Sox front office that took away the Italian-Heritage night?? ...thank you evryone
  5. nvc1019

    2021 italian-Heritage Nite?

    anybody have any info?
  6. Does anybody know when Italian-Heritage Nite on the White Sox calendar is this year or did I miss it? ...Grazie,NVC
  7. nvc1019

    Chris Sale scratched from start

    QUOTE (flavum @ Jul 29, 2016 -> 11:13 AM) Trade his red ass. If a kings ransom is still out there, take it and never look back. I guess Jake don't own scissors! Cubs wore 1981 retro road jersey today...
  8. nvc1019

    5/28 Game thread: @Kansas City, 1:15pm, WGN

    QUOTE (pettie4sox @ May 28, 2016 -> 04:45 PM) He left Robo in to get torched until it was a one run game... then decides to go with a kid. Robin is a f***ing idiot! The manager's job is to put players in position where they can succeed, Robin failed at his main job today. I haven't posted in a while myself but something has to be done this whole organization is clueless? Like drafting athletes instead of baseball players,terrible scouting,no preparement going into a series,on and on.....wtf happened to this team mental weakness at its best!!
  9. nvc1019

    6/26 at Detroit Tigers

    KW the loud mouth was quoted today saying about Ventura: "As a matter of fact he's gotten better and more adept in a lot of situations". He basically said in the Tribune interview it's not the coaching staff fault....again. Who's the GM? I thought it was a guy named Rick Hahn?
  10. nvc1019

    6/26 at Detroit Tigers

    I was listening to Tigers broadcast on XM radio the announcer's couldn't believe that Beckham wasn't bunting to move Garcia....enough with this team's stupidity!!
  11. nvc1019

    2015 White Sox Draft Picks - Updates

    7th round pick Hickman needs TJ surgery,why draft a hurt player? Who scouts these guys? A wasted choice when you lost 2 picks already because of the FA signings....
  12. Roberto Alomar Jr. ...twice!
  13. nvc1019

    5/25 White Sox at Blue Jays

    did ventura give a post game quote on rameriz's spin move on the failed double play attempt in the 1st inning? ...thank you
  14. weak manager and management equal weak play....thanx for showing up sox pathetic