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  1. I think Sheets right now is the odd man out if the Sox go with 13 pitchers. Goodwin's OPS is within 20 points of Sheets and offers more position flexibility. If they Sox go with 12 pitchers, Lopez is probably out unless he keeps pitching at a 1.29 ERA.
  2. y2chae

    2021 Soccer Thread

    Well yeah, the US hosting it every year is not ideal. Should rotate between Mexico and Canada as well. I don't think any other country has the infrastructure to be a credible host, unless you want some of the games in subpar facilities. That's CONCACAF! Really could make an argument CONCACAF and CONMEBOL need to merge and it should just be the Copa Americas every 4 years.
  3. y2chae

    2021 Soccer Thread

    The Gold Cup hasn't had an outside team invited since 2005. And you keep calling it a cash grab... Sure but UEFA doesn't run the Euros out of the goodness of their heart either, they also host that event to make themselves a lot of money. Now if you're saying it's stupid the Gold Cup is every 2 years then I agree.
  4. Not the most exciting acquisition but he adds power and is under team control for 2022. He can just slide into the Leury utility role next season. He's also a better player than Leury.
  5. y2chae

    The Eloy-Vaughn-Burger-Sheets Conundrum

    Why would Eloy be out of the lineup? He'd DH.
  6. y2chae

    The Eloy-Vaughn-Burger-Sheets Conundrum

    Why would he play LF over Vaughn?
  7. y2chae

    The Eloy-Vaughn-Burger-Sheets Conundrum

    After Eloy's catch last night, he shouldn't be playing LF anymore.
  8. y2chae

    The Eloy-Vaughn-Burger-Sheets Conundrum

    I would say from what we've seen so far Sheets has a little more pop than Calhoun.
  9. y2chae

    Luis Robert cleared for Rehab Assignment

    I would think Hamilton is kept as the defense/speed guy, but with Engel maybe not. I think Sheets may get sent down since he has options and so he can get regular reps, which probably won't happen with Eloy and Robert back.
  10. y2chae

    Luis Robert cleared for Rehab Assignment

    It's happening!
  11. I thought he'd cost at least 3/60 in the open market, so this is a win for the Sox.
  12. Can't imagine a guy with a 7 ERA in AAA would be used in a spot start. I assume the Monday DH would go to Lambert who is performing well in Charlotte.
  13. y2chae

    2021 MLB Draft Day 2 Thread

    So far a lot to like about this draft class.
  14. What? No he hasn't. He's an AL only player as he can only really play DH. And his value tanked when the league adjusted to him. And why would the Sox trade him to a contender in the chance it comes back to bite them?
  15. y2chae

    Umpire Score Cards This Season

    We have the technology now so might as well use it to create a fair playing field.