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  1. y2chae

    Ryu to Jays - 4 yr/80 mil

    Ryu is probably the best pitcher left on the market now which of course means we won't get him.
  2. y2chae

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    If Mitch can't outplay Carr against the Broncos we're in trouble.
  3. y2chae


    So you think a grown man sending people unsolicited gay porn magazines is funny? Also seems homophobic.
  4. y2chae

    September Call Ups - Who gets the Nod?

    Mendick and Mercedes
  5. y2chae

    Renteria goes on pregame anti-analytics rant

    Based on how Ricky sets his lineup most days he should probably consult analytics... He's had Anderson as low as 7 for a good number of games.
  6. y2chae


    This is not true at all. This crew you speak of actually skews quite liberal.
  7. y2chae


    I ain't trying to spam son
  8. y2chae


    Constant b****ing comes with being a Sox fan. If it wasn't for 2005 we'd be the saddest franchise in the 4 major sports aside from the Cleveland Browns.
  9. y2chae

    Renteria goes on pregame anti-analytics rant

    I don't have any faith that the FO will fire Ricky after this season.
  10. y2chae


    Best moment of WSI though was when Michelle thought there was a grow op going on across the street from her house.
  11. y2chae


    Good riddance. In their quest for mainstream acceptance, they decided the board would be subject to heavy handed moderation. So it became a ghost town of mods wielding their internet power and the several ass kissers left that were okay with that. Much better Sox communities elsewhere wether it's here, SSS, Sox Machine, etc
  12. y2chae

    STAR WARS Everything

    If Disney wanted Solo to do well in China they probably should've cast some Chinese actors like they did for Rogue One. It's a pretty transparent strategy, but it works.
  13. y2chae

    Draft Day 3 Thread, rounds 11-40 (Tracker in OP)

    Not sure why people were saying he'd be a day 2 pick. Regardless if you think he did it or not, he plead guilty to sexual assault of a young child. Teams are gonna stay away from that.
  14. y2chae

    Draft Day 2 Thread - Rounds 3-10 (Tracker in OP)

    Man, that's gonna be a hard sell to a fan base.
  15. y2chae

    Draft Day 2 Thread - Rounds 3-10 (Tracker in OP)

    You would have no issue with the team drafting a guy who plead guilty to sexual assault of a young child?