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  1. Oh, puke. ­čĄ«Congratulations, you've officially graduated to insufferable.
  2. The same world in which so many people are so sure that the Sox will not pick up his option for next year. Frankly, it is exactly things like this that make me think we haven't seen the last of ole' Beef.
  3. skooch

    Chris Sale

    He certainly fits the bill for what this team needs, a TOR LHP. But, I agree ÔÇŽ I wouldn't touch him/his contract right now. There are lots of red flags with him these days.
  4. skooch

    Chris Sale

    He's also damaged goods right now. He got platelet injections for his left elbow but will be re-revaluated and may yet require TJS.
  5. skooch

    Hahn SOTU

    In case you haven't noticed, this team's 1B/DH cup overfloweth. Now, maybe all of the young, cost-controlled candidates (Collins/Vaughn/Sheets ... etc.) will all flame out and the expensive, aging Abreu can fight off father time, but the odds don't seem real good. Not good enough to make these kind of statements. And what kind of message is that sending to those guys anyway? His message is curious to say the least.
  6. skooch

    Hahn SOTU

    Finishing his career? The dude is supposedly 32 yo. What if he wants to play another 5-6 years? The FO isn't that stupid, is it?
  7. skooch

    9/27- Sox vs Tigers, 4:00, NBCSC

    In some alternate timeline ... The´╗┐ difference between getting the 7th versus the ´╗┐8th draft pick in the 2015 draft is of minimal importance #7 Andrew Benintendi #8 Carson Fulmer
  8. skooch

    9/17- Sox at Twins, 6:40, NBCSC

    Good Lord, Bennetti. Give the Romo thing a rest already ...
  9. skooch

    9/15- Sox at Mariners, 3:10

    Eloy is such a tentative fielder. He's obviously playing afraid. I'm much more concerned that his throwing arm is almost as bad as his actual fielding.
  10. skooch

    9/15- Sox at Mariners, 3:10

    For $9MM? You'd have to dfa my ass.
  11. skooch

    9/15- Sox at Mariners, 3:10

    FWIW, there was an interview with Nova a few days ago and he was very enthusiastic about coming back next year. He didn't explicitly say as a starter only, but he seemed to want to let his level of interest be known.
  12. skooch

    9/15- Sox at Mariners, 3:10

    Call up who? Mendick? I don't know. Perhaps they are rewarding him for a good minor league season. Perhaps they are trying to give the die-hards something to talk about. In any case their actions speak volumes about how they really feel about him. I'd ask you the same question ... If they're not going to play him, why did they bother to call him up?
  13. skooch

    9/15- Sox at Mariners, 3:10

    Kind of makes you believe they already have their minds made up. Same thing with not calling up Yermin. Seems that they have determined that he is a non-prospect and isn't even worthy of ABs in meaningless September games.
  14. skooch

    Why Did Covey Start Tonight??

    It seems the concept of "short term pain for long term gain" is lost on some people.
  15. TA's footwork is just awful. What is Ron Washington up to these days?