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  1. skooch

    Does Ricky deserve manager of the year?

    The Twins play almost 80 games against DET, CLE, KC and CWS. They need to win the division by 20 games to even be considered.
  2. skooch

    Sox TV Ratings Update...

    So, an average of about 33k people are watching Sox games in an MSA with 9.5 million people. That's mind blowing. Even the Cubs (~4x as much) number is a lot lower than I would have guessed.
  3. skooch

    Where is Jake Burger?

    Hope he gets good seats.
  4. Everyone sing ... "All he is sayyyyyying ... is give Cease a chance ..."
  5. I voted 'no' although I think the answer should be yes. I have zero faith that the FO will replace a company man regardless of the evidence.
  6. skooch

    Sox & Nats, 6/4/19, Rey & Strasburg

    I keep reading that Lopez had good stuff. Does he really? What an I missing? He now has 64K and 33BB. His biggest problem is that he has no out pitch and his control blows. He gets two strikes and batters just foul off pitch after pitch and wait for a mistake. Which seems to inevitably come.
  7. skooch

    6/1- Indians vs Sox, 1:10, NBCSC

    Why? Did he get hurt today too?
  8. Because it just had to be done ... Farmer just doesn't cut it for me. He literally makes the games unlistenable.
  9. skooch

    Time for some changes, Rick

    Unfortunately, this is where professional scouting is even more important. I can't honestly say that this is an organizational strength.
  10. skooch

    Sox and Stros 7:10 Central

    O/U on Houston run total … 8?
  11. This Ross Detwiler?
  12. Add in Semien (4.2 bWAR last year and 1.9 already this year with 1E in 44G) and Phegley (0.6 bWAR and leading AL in CS) and that trade doesn't look too hot in the rear view mirror either.
  13. skooch

    5/14 Games

    You want to be disappointed? Check this out.
  14. skooch

    Does Charlie Tilson deserve a shot?

    Tilson has a 0.953 OPS in 62 ABs so far this year in Charlotte. Ryan Cordell was 2-for-30 until he hit a hot streak and got 2 hits in his final seven ABs last year. He seems to have turned things around. I agree he looks the part more than Tilson does, but why not give Tilson a look?
  15. skooch

    4/17 Games

    And what's amazing is that he's doing this with a BABIP of only 0.182 (after his 3-4 night). It was a paltry 0.056 previously. Not sure what's going on here, but if this is just bad luck he's in for some big-time positive regression and it will be glorious.