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  1. This is already getting old. This should be absolutely unbearable by the 3rd inning.
  2. skooch

    8/15 Games

    Collins another HR!
  3. skooch

    The rumors were (partially) true: Collins to AAA

    Oops ... didn't notice that the post with the stats was from August 9th.
  4. skooch

    The rumors were (partially) true: Collins to AAA

    And keep in mind that Collins' Aug 2019 BABIP is only 0.182!
  5. skooch

    8/14- Sox vs Astros, 1:10, WGN

    Rule 5.05(a)(7) (7) Any fair ball which, either before or after touching the ground, passes through or under a fence, or through or under a scoreboard, or through any opening in the fence or scoreboard, or through or under shrubbery, or vines on the fence, or which sticks in a fence or scoreboard, in which case the batter and the runners shall be entitled to two bases; 2019 Official Baseball Rules I believe the two bases are defined from the point where the runners were when the pitch was thrown.
  6. skooch

    8/14- Sox vs Astros, 1:10, WGN

    Did I miss a pitch or did Detwiler throw ten consecutive balls?
  7. skooch

    8/13- Sox/Astros Doubleheader, 3:40

    Wow. Sox pitchers with 5K and 10BB. That is seriously no bueno ...
  8. skooch

    8/11 Games

    The Yerminator: 2-4 1 BB. 0.298/0.378/0.622/0.999
  9. skooch

    And That's a White Sox Nail Biting Winner !

    I agree. Lopez has been a different pitcher since the All-Star break. He seems to find a way even when he doesn't have his best stuff. All too often he used to collapse and give up a big inning. Now he seems to be more in control..
  10. skooch

    8/7 Games

    The Yerminator! 2-4 with 1BB and 3R. Patiently biding his time. OPS all the way down to 0.963 though.
  11. skooch

    8/7 Games

    Ouch. Adolfo 0-3 with 3Ks. Still very happy to see his name back in the lineup.
  12. Calling for a bunt with the infield in and a slow runner on third. That's a real head-scratcher.
  13. skooch


    What the hell do they have to lose?
  14. This is probably true, but I think the "we'll turn over half the roster when it's time" crowd is whistling past the graveyard.