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  1. skooch

    FA SP: What to do after the Wheeler miss?

    Better find out where all his relatives and inlaws live first
  2. skooch

    Sox in on MadBum

    I know it's still a few years away, but the price to extend Mr. Giolito just keeps on rising.
  3. skooch

    Burr DFA'd

    I think you mean, "jawohl".
  4. skooch

    Zack Wheeler Thread

    Now, give us the precious ...
  5. skooch

    What about Collins?

    After the curious addition of Yermin to the 40-man, the Sox are now carrying five catchers. It seems like something has to give. Either McCann or Collins is on the block or Seby is about to get DFA'd. Mercedes has little trade value.
  6. skooch

    Zack Wheeler Thread

    On the topic of time missed to injuries, is there a good resource that compiles injury information, time missed ... etc.? I always feel like it's a natural kind of thing to have on bRef, but I've never seen it.
  7. skooch

    Palka designated for assignment

    No more awkward post-game interviews with Jason. Bummer.
  8. If it's like other sports, the loser does not become the winner when the winner vacates. There just isn't a winner.
  9. Oh, puke. ­čĄ«Congratulations, you've officially graduated to insufferable.
  10. The same world in which so many people are so sure that the Sox will not pick up his option for next year. Frankly, it is exactly things like this that make me think we haven't seen the last of ole' Beef.
  11. skooch

    Chris Sale

    He certainly fits the bill for what this team needs, a TOR LHP. But, I agree ÔÇŽ I wouldn't touch him/his contract right now. There are lots of red flags with him these days.
  12. skooch

    Chris Sale

    He's also damaged goods right now. He got platelet injections for his left elbow but will be re-revaluated and may yet require TJS.
  13. skooch

    9/27- Sox vs Tigers, 4:00, NBCSC

    In some alternate timeline ... The´╗┐ difference between getting the 7th versus the ´╗┐8th draft pick in the 2015 draft is of minimal importance #7 Andrew Benintendi #8 Carson Fulmer
  14. skooch

    9/17- Sox at Twins, 6:40, NBCSC

    Good Lord, Bennetti. Give the Romo thing a rest already ...
  15. skooch

    9/15- Sox at Mariners, 3:10

    Eloy is such a tentative fielder. He's obviously playing afraid. I'm much more concerned that his throwing arm is almost as bad as his actual fielding.