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  1. skooch

    What would you have done ...

    That's why I added option c). Walking away for undisclosed family reasons was also an option if you really disapprove of the cheating but can't stop it. You could preserve your integrity (if you are afflicted with such) as well as your future career opportunities. He didn't do that either.
  2. skooch

    White Sox fan taunts Astros during ALCS

    This guy's going to look like a real ass if the Sox hire Hinch.
  3. skooch

    What would you have done ...

    This is why I asked the question. The presumption is that he could have stopped the cheating somehow, and I guess that's true if you're willing to contemplate the nuclear option that DA talked about. It is very easy to judge people you don't know whose shoes you've never walked. I guess the follow up question would be: if you confronted Luhnow (who I admit I think was the real driver of the cheating) and he told you that that's the way it was going to be and to sit down and STFU, how many people here actually drop the bomb? How many walk away quietly to preserve future job opportunities, and how many turn their heads the other way and try to convince themselves that it's not really that big of a deal?
  4. I'm curious to hear how others would have handled the situation if they found a cheating scandal unfolding around them and out of their control. Of course this is conjecture, but reports at the time seem to indicate that he was not in favor of it. I do think he looked like a major ass in the aftermath trying to defend it though. Who knows if the stories are true?
  5. skooch

    Fire Ricky

    Doesn't MLB discourage personnel moves during the playoffs? Of is it just during the World Series?
  6. Death, taxes, Twins losing playoff games...
  7. skooch

    White Sox/A's-- Pre-series Discussion

    Sorry, that comment was tic
  8. skooch

    White Sox/A's-- Pre-series Discussion

    I'm guessing one Mr. Chris Bassitt will be out to prove something against the team that traded him. Bassitt and Semien for who now?
  9. skooch

    #3 Starter for Playoffs

    I don't think we're ever going to find out.
  10. skooch

    Eloy might not be ready for first playoff series

    I just stick with "Mr. Glass"
  11. skooch

    Eloy might not be ready for first playoff series

    Eloy picking up some reading for the dugout.
  12. The Quintana trade doesn't seem so lopsided anymore.
  13. Somebody put that damn parrot out of its misery already...
  14. skooch

    Trevor Bauer updates

    Yeah, the nerve of him to have an opinion that you don't agree with...
  15. Cleveland has seven games left against the Tigers and the Pirates. I'm rooting for Minnesota to take at least two.