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  1. skooch

    Ozzie calling out Ricky's lineups

    This trip to KC is critical. We're currently the equivalent of 2.7-10.8 (let's call it 3-11). I'm much less worried about where we are as I am about how we got here. The only distraction from the crappy pitching has been the clown show that fills out the lineup card.
  2. skooch

    Ozzie calling out Ricky's lineups

    Does Ozzie pitch too? I hope so, because as bad as RR's batting lineups are, the pitching is a while lot of awful right now. There's no way we're winning two games against the Twins, regardless of the manager.
  3. skooch

    Giolito opening day starter

    Lopez got several swinging strikes with his change up in one of the intrasquad games. Of course this was after Grandal took him yard with what, iirc, was a fastball. It seemed like there was hope on the off speed front, but that fastball just doesn't seem have any movement. I suspect he's destined for the pen or a new home. He had many chances and was given a pretty long leash during the rebuild. Now there are younger guys pushing him for SP and eventually he would have to be replaced anyway in the FA market if he cannot begin to produce. The rebuild it's over. Time to win.
  4. skooch


    My recollection is that he referred to the hitting background in CF at GRF as "shrubbery" when Robert deposited a pitch there during one of the intrasquad games. Though, I didn't actually see the entire game tonight, so maybe he did.
  5. skooch


    I love how Jason refers to the ivy as "brush", though I think it would be really awesome if he'd call it what it really is, "the weeds".
  6. skooch

    JR worried about 2021 season

    And the billionaire bashing commences in 3, 2, 1...
  7. skooch

    7/15 Intrasquad Game Live Thread

    Agreed. He needs to learn not to do that. All it takes is one ass like Machado to step on his hand and then you have problems.
  8. skooch

    Sox Summer Camp Catch All Thread

    Holding a spot for Ross Detwiler or Ryan Cordell or Matt Skole in meaningless September games over a guy who has hit at every level of the minors? Yermin may turn out to be a big nothing burger, but I don't see what was gained by waiting until now to find out.
  9. skooch

    Sox Summer Camp Catch All Thread

    I'm glad to see they're giving him reps and moving him around to see what he can and can't do. For the life of me, I'll never understand why they didn't do this at the end of last season.
  10. 15 teams play their spring training games in Florida. Where will they play? At least a few teams (chw/lad) share facilities. Do all of these facilities have lighting appropriate for playing nighttime professional baseball games? I think we are a long way from publicly-attended games of any kind. People *may* start to return to work and stores later this summer, but I think having events with 20-50k people is much further away than most think.
  11. skooch

    White Sox Spring Training Thread

    If he can locate his offspeed stuff like this there will likely be a lot fewer 500' hrs off his fastball this year.
  12. skooch

    KW says "no Puig"

    That included the MM Friends and Family premium.
  13. skooch

    KW says "no Puig"

    The Athletic report debunks the Rockies portion of the rumor, why should I believe that the White Sox portion of the rumor has any credibility now?
  14. skooch


    I blame Rick Hahn.